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FreedomPop is quickly becoming the world’s leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO.) Customers that picked up their service before November 27th received large discounts on their phones and services rendered. The Phones included refurbished models of the Motorola E at $40 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $100. The difference in prices are $190 and $350 lower respectively. This deal was wrapped up with their monthly free plan of unlimited talk, text and 1 gigabyte of data. After the promotion is over the plan will go back to 500 megabytes of data, 500 texts and 500 talk minutes, all of which are in the free plan.

FreedomPop recently received an undisclosed amount of financial backing from Intel Capital, which it plans to use for expansion into Wi-Fi first model phones. This was an investment that was received almost immediately after a previous 10 million dollar investment from the Axiata Group. This company serves over 230 million customers and clearly has an interest in the future success of FreedomPop. This Los Angeles based company has global aspirations and it shows. They’ll soon be running on the Uk’s Three network as well. This is sure to be a profitable move.

The company was co-founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Seser. Back in April of 2013 they expanded by partnering with Sprint to expand to 3G and 4G Sprint compatible devices. If the momentum being generated continues for them, they are virtually guaranteed to be #1 in the Wi-Fi first movement for years to come. The companies that are getting involved here are no small spenders. They have the backing and the credibility to boot. Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital and Partek Ventures are also interested to the tune of a cool $30 million. These are not the only interested parties either.

In the years to come, who knows how many irons will be in the fire. One thing is for sure though, FreedomPop is making a big impression on a lot of big name companies. If this is to be the next thing in phone marketing, then they are well on their way to hitting their goals. With the main goal being to generate “massive value” in the next 12-24 months, they seem to be on track.

Human rights are something that all humans should respect. The president of Angola Africa is being accused of generating funds by violating human rights. It is said that decades of murder and genocide has funded the government. They are currently paying for rapper Nicki Minaj to come do a performance. Human rights activists have warned the rapper that she will be receiving blood money for her performance and politely asked if she would not show up for the performance. The rapper did not take the suggestion. She actually showed up early and plans to continue the show. This might have a negative affects on her fan base with her upcoming television show called Nicki on the ABC family channel now called Freeform.
The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in the Spring of 2005. He started his human rights journey in 1989 fighting the African apartheid. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor raises money to help fight different human rights issues all over the world. Halvorssen is also a film producer and has produced a number of films dealing with human rights. His movies and opinions have been shown al over national television and magazines. He Graduated Magna Cum Lade from the Ivy League school University of Pennsylvania.
Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to human rights crimes. His Father who was an ambassador was falsely imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail where he was tortured and beaten extremely bad. He was eventually released with the help of numerous human rights advocates. His mother was shot and killed by the Venezuelan government and his cousin was falsely imprisoned as well.

Nobilis Health is well known for that management of acute care facilities and the provision of the ambulatory services. Nobilis Health focuses on improving the access to care and patient outcomes through the delivery of invasive procedures that are minimally invasive. These procedures are typically performed in a low-cost outpatient setting. The company is known to make use of direct to patient marketing and proprietary technologies that are ground-breaking to drive education and patient engagement. Nobilis Health has seven surgical facilities that are located in Dallas, Scottsdale, and Houston. These facilities are in contractual partnership with other services that are in Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee. Nobilis Health is known to perform systematic research on the most appropriate marketing channels that are modern to be able to identify the most suitable mix of education and patient awareness. The traditional channels include the television, print, radio, and point of care methods while the marketing channels consist of search, social, web, google and mobile. Nobilis Health has campaigns that make use of blending the professional and consumer marketing tactics so as to be able to identify and at the same time recruit the appropriate candidates for each program. The consumer marketing tactics include websites, paid search, local marketing, and in-house call center. The professional marketing tactics comprise of referral coordinators, patient fax referral forms, and the patient referral cards. The main capability of the company lies in the growth and the management of successful and well specialized surgical centers. Identification of proper marketing mix often leads to the realization of patient education objectives such as the recognition of symptoms, availability of various treatment options, awareness of specific disease state and condition, making aware to the patient his right to treatment, and finally the promotion of fruitful dialogue with treatment experts. Nobilis Health combines conscientious marketing with excellence in the implementation so as to move the patient through the patient continuum. The continuum involves the awareness and education phase to the point of active research, decision, and commitment. When the patient has shown his resolve in obtaining more information, the company’s call center and the firm’s relationship experts engage with the patient actively. The primary objective is to assist the patient through their journey. The integrated, end-to-end marketing proposition is the hallmark of competency, and it is the value which mainly separates Nobilis Health with other companies offering the same services.

Brazilian investment banker Igor Cornelsen made his riches in Brazil and now has advice for you. Cornelsen has been in the game of investing for a long time. His intense knowledge and experience working with some of the top banks in Brazil, including Banco Bradesco and HSBC, give him the authority to advise others with their Brazilian investments, which is what he has been doing for years since his retirement.

The only thing more powerful than money is knowledge. Cornelsen advises investors to learn everything they can about Brazil- markets, infrastructure, culture, and economy status before an investment. It is one of the most attractive markets in the world, but every corner of Brazil should be inspected if you want to be successful in investments. “Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end,” advises Cornelsen.

Cornelsen sees on Brazil with a bright future. That bright future means Brazil will need to grow to keep up with demand. Brazil is a huge market with an increasing need for infrastructure. Doing your research to figure out the best route of investing in the future is what will bring your investments in line with Cornelsen’s.

The world of Brazilian banking is not one you want to miss. Brazil’s largest trading partner is China, which means they both have a great deal of power in the world’s economy. Ten major private and state owned commercial and investment banks are behind Brazil’s economy. These major banks are all big and getting bigger. Most investors have overlooked Brazil in the past because it’s newly industrialized, but that is why it is one of the best places you could invest in.

Facing a legal matter, whether it’s a personal or business issues, can be a stressful situation. Nobody wants to go through such frustrating, and sometimes, terrifying situation. It is always advisable to consult with a good lawyer who has great expertise in the type of issue you’re dealing with. If you have a competent lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of effectively.

Attorneys frequently provide an initial consultation at no charge. Because many attorneys will meet you without charging a fee throughout an assessment, it’s an excellent chance to present your concerns or ask questions and to let the lawyer learn about any issues you may be worried about. Not only will this meeting give you an opportunity to discuss the case and determine how to approach it and exactly what to anticipate, it will help you learn more about the lawyer and whether you will get along with him or her.

It is important to understand how to appropriately deal with court files and how to submit and handle other legal treatments. One late or inaccurate filing could have an unfavorable effect on your case. A proficient lawyer will ensure that his or her clients’ filings and documentations are submitted on time and properly. When it comes to hiring a highly reputable lawyer in Brazil, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, one of the most prominent litigation lawyers in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can determine if the evidence was improperly collected and develop a legal strategy to challenge it. Sometimes the statement offered by witnesses can contradict an earlier statement, and it takes a great lawyer like Ricardo Tosto to surpress that testimony.

Ricardo Tosto has practiced business law litigation for over 22 years and has acquired a lot of experience. He has represented some of Brazil’s most successful companies as well as mutlinational companies. Ricardo Tosto also represents individual clients in arbitration, negotiations and litigations. Mr Ricardo Tosto has established a great reputation in the legal community, and is highly sought after.