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Talk Fusion is a company the helps people connect with each other wherever they are. Their products are about innovation in the area of video conferencing, social networking, and broadcasting and are sold around the world. Businesses and individuals increasingly use these video communication options. Product reviews highlight their ease of use and the level of customization available to suit each application.

For example, video email can be recorded with any video device and then uploaded to a saved video file via the Talk Fusion portal. The recording is then used to create a video email. The options include a custom made email or one that is made using a template. Once made, sending the video is exactly like sending an email, one recipient at a time or groups. Others products include Video Share and Fusion Wall (social media and next-generation social media), Video Auto Responder, Video Conference, Video Broadcast, Video Blog, and eSubscription Form.

The other unique aspect of Talk Fusion is they provide a direct marketing home based business opportunity. Talk Fusion can improve communications and create a separate income stream. A visionary named Bob Reina created the concept when he was looking for a way to email a short video clip to his pals. One of the major communications companies at the time told him it was impossible. He was not one to accept that answer, so he began working on making it possible.

After solving the problem, Bob put his twenty years of relationship marketing experience to work and created Talk Fusion. Reina’s strong leadership talents, focus on innovation, and his direct selling business model has gained attention. Talk Fusion is now one of the top video content providers in the world, and they continue to grow. He is also well-respected for his hands-on approach to civic responsibilities and philanthropic contributions.

Madison Street Capital has the solutions to all businesses undergoing through reorganization issues. From financial crisis t internal and external economic crisis that puts middle businesses at a liquidity risk. They identify the best strategies that can work for the particular business and help in the implementation of those strategies in the firm also ensuring that both the firm and creditors lending issue are solved. The firm has experts in organizational realignment that will help a middle-income manager in handling workouts, ease the recovery process and in total managed the whole crisis. Madison Street Capital serves both the interest of the firm and the potential creditors to smoothen the ability to handle liquidity crises in the institution.
With Madison a crunchbase firm will have the ability to handle bankruptcy the most difficult experience in a firm that requires handling with caution and care . They have the understanding that recovering from a crisis in a firm will involve parties like bankruptcy court procedures, lenders, suppliers and creditors and they will need proper planning. With Madison a firm will regain consciousness in the market and their restructuring will not affect the value of organization because Madison employees are expert in these procedures.

Located in Chicago Illinois Madison Street Capital is an investment banking group who advise companies especially middle-income businesses on financial procedures, mergers, and acquisition and connect esteemed creditors to esteemed firms. Their preference to loan creditors is financial institutions, private equities and hedge funds amongst others. They also help businesses undergoing through crises by advising them on leadership realignment, management procedures, and financial credibility. Madison Street Capital specifically ensures that professional employees handle cases well enough to giving specific recommendations that will have a positive outcome for the business.

The world’s largest middle-income investor firm also provides valuation services for companies merging and connects great buyers to great sellers. With operations in Africa, North America, and Asia Madison Street Capital target to bring a paradigm shift for many middle-income businesses in the world. The company also participates in running of many major companies through board membership and gives specialized attention to each of them. Currently Madison Street Capital released a Youtube video and has more than 100 deals on its hands that will definitely bear positive outcome. The firm also holds expertise in major hedge fund outlooks that help in advising hedge funds on strategies to improve their status in the hedge fund and global stock market trading.


Fabletics, the new active wear brand co-founded by actress and mother of two, Kate Hudson, has unveiled on The Clothes Maiden its spring 2016 collection. Fabletics aims to make gym wear colorful and fashionable in a way that’s never been scene before.
Most gym wear for women are overly drag and boring, or too see through yo make you comfortable with wearing it. Fabletics changes the game in a big time way.
When it comes to Kate Hudson, she has always made it a point to inspire others. Now she is offering women who have a desire to lead active lives a fashionable line of mix and match outfits perfect for your yoga class, daily run, and sessions at your local gym. Kate will be right there every month to share her favorite outifts from the collection.
The Fabletics spring 2016 collection features eye pleasing geo patterns, floral prints, and vibrant touches of color bursting out from everywhere. The outfits are very stylish, but just as practical and functional. The trendy garments are high in quality and workmanship, but also surprisingly affordable for those who might be on a tight budget. The designs are made for those who believe in the mantra “live your passion.”
For all out Fabletics fans there is the flexible VIP Subscription Service. You provide info about yourself and receive personalized outfit recommendations. There are other perks, including 40-50 percent discounts.
Jub Fab Inc.’s co-founders, Adam Goldberg and Dan Ressler launched Fabletic with actress and style icon Kate Hudson in 2013 to fill a void in the active wear marketplace. At the time there was no line that paired stylish design with accessible prices.
Fabletics mission is to create clothing that inspires the active woman to be very active in whatever they choose to pursue with a passion. They want you to be the best you can be as a person.
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The Fox News Network should do a better job vetting their guests because their latest guest backfired big time. Thor Halvorssen was recently brought onto the network to discuss socialism, but Fox News is a conservatively slanted organization. Their intention was obvious — they wanted to make Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, look as bad as possible.

Why did Fox News bring the founder of the Human Rights Foundation on to the show to slam socialism? Well, Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls. The Vermont Senator has a real chance to claim the Democratic nomination as the states that have yet to vote favor the Senator over Hillary Clinton. It looks like Fox News was preparing for a theoretical general election against Bernie Sanders. They had to get to work slamming him and his proposals to help the Republicans win the Presidency. So they use words like Socialism as a negative, but little did they know that Thor Halvorssen was about to give them a lesson.

The interviewer prefaces the piece about socialism, labeling it bad and asking Thor why it is bad. Mr. Halvorssen then explains that socialism is not bad but it is dictators that use socialism as a weapon that are bad. Thor is then asked to explain socialism and is asked again why it is bad in an attempt to misinform viewers about Bernie Sanders and his policies. That’s when Thor drops the bomb on the conservative network.

“I actually gave the largest donation allowable to the campaign of Bernie Sanders.”

The hostess squealed her next question in disgust, “Why?” Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, then goes on to explain that he would rather have a Democratic Socialist as the president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton, he explains, takes donations from international dictators; the very people that the Human Rights Foundation fights against. And he says that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, publicly supports Putin who happens to be another dictator.

In the end, though, the network did get Thor to slam Hillary which would be viewed as a small victory. Find Halvorssen on Facebook for more news and updates.


Dog food manufacturer’s are going head to head at the manufacturing lines to see who can create the healthiest and tastiest choices for your pet.

Richard Thompson is no exception, with his obsession in creating quality products, using only fresh ingredients, which limits the time meals sit on the shelves.

Thompson’s factory, Freshpet Inc., is among a group of fast growing innovators, in an industry that is giving dog and cat lovers healthy choices for their pets, that one could almost believe is as good as what is shared on their very own dining tables.

Like Freshpet Inc., Purinastore has been taking charge to win the crowned title for healthiest pet food, even creating a website for pet owners to customize special blends for their beloved pooch or feline. Purina’s pet food line, Beneful has become a household name all it’s own.

Offering organic choices for pet owners, after buying, Merrick Pet Care, who were the first certified, organic producers of wet and dry dog food.

Beneful is quickly becoming a leading name when it comes to the health of your pet, with its full line of dog foods and treats.

From the time your best friend is a pup, well into his senior years, Beneful has a line for all of those years that the two of you will share together.

Choosing to feed your pet Beneful will give him a better chance of sharing many, many healthy and happy years with you and your family.

When deciding which brand to go with, Freshpet is still a top choice as well, but it does come with a price, which can amount to more than double what you would pay for the lower priced products.

However, can you really afford to take the risk by putting a price on your pets health?

The health of your pet should be just as important as your own.

After all, he i s part of your family right?