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We usually imagine that doctors are extremely healthy. Why wouldn’t we? They know far more about the health of the human body than the average person, so it makes total sense that a doctor would be healthy. Unfortunately, doctors are just like the rest of us – they sometimes have to deal with health issues, and as Dr. Rob Vasquez discovered, doctors are not immune from being overweight.
According to a report from News4SanAntonio, Dr. Vaquez found himself struggling with being overweight for the vast majority of his adult life, and after trying all sorts of different diet options, from shakes to frozen, pre-packaged meals, he had given up on getting a healthy body. Thankfully, however, he discovered Nutrimost ( With this weight loss system Dr. Vasquez was able to lose an amazing 60 pounds in less than a year, and best of all, he kept all the weight off!

Everyone often post their complains on twitter that it’s difficult to lose weight, and it’s inspiring to see a physician realize that sometimes it can be difficult for a person to drop the added pounds on their bodies. To see a doctor utilize a type of tool, like Nutrimost, truly is something that can help the rest of us to realize that occasionally we all need a little bit of help to get ourselves into shape.


One of the concepts that are talked about the most when it comes to investing is starting up a portfolio. There is a lot that goes into being a successful investor. For one thing, a successful portfolio is good for the business of being a successful investor. One good start for building a good portfolio is finding a good broker or an investment banker in order to provide one with a good platform for building a portfolio. There are also people that can provide new investors with some good advice when it comes to investments and money management. Successful investment bankers often want to share their advice with others.

Among the successful investment bankers in the industry is Martin Lustgarten. He is very passionate about putting together a diverse portfolio. Among the things he tries to make sure is that he is investing in every country that is a possibility. He not only gains experience for himself, but he also uses his experience in order to help his clients go pretty far in their journey. Given that he is successful, he is someone that customers can trust because he will sit with them and discuss what it would take for them to have a successful run as investors

Martin Lustgarten stresses the importance of finding a good place to invest. While some places are good for investing, there are places that are to be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, these places could be found with a little bit of research which Martin Lustgarten recommends so that no one would fall into any traps of making investments with the wrong broker or firm. Martin Lustgarten is very passionate about making sure his customers go where they could receive the most benefits for their investments. He spends money in order to build income for others. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram to keep up with him!

While everyone was licking their financial wounds in 2009, Kyle Bass was counting the millions he made betting that the Wall Street was going to be put on life support thanks to the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Bass was hailed as a genius by some investment gurus that worship the mighty dollar. Very few people knew that Bass was the man behind the press release that said Bear Stearns was too deep in its own complicated mortgage scheme to recover. Kyle was an executive with Bear Stearns at the time, so he had insider knowledge that what was glittering to the rest of world in terms of mortgage lending was actually a quick money ploy the banks concocted to feather their own nests.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission finally released a report that named Bass, the high-flying hedge fund manager, as the man who gave David Faber the inside scoop on the Bear Stearns debacle. But that was old news to the people that know Kyle Bass. Bass has no problem tooting his own horn when it comes to his financial prowess. As the CEO of Hayman Capital Management LP, the company he started with the money he made in 2008, Bass has managed to stay in the news for other questionable practices. His latest scheme isn’t what anyone would call ethical, but ethics is a foreign word to Mr. Bass. Bass proved that when he partnered with Erich Spangenberg, the guy insiders call the “most notorious patent troll on the planet.” Bass beats against pharmaceutical companies before the news breaks that Erich Spangenberg is questioning the legitimacy of drug company patents.

The Argentina financial mess was another thorn in the side for Bass investors. Kyle was a fan of former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Fernández de Kirchner was the key player when Argentina defaulted on their debt and bond holders like Paul Singer took a major financial hit. Bass said Singer was taking advantage of a poor country, and Bass took Fernández de Kirchner side.

The General Motors fiasco was another situation where Kyle Bass went against the victims and praise General Motors because his company had a sizable amount of shares in General Motors. Bass said it was the victims fault when the faulty airbags GM put in some models failed, and power steering on other models didn’t work properly.

But Bass continues to put himself in front of the press talking about his questionable accomplishment even though those accomplishments are considered lame and frantic attempts to maintain his five minutes of genius.

The United States is the only developed country in the world on that does not have mandated paternal leave for both new parents, according to NPR. The Family and Medical Leave Act only mandates unpaid family leave. On top of that, it does not apply to everyone. More than 40 percent of workers in the United States are not eligible for any type of leave, paid or unpaid. According to the Department of Labor, workers are only guaranteed up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a one-year period if they have been employed for over a year with a company that has 50 or more employees.

Numerous studies have found that early bonding is especially important in a child’s development. Even if a worker is eligible for unpaid paternity leave on, many new parents do not take enough time off due to financial strain. New parents are forced to choose between getting a paycheck or taking care of their newborn child. Many workers have to use sick or vacation leave to cover their paycheck if they take time off after the birth of their child. For workers that do not have paid sick or vacation leave, they must take time off without pay. This can put a significant strain on a family’s finances. Many new parents simply cannot afford to take weeks or months of lost income. As a result, they go back to work much too early and miss an important time in their child’s early development.

Open Society Foundations, a large non-profit organization that is located in more than 100 countries, is doing the right thing by new parents by offering generous paternity leave benefits. Open Society Foundation on is a leader in the recent paternity leave movement and is doing a great service to new parents by offering generous amounts of paid paternity leave.

According to Forbes, Open Society Foundation’s paternal leave policy provides all of its 800 plus employees with six months of parental leave. New parents receive 50 percent of the time off at full pay. The final three months are paid at 70 percent. In addition, parents are given plenty of flexibility in how they chose to use the time off. This benefit includes the foundation’s United States offices, which employ more than 400 individuals. Open Society’s generous policy applies to mothers, fathers, custodial grandparents and adoptive, foster and surrogate parents.

The Open Society Foundations, one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world, is working to build open-minded and fair societies. The Foundation aims to hold governments accountable and accessible to all individuals within the society. Open Society Foundations encourage respect for fundamental human rights and minorities. Their goal is to help improve the lives of all individuals within a society.

Open Society Foundations was created by billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Soros has been involved in philanthropic causes since the late 1970s. George Soros on marketwatch envisions societies where human rights are respected and governments are held accountable. Soros founded the Open Society Foundations to create a network of partners and projects that would support human rights, government transparency and democracy.

MarketWired is saying that there is a new deal between Shoe Carnival and Slyce coming. The coalition between the two companies has to do with how people get results when they are using the Slyce search app. The Slyce search app is a good thing for everyone because it is really easy to use, and it helps make shopping simple. People have been looking for ways to get their shopping over with faster for a long time, but now they can do it all in the Slyce app.

Shoe Carnival came on the scene because they wanted to give the preferred search results when people were searching on Slyce. Someone takes a picture, and they put that picture in Slyce to see what results they get. They could get an exact match, but Shoe Carnival is also going to give the customer a match from their catalog. People can click on the link for the Shoe Carnival shoe, and they will be able to buy it right there on the spot if they want.

Slyce is trying to facilitate shopping for everyone who does not have any time, and Shoe Carnival is going to make the shopping happen really fast. People who see the Shoe Carnival result can use the Shoe Carnival result to make a purchase, and they do not have to go any farther if they do not want to. The user is free to scroll through all the search results, but they can make their lives easier by buying what they see from Shoe Carnival.

Slyce is a visual search company that is trying to corner the market on visual searching for shopping. They give the best results, and they even have a universal scanner that is going to help make it easy for people to find out how much something costs. They can even get more details on something if they need it. The whole thing is really easy to manage, and it is going to help people save money.

Shoe Carnival wants to be seen as a hip brand, and Slyce wants to offer better customer service to everyone. The two companies are going to be very aggressive about how they offer search results, and they are going to make sure that they are working together to always offer good preferred results. The customer can make purchases fast, and the customer will see good matches from Shoe Carnival.

These days, many people are looking for hair care products that will help them look and feel their best. To realize this goal, one woman began experimenting with the Wen by Chaz Dean line. Here is a brief overview of her experience with the products and the hair care line itself:

Emily McClure On WEN By Chaz

Emily McClure grew interested in the WEN by Chaz line after hearing rumors that the cleansing conditioner worked like magic. To determine whether the rumors were true, she decided to try the product. The Wen cleansing conditioners are designed to function as a three-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling product. The WEN product is also advertised on QVC as being ideal and effective for any hair type as long as you use the appropriate formula. Emily chose the sephora Fig version, with this rendition promising to bring shine, bounce, and moisture to the hair

In using the product, Emily notes that it is great for individuals with fine hair. However, she also notes that it is best used for daily showering and styling. People who don’t like to shower and wash their hair in the morning may not want to use it because the hair can become very oily if you attempt to skip a day before washing again. Despite this challenge, Emily states that the product is effective in making the hair shiny and sleek.

More About WEN By Chaz

Wen is a hair line committed to helping people get their hair in absolutely amazing condition. The Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a five-steps-in-one hair care formula: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. The product cleanses the hair without harsh sulfates or lather. The hair is left with shine, moisture, strength, and manageability.




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