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Beneful pet food is part of Nestle Corp. and for over 80 years has nourished pets and lives. Not only does Purina take care of our pets, but also is ranked one of the best places with employee treatment. Putting the additional care into products is important for Beneful, as in sustainability of the earth for all of our futures. Beneful is one of the largest purchasers of animal protein in the US and encourages supplies to limit the use of unnecessary antibiotics.
Beneful Dog Food Products

Beneful produces dry and wet food for dogs that contain quality ingredients.

• Beneful Prepared Meals demonstrates the quality that Beneful stands for. This wet dog food will provide your dog with quality nutrition and flavor. This food contains natural ingredients including real beef, peas, carrots, rice and barley. The packaging choice for this product is a reseal container that can be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

• Beneful Healthy Weight dry food contains 10 percent less calories while still providing the nutrient’s needed for adult dogs. This dry food recipe still includes natural ingredients such as real meat, vegetables and grains for overall quality. The ability to feed your pet fresh ingredients like apples, carrots and green beans in this recipe will help maintain a healthier dog.

Beneful Original dry dog food is rich with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to make your dog happy and healthy. This selection is available on in crunchy kibbles or chewy chucks to fit your dogs specific needs.

• Beneful Baked Delights snacks contain quality ingredients that will provide a good reward for you and your dog. Click here:

The large variety of flavors and types of dog food carried by Beneful will be satisfying for even the finickiest eaters. Our dogs provide us with love and attention daily and they deserve to be cared for by feeding the quality food and maintaining their health through exercise. No matter how old the dog is daily exercise is just as important as quality food. All these products are available on Walmart, online and local pet supplies stores nationwide.



David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group located in Miami. Davos Financial Group (DFG) is a financial advisory group of independent companies. Under his leadership, DFG has managed to have an increase in national income levels. The company has also managed to expand into the international market and has set up offices in New York, Geneva, Lisbon and Panama City.

David Osio graduated as a lawyer in 1988 from Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. In 2010, he studied Management Investment Portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance. He has worked as a Director in the Legal Desk MGO IN Venezuela. He has given legal advice to multinationals such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro. He was also the vice president of Banco Latino International in Miami from 1989-1993.

David has focused most of his efforts in the establishment of a comprehensive financial service firm that offers customized services aimed at meeting and satisfying every client’s demands. Therefore, David is able to guarantee the best quality services, an investment platform for all clients and above all confidentiality. His professionalism has enabled DFG to be considered a leading financial service provider.

David’s views on the falling oil prices that threatened the payment of external debt in Venezuela proved his immense economic reasoning capacity. David said that the oil industry has caused a liquidity crisis in dollars that brought about the collapse of the country’s economy. This is because Venezuela’s political and economic systems don’t allow for flexibility and adjusting of the economy before external shocks.

David further says that this decline in the economic level brings about a negative spiral that affects domestic production. Therefore, the macroeconomic impact of the falling oil prices tends to be higher. David argued that the government measures to cut on imports and borrowing funds from China have not been enough to offset the illiquidity of dollars in Venezuela.

David Osio also commented on the dissatisfaction of the Chinese government towards Venezuela’s economic measures. David stated that Venezuela’s concentration on short and medium debts while not considering the high rates is the major problem. He concludes by saying that Venezuela is a country with too much potential that can achieve economic and political stability easily in the short term and that the huge losses in the industrial sector would require a lot of investments to recover.

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Acting is quite an interesting career to get into. For one thing, a lot of people don’t make it into the industry. Then even for those that do, they can easily star in productions that never get released. Crystal Hunt is one of the few that made it into the industry. she has starred in television shows. She has also appeared in some big screen films including Magic Mike XXL, the sequel in the Magic Mike franchise. She stars along side Channing Tatum among other big screen actors. She was impressed with how professional they were in their performances throughout the production.

Facebook fans feel Crystal Hunt has definitely put in a good performance as Lauren. She was able to learn a lot from the other stars. She described her experience as empowering. Being in a movie about a male stripper who is thinking about hanging up his stripping career for the rest of his life is a very interesting experience for her. Her work on Magic Mike XXL is something that she is going to remember for the rest of her career. Meanwhile, she gets to go for her other projects.

Crystal Hunt is highly experienced in television acting. She has played a role in Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding which was her most memorable role. She has also played a role in One Life To Live as Stacy Morasco. One thing that could be said for Crystal Hunt is that she is a veteran of soap operas and daytime TV. She is also very creative when it comes to her performance and the projects that she chooses. She also knows how to stay out of the drama that often results from Hollywood. However, she does have the creativity to produce a drama series that depicts some of the challenges in the daytime TV world.  There’s more information about Crystal’s career on IMDb.

When it comes to having and maintaining beautiful hair, may ladies and even men come up stumped. What are they supposed to do with their specific hair texture, be it fine or frizzy. What particular shampoo or conditioner should they pick amongst the hundreds of thousands of options available on the sephora beauty market today? How long should we spend doing our hair every day, and what price is right for a good quality product?
All of these questions can be answered in one word: WEN Hair. WEN by Chaz Dean is a revolutionary hair care and hair styling system advertised on QVC that can be rolled all into one product. The shampoo, conditioner and styling product are all contained within one luxurious bottle. This formula is not a lathering shampoo that strips the hair of expensive hair color and natural oils. This product leaves natural hair oils in place, for smoother and glossier strands. It leaves hair color as vibrant as it was on the first day, extending the life of your coloring treatment.

Emily McClure is a professional beauty writer and also a hair stylist by trade. This girl knows the ins and outs of a good hair product so she tried WEN hair and let us in on the results. Emily had a great experience with WEN, finding that just after a week her hair was softer and shinier than ever before, as evidenced in the pictures she provided in the original article:

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Just for the hair benefits alone, this product could end up replacing all of our hair products in the bathroom cabinet. Because WEN replaces separate shampoo, conditioner and styling products it also saves space and money. I don’t know if we could ask for more from a professional styling product.

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Darius Fisher is in the business of online reputation management. He is the president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm that aims to help clients manage their own reputation so that they can maintain their business. However, the skills of both Status Labs and Darius Fisher has been put to the test when a bad report about the company went public. Darius Fisher and the staff at Status Labs has taken steps in order to improve their on reputation so that people will continue to do business with them. Darius Fisher himself has thought about a plan in order to move the company forward.

One thing that Darius Fisher understood was that the best way to improve reputation was to change behavior. In fact, it is the only way to make sure that one’s reputation has a lasting change. When Status Labs rebuilt its reputation, they took its time so that they can come up with a new way of handling business that is satisfactory while still being who they are as a company. Among the actions Fisher has done with his company was make adjustments to the staffing so that the company can be more effective in serving clients.

Another thing that Darius Fisher has valued and suggested that Status Labs take part in was getting involved in the community. There are many things that Status Labs has done in order to show that it cares for its community. They not only gave to charities, but they also worked with quite a few nonprofit companies and charities such as Urban Roots, Capital Food Bank of Texas, and Dress for Success. Status Labs has shown that it cares about people. People love businesses that help them feel valued. Darius Fisher makes sure that clients and other people feel valued.

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When District Attorney George Gascon was the police chief, he had a close relationship with the police union. Back then, he was unconcerned about diversity in the Police Department. During a night out with the union leaders, he made racist remarks. Today, George claims that the same union is obstructionist.
Gary Delagnes, the former Police Officer association president, submitted these assertions among others in his sworn declaration. The declarations were presented to the task force that Gascon had planned to look into the homophobia and racism claims in the police department. In his testimony, Delagnes asserted that the police union has a strong influence over the decisions made by either chief of police or police commissioner. Delagnes has been in the force for 25 years. He has also served as the president of the association for 9 year. Delagnes was quite famous for his verbal punch lines.
He talked about a dinner that he had with Gascon, Martin Halloran, the current president of the association, and a representative of the union. During the dinner, he recounted how Gascon talked about his tenure at the Los Angeles Police Department and made many statements about minorities. At one point, he was loud that one of the patrons asked him to control himself, as he was being offensive. In a separate interview, Halloran supported Delagnes sentiments but just like Halloran, he refused to give specifics details of the events. This information was originally published on SF Gate as explained .
In response to the declaration, the district attorney’s office said that Delagnes had good imaginations that make up for his lack of credibility. This could be seen as an attempt to shift the blame of the Police Department activities to others instead of the real perpetrators. Delagnes decided to air his views when he heard that Gascon had expressed his worries over the state of the Police Department. Gascon said that he was more worried today than when he was the chief of the department.
Delagnes mentioned that Gascon helped resolve majority of the disciplinary actions involving officers. He never went against the discipline system or showed displeasure with the associations approach. He was in full support on how the association handled internal and external issues.


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