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Despite the fact the New York City area is filled with buildings ranging from across its history the city that never sleeps looks set to see a boom in building work completed in the coming years; permits have been applied for by developers of various areas of New York, not just those in the central hub of Manhattan. Major office and manufacturing developments head the list of building applications submitted in June 2016, but a range of residential properties also look set to be completed.

One of the real estate companies looking to be at the head of the line for both the commercial and residential markets in New York is TOWN residential, which has developed an impressive team of individuals who will be looking to sell and rent the latest office and apartment buildings.

TOWN Residential is headed by Andrew Heiberger, who is one of the best known faces in the NYC apartment for rent scene; Heiberger has a long history of success as a real estate professional in New York City that includes his heading of different companies in the city. A number of the best known real estate professionals have also made their way to TOWN to create one of the most respected teams in the industry. Under the leadership of Heiberger up and coming real estate professionals have the opportunity to work at one of the top companies in New York if they show promise for the future.

One of the real estate developments that has excited the majority of professionals in New York is the Queens based tower construction that will see two towers built and connected by bridges reaching 27 stories in height. The Queens Plaza South project will be joined by the multi use project at Richards Street, Brooklyn, which will combine office, manufacturing and residential buildings in an environmentally friendly design. These are the two largest projects currently being considered by New York planning officials who are seeing the development of areas outside Manhattan hit record levels.

Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies has stated his concern for the entire industry when Securus uncovered corruption practices from Global Tel Link (GTL). Their in-depth findings brought to light how GTL was using the system to benefit a profit on the backs of customers.

As a leader in providing technology for the civil and criminal justice. They have solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring for law enforcement And with the investigations of GTL, they have multiple reports as well as facts and findings that will confirm wrongdoings as well as integrity breaches by inmate communications.

This will be included as a series of articles that Securus will publish what they found against GTL. As a provider for telecommunications for the correctional facilities, Securus is more than a company out to make money. They put the customer’s best interest first and done in a safe and correct manner.


It’s the discretion of Securus that over the next six months will review multiple issues of systematic wrongdoings/potential wrongdoings by GTL. With this in mind to shame GTL into behaving in a more truthful and with higher integrity.

Even though the report filed by Louisiana Public Safety Commission is dated January, 1998, GTL has not stopped their cheating the customer by adjusting the length of all calls in their favor to make money. GTL continues to charge rates over those permitted and has continued this atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in their sector. GTL continues to double bill calls made.

Securus Technologies is home-based in Dallas, Texas and offers services to more than 3,450 in public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies, as well as over a million inmates across the United States.


Workville is a great place for people to try the co working environment, and there are Workville NYC offices that will suit any person with a business. Some businesses are so small that they need just a small amount of office space every now and then, and other businesses need a place they can go every day that is not going to cost too much or get in the way of their long term goals. These offices are shared by a lot of people, and they are set up so that everyone can get work done no matter how large or small their company is.

They have all the bathroom, kitchens and conference rooms that are needed, and they accommodate people who want to have a normal office environment without worrying about how they are going to pay for it. The rent and all the other things that go into a normal payment of Manhattan offices for rent are too much for a lot of people, but now they will be able to afford the place they want because they are using Workville NYC.

This is the best solution for company that is just starting up, or it works well for someone who has a solo business that does not need a traditional office. There would be no reason to spend that much money on an office when someone could just borrow space at Workville NYC for a small price. This helps the small business easily get into an office, and it puts them around a lot of other people who are going to want to be friendly. The friendly nature of the office is going to make people more productive, and they will appreciate how everyone comes together even though they all have different businesses.

Someone who rents from Workville NYC can do this for as long as they want. They have a chance to get the office they want, and then they will be able to use it when they want. Everyone gets what they need, but no one overpays for the services that are required for their business regardless of its small size.

Micheal Zomber is one of the more well known weapons historians of the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. For nearly four decades, Michael Zomber has collected a number of weapons from the Civil War and samurai era. With this collection he has studied the weapons and found out about their history as well as their use in a number of armed conflicts. As well as being a weapons collector and historian, he has also been a speaker who has made a number of appearances on television talking about his weapons knowledge. What makes Michael unique is that he has also used his knowledge to make a number of stories in the form of novels, screenplays and films. While Michael is an avid collector and historian of American Civil War and samurai arms, he also is someone who emphasizes peace as one of his core values. Each year, Zomber participates in peace activism in order to prevent the negative consequences of war from occurring as well as providing humanitarian assistance.

While Michael Zomber may be a weapons historian he is also someone who writes stories as well. During his career Michael has written a number of screenplays, novels and also made films. Therefore he not only studies Civil War and Samurai arms but also makes stories about them. Over the course of his career he has put together numerous stories that give readers and viewers an in depth perspective on the life and armed conflicts of these two eras. As a result these stories provide people with a source of entertainment which will help them enjoy knowing more about these two distinct historical eras.

While Michael may be enthusiastic about studying weapons and warfare from past eras, he is also very aware of the very harmful effects of armed conflict. Therefore he has looked to establish and preserve peace throughout the world. Over the course of his career he has often helped a number of national and international organizations provide healthcare, food and advice for those negatively affected by war. Therefore advocating peace is one of Michael’s core values. As per CrunchBase, Zomber attained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English literature from the University of California Los Angeles. He lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two children.  Be sure to follow Michael on Facebook for more information.

Investment banks can be compared to consulting firms because they offer advice to clients. The only difference is that an investment bank takes up this role with focus on the financial aspect of a business. They do all their operations in a financial lens to help their clients build stronger presence in the market. Investment bankers are employees who work with investment banks to help corporate, governments and other institutions manage and plan huge projects. Their work includes initiating mergers and acquisitions, market making, underwriting and trading derivatives on behalf of their clients.

Sales and trading
An investment bank also offers a platform for the transfer of financial commodities on behalf of clients. Their role includes embracing strategies that are ideal for certain markets and making decisions that affect proprietary and flow positions. Investment bankers in this case create new products and undertake risks, thereby shielding their clients against exposure. For the sales and trading to be effective, there is need to have experts in mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering Ph.Ds, who offer quantitative analyses to allow informed decisions making.

The research arm of investment banks conducts research about various companies in the market and prepares prospects about each. The banks are able to make deductions from information that is provided by sell-side analysts who review various industries. The research division simply helps traders in making decisions that are aimed at profitability, so their contribution to the whole trading process cannot be eliminated. Research also reviews credit revenue and fixed income to advise clients.

Investment management
Investment banks also offer professional management of securities and assets. Their role is to help clients meet investment goals. The clients in this case may be private investors, insurance companies and corporations.

The contribution of Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment expert, who has been offering advice to clients in various industries. He is among the smartest minds in the investment industry and he has been offering support to clients for decades. His wealth spreads between several countries to allow him to minimize risks while enjoying benefits through local growth.

Martin believes in international investments and most of his time has been devoted to assisting clients from various countries. This effort has seen him leverage his citizenship so he could work more efficiently and help more clients manage their businesses and finances. His professional record allows him to keenly follow each market so he can act before the market makes a downturn.

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Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight


Squaw Valley Resort Holdings CEO Andy Wirth is ready to move past the issues that stood to tear the community apart.

The North Shore community is on the cusp of regaining its form after a lasting drought. In the wake of that issue, Wirth and his supporters faced off with another group who backed incorporation. Wirth fought hard against incorporation because he was convinced that it would levy a financial burden that the community couldn’t afford.

“I thoroughly believe that incorporation would do nothing to help this community. Small businesses would never survive the heavy taxation,” said Wirth.

However, the backers of the incorporation effort withdrew their request without giving a reason. Sadly, there are still some lingering bad feelings between the two sides. “We all love this community. I just hope we all can get past this and focus on the future,” said Wirth.

Squaw Valley is focusing on making more improvements and even building a gondola to connect it with Alpine Valley Resort.

The good news is, the weather forecast for this snow season is far more promising. According to local meteorologists, there will be plenty of snow. In fact, there should be enough snow to allow resorts to open their seasons early.

Andy Wirth is a pioneering resort CEO that has built Squaw Valley into one of the best in the world. Upon graduating from Colorado State University, he worked for the local park service then for Steamboat Springs Resort for 25 years. After accepting the lead position, he built the resort into one of the best in the world.

Wirth has a good relationship with both his staff and members of the community. He serves on a number of local boards and was recently installed as the board chairman of the Lake Tahoe International Airport.

Wirth has shown great strength and perseverance over the last two years. A skydiving accident resulted in the loss of his arm, which was surgically reattached. He spent months in rehabilitation and regained about 75% use of his arm. This didn’t stop Wirth from training for and participating in the Ironman competition.

There are many people who are seeing this USA Today article about the UK leaving the EU, and they will learn about how George Soros feels about the situation. He is one of the richest people in the world, and George Soros has made billions of dollars trading on currency and other things around the world. He is also a watchdog who is very careful to tell the people of the world that they should be looking out for a recession if the UK gets to leave the EU.

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The referendum that is happening soon is something that people need to be aware of because it is more than just the UK choosing to leave a union of states. It is the UK playing with a recession that could happen if they are to leave the EU. George Soros can see the signs, but he wonders how many people are paying attention. He has made a lot of money in Europe over his life, and he can see when things are about to take a turn. The turn that will be taken is something that the EU can ill afford, and George Soros wants people to remember that keeping the UK in the EU helps to make the continent more stable.

Stability in trade and commerce is important, and taking one of the most prosperous countries in the world out of the equation makes it very hard for the other countries to keep up their economic fortunes. All the countries of the EU could fall into recession, and that could take out a lot of other countries that are simply not equipped to handle this. George Soros has concerns that go beyond his own fortune. He wants all the people of the UK to see that they are making a grave mistake.

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