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If you ever wished that you had more control over the lighting in your home, then smart lighting is the perfect solution for you. This lighting solution is very easy to install in homes that already have smart systems. Users can easily control the entire system from their smartphones or smartwatches even when they are not at home.
It is easy to control the amount of light in each room with Gooee’s smart light bulbs. If you need the little tyke to go to bed at a certain hour, then set the lights to start dimming a little ahead of that time. Continue to decrease the amount of light and they will soon be lulled to sleep. The great news is that once the system learns the information, it will repeat it every day.
If you have ever left home and wondered if you remembered to turn off the lights, then smart lighting solutions are for you. By simply looking at your phone or other connected device, you can easily tell what lights are on and turn them off if needed.
There is no need to keep stumbling into your home in the dark. Instead, teach the system when you will be home and it will automatically turn on the lights for you. If you are going away for awhile, then the system can control which lights are on in your home making it harder for a prowler to suspect if anyone is home.

Securus Investigator Pro 4.0 is a software used by law enforcement to investigate phone calls made by inmates in incarceration facilities. This newest version has several new features that make investigating phone calls and monitoring inmate phone activities easier. It allows us to zero in on a vocal sample, and then scan a database of phone call recordings for voices that match the sample. This technology can be used to tag and catalog vocal samples not just from the initiating and receiving party’s voices, but also any voices picked up in the background as well. This allows us to paint a better picture of who is associating with who.

This new technology helps to ensure our safety by providing investigators the ability to more effectively monitor phone calls by known gang affiliates, drug dealers and other individuals on police radar. It lets investigators know who their inmates are communicating with, as well as what other inmates have been contacting similar individuals.

Searching for matches of a vocal sample makes it easier to identify specific voices among a very large database of phone call recordings. The ability to search by voice eliminates the need to search by inmate PIN. This provides a workaround to a common problem. Many inmates lack the support of family, and often go without the money needed to place phone calls, even to family. Others are not able to afford the high price of phone calls in an incarceration facility, which are often up to 7 times higher than those civilians would pay. Inmates will often let these inmates place phone calls on their PIN, which can be misleading to investigators, confusing them as to who placed the phone call and whether or not an individual is actually associating with the party being called or not.

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The new software also allows investigators identify callers at more accurate rates. The software provides a confidence rating as to the potential accuracy of a match between two vocal samples. This provides accurate information that helps to keep us safe by providing law enforcement with the information they need to keep dangerous individuals off the streets.

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Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The best lip balm right now is from Evolution of Smooth. This is the company that has managed to get people interested in these products by appealing to the thing that Americans tend to like the most: choices. The American consumer that is trying to make a purchase – no matter how small the purchase is – will want to see the number of choices that are available.

There certainly are a lot different choices to consider when people look at what the Evolution of Smooth has to offer. The EOS lip balm containers are called spheres. These are the containers that house the various flavors of lip chap. There is no doubt that this company will continue to expand the number of flavors because this has proven to be the key to success for this brand. There are already a considerable number of flavors on the market, and customers cannot seem to get enough. Check out these organic products on retail shops like Walmart or online at

Mint or medicated tangerine may not be flavors that are offered by every lip chap company on the market, but the Evolution of Smooth has this offering. This is a company that also presents Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit to the consumers that are interested in this type of product.

There are quite a few lip chap products on the market for EOS to compete with. Other companies like ChapStick and Chap-Ice also carry lip balm products. There are lip balm products with skin moisturizers that also have sun screen protection. Others may have medicated labels in order to attract the attention of customers. There are many different choices, but EOS has managed to become the best because a large majority of consumers like flavorful lip balm.This company ( has lots of fruity flavors so this may appeal to smaller children that need lip balm.



Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a renowned expert in sleep disorders and he is highly sought after for the treatment of sleep related problems. In order to help the medical community take better care of sleep apnea sufferers, he founded the company Dental Sleep Masters. Avi founded his first dental practice back in 1999. During his 15 year tenure, he earned many prizes and recognition from his fellow dentists and was even selected as the best dentists in his local community many times. Avi was always interested in sleep throughout his dental practice because he found that many of his patients who sat in his dental chair suffered from this problem. He wanted to solve the puzzle of how to help these people. Few people will go to a medical doctor to get help with a sleeping problem. Far more people see dentists on a regular basis. Also, some dental disorders were related to sleep problems.

Avi founded Dental Sleep masters in 2014 to make it easier for dentists all around the world to treat people with sleep disorders. Some aspects of sleep disorders can be treated with the tools dentists readily have available to them. With in-depth knowledge of sleep apnea dental experts can easily identify sleep apnea in patients they are treating and put them on the path to treatment so that they can rest easier and secure their health. Left undiagnosed sleep apnea can be a dangerous problem with long term health consequences.

Recent research has implicated sleep apnea in severe illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Dental Sleep Masters was founded so that no one who regularly visits a dental chair will have to suffer from these sleep related problems needlessly. Its main goal is to raise awareness of sleep apnea and to train dentists and other medical professionals in the methods of properly diagnosing it. For this purpose, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has created an innovative sleep apnea model for primary and secondary care physicians. This model can also be of use to certified sleep physicians and all the employees of their sleep labs. By shining light on this condition the health of people all over can be improved.

The IAP Worldwide Services’ range of services includes supplying critical services to military operations, undertaking disaster management tasks, and aircraft and airways’ maintenance. In order to provide such services, the company adheres to a number of core organizational principles. Some of their main values are being focused on the mission at hand, acquiring necessary capabilities through innovations and partnerships, agility in their management, and commitment to their core values and ethics.

IAP Worldwide Services boasts of being a reliable supplier of technical and technological services to sensitive government agencies such as the air force, and the navy. Through their expeditionary services, IAP ensures that when contracted to support a mission, the people on the ground can access all necessary services in order to complete their mission successfully. This includes offering logistical services for goods and people, supplying field medical supplies, building temporary and permanent structures, and training local residents where necessary.

In one of their operations, IAP Worldwide offered mission support to a military mission in Afghanistan. The operation involved installation of communication systems at Kabul Airfield. The Kabul Air Control Center provided specialized communication systems within the Kabul Flight Information Region (FIR). The services offered included radio-based instrument flight rule, non-radar, and visual flight rule services on With the Kabul Air Control Center operational, the economy of Afghanistan was able to recover from the post-crisis period give the increased number of flights recorded in the country after the center was launched.

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In addition to providing mission support services, IAP Worldwide also leads at the provision of emergency services across America and select world regions. Whenever a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe occurs, human lives are put at risk. To avert or minimize the damage incurred, it is important to reach out to a team that has the capability and the commitment to mitigate damage in the best way possible. IAP Worldwide responds to emergency calls by being equipped with relevant equipment necessary for the provision of power and medical support.

With their 60 years’ operational experience, IAP Worldwide have developed system-based approaches to challenging problems. Subsequently, the firm is able to create responsive solutions to critical situations on For instance, the company is known to create environment management solutions in response to natural disasters in order to enhance safety. The company has developed a culture that seeks to address each problem in the best way. This requires the firm’s team of experts to be exceptionally creative and flexible in designing solutions to any problem.

IAP Worldwide operates from its headquarters at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Additionally, the company has offices in over 50 other locations across the globe. The firm has over 2000 employees.

JD Power’s recent survey of customer satisfaction among hotel guests drew some interesting conclusions. It seems that hotel guests have increasingly come to expect certain extras and perks as standard, and are no longer impressed by bonuses that were once perceived as special, such as free wi-fi and complimentary breakfast.

In recent years, increased satisfaction has largely been driven by satisfaction with room costs. However, this year’s slight increase suggests that hotels need to develop new ways to improve the perception of strong value for money. Although high-end hotels are obviously more expensive, they have been able to prove to customers that they represent a greater value for money than lower-end establishments.

These findings demonstrate what a competitive business the hotel industry is. Terry Baltes is a real estate broker and consultant specializing in commercial and hotel properties. Based in Dayton, Ohio, Baltes leads a team of real estate experts who are the established authorities are hotel properties in the Dayton area.

A graduate of Ohio State University with undergraduate majors in Finance, Real Estate, and Finance, Baltes established his firm, Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd. in 1977, after returning to Dayton, and has been a leader in the field since then. At any given time, Baltes has active hotel listings across the Midwest and in other regions of the country. Hotels are costly investments which require a great deal of expertise to evaluate, and Bales’ background allows him to help potential buyers find the right one for their financial goals.

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