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Growing a new business can be a difficult thing to do in the best of times, but the cosmetics entrepreneur Doe Deere launched her successful Lime Crime brand in 2008 and has made the company one of the fastest growing in the industry by taking an innovative approach to marketing and sales. Deere recently gave her own opinion on the success she has achieved in an interview detailing just how she had found success in less than a decade and made her debut on the top female entrepreneurs list published each year by “Self-Made” magazine.

The Lime Crime brand has been the brainchild of Doe Deere since she launched her own clothing line following a successful fashion education being completed in New York following her move from her native Russia. Deere did not immediately launch her fashion career, but instead formed a band alongside her now husband, who is also a partner in the cosmetics business and acts as the inspiration for Deere.


Doe Deere believes her Lime Crime company has been a major success because of the innovations she has introduced that have now become standard through the industry as major companies seek to follow in the footsteps of this largely Internet based company. In the early days of the launch of the cosmetics line Deere was told her plan to sell cosmetics Online was unworkable, but the founder of the company stood her ground and has proven the traditional choices of the cosmetics industry are not the only options available.


Over the course of recent years, Lime Crime executives under the leadership of Doe Deere have looked to find the best ways of creating interesting marketing options for the company; Doe Deere believes the choice to focus on social media has allowed the company to create a close connection with their followers. Deere spends much of her time looking over the looks created by her social media followers using the cosmetics she creates almost every day as she looks to remain a major source of inspiration for the brand in all creative departments. Doe Deere and her brand have now joined the many top female entrepreneurs honored by “Self-Made” magazine that include a number of the entrepreneurs she sees as inspirational to her own journey.

EOS built up a company in an industry that was dominated by major competitors including Pfizer’s Chapstick and Clorox’s Burt’s Bees brands. Despite this, the founders of EOS noted that the lip balm market was susceptible to entry by a smaller and more Nile competitor who could design a product that was perfect for the majority of people buying lip balm– women.

Women shoppers for lip balm were identified as being bored with the bland medicinal flavored of lip balms that were on the market and were thought to be looking for products that were made of organic and natural ingredients. Further many people were cautious of the petroleum jelly based products of lip balm on the market and were looking for higher quality ingredients in their lip balm.

EOS lip balm obliged these desires by creating a product that contained high quality jojoba oil and shea butter and eliminated the artificial taste and ingredients. New flavored like berry blast and Honeydew drew in customers and the orbital applicator shaped design created instant buzz for shoppers.

EOS turned this buzz into solid revenues and now sells two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of their lip balm every year catapulting themselves into the top of the industry from their very humble origins. From this start in lip balm they have now expanded their focus into many different personal care products but have tried to retain their focus as an innovative and game changing company.

In fact, many of their competitors are now trying to copy their success. While this emulation is likely flattering to EOS, they are not resting on their laurels and are trying new and creative ways to dominate their industry. Based on their past success EOS is likely to continue creating new and interesting products that focus on the desires of their customers. Visit and learn how EOS started.

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John Holt is the CEO and president of a Dallas, Texas bank called NexBank. Recently, Holt was a panelist at the Texas Banker’s Association’s Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, which was held in New Orleans, LA.

He served on the panel’s discussion on the topic of reinventing community banking. The discussion was held on about two weeks ago.

The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference takes place annually. It is a forum that advisers, bank leaders and consultants come together to discuss challenges and opportunities facing bank leaders in their communities.

About NexBank
NexBank is a bank that is based in Dallas, Texas. It has over $3.1 billion in assets and it offers various services to their clients. Nexbank service’s include corporate advisory services, mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. Their clients range from large corporations to real estate investors to small businesses, banks and middle-market companies.

The bank is the 266th largest bank in America and the 16th largest in Texas. NexBank was established in 1934 and today it has over 80 employees at three locations.

Not only do they offer the services previously mentioned, but they offer personal banking products, such as savings and checking accounts. Those who want to open an account can do so by visiting their nearest branch or by visiting NexBank’s website.

The two worlds of technology and fashion have always grown in relationship to each other. Fashion helps to create technology that is more fashionable and aesthetically appealing while technology helps fashion to create practical designs. The two industries, although different in nature, are complementary and inseparable. One can always improve upon areas in which the other lacks. The advancement of music is a great example. From the large and obtrusive boombox to the small and stylish iPod, as the technology advanced, so did the fashion surrounding the product.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an incubator for small businesses and startups. Burch grew up in Philadelphia and started his first business while still attending college. Brothers Chris and Bob Burch founded Eagle’s Eye apparel and began selling sweatshirts door to door at Ithaca College. They would purchase the sweatshirts for $10 and sell them for $15. What started out on a $2,000 investment eventually grew into a $165 million brand that eventually sold for $60 million to the Swire Group. Chris Burch continued his entrepreneurial ventures helping to establish the Tony Burch fashion brand. He scaled the business to become worth billions of dollars before selling his shares. In 2012, Chris Burch was named to Forbe’s list of the The World’s Billionaires.

The home decor and accessories brand C. Wonder was the first company that Burch founded under his new Burch Creative Capital business. The brand was later sold to Xcel Brands. Burch Creative Capital made one of their most popular investments in 2014 when they partnered with popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. The company worked closely with Ellen to design and market her ED lifestyle brand. Burch Creative Capital has worked closely with luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands such as Cocoon9, Voss Water, Chubbies and TRADEMARK among many others.

What sets Burch Creative Capital apart from their competition is the dedication and commitment they have to their clients. Chris Burch takes more pride in the trusting and nurturing relationship he develops with his clients, more so than the original investment or the overall success of the company. As an entrepreneur himself, Burch understands how critical creativity and passion are to the success of small businesses and startups. Through Burch Creative Capital, he seeks to create an environment within which his investments can thrive and grow. With decades of entrepreneurial experience, Chris Burch has a lot of expertise and advice with which to support his clients.

Keith Mann is more than an average NYC-based entrepreneur for two incredible reasons: 1) DSP now has offices in England and Australia as well as NYC, and 2) Mann is an incredible philanthropist. Mr. Mann has been in the executive search industry for 15 years as a CEO, leader, and daily manager.


Keith Mann’s career with Dynamic Executive Search began in 2000, but, in 2002, he created an alternative investment practice within the company. In 2009, Keith Mann realized that customer services for the hedge fund and private equity firms were insufficient, so he founded Dynamics Search Partners or DSP as a superior premier executive search firm for these agencies. As of 2016, Mr. Mann leads the industry with over 200 client mandates annually.


Keith Mann is a Passionate Philanthropist in NYC Education


Keith Mann is at the top of the executive search industry in NYC, but he and his wife Keely are committed to seeing the next generation attend college especially in the business field. They share the same mission with the Uncommon Charter School System for graduating high school students, so they have come together to help this school for low-income students. Five years ago, the Mann’s partnered with Uncommon Schools for a better tomorrow.


Uncommon Schools is NYC-based with schools now in Massachusetts and New Jersey and a second high school in Brooklyn. Mr. Mann’s first donation was $10,000 towards the building of the new Brooklyn school. Not long after, Mr. Mann raised over $20,000 for the scholarly tests that students are required to take by the Board of Education. The students had their tests by the start of the school year.


In 2015, the Mann’s took another step in promoting the students, and they opened a college scholarship fund. The graduating students were required to write a 1,000-word essay on how the scholarship would benefit their career, and one winner will be selected annually. Mr. Mann encouraged other businessmen to also open a fund so that more students would be able to develop their talents by attending college, and the result would be a better NYC.

Securus, a leading provider of correctional communications and information, has announced their latest achievement. Through the hard work of their team, they have secured the prestigious A+ rating from the BBB rating. Danny De Hoyos, Vice President, said how hard his team worked with the BBB in Texas to earn this rating. This rating is voluntary on behalf of a company.


For a company to earn this rating, they have to uphold certain values. Trust, honesty, truth, transparency, is just a few of the values that the BBB is looking for in a company. Securus did complete 220 seat in house call center to improve customer service. This call center is one of the largest in the industry. Calls are answered quickly, within 11 seconds, and 99% of the calls are resolved the first time. These numbers show a quick and effective response time to customers. All these areas are what earned them such a high rating.


Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, likes the accreditation because it means that the company delivers on its promises. They want the customers to receive the most cutting edge, innovative technology in correctional information and communication processing. They work with facilities to maintain phone systems, video visitation systems, inmate locating systems, and others.


Sept 2016, the former ownership of NBA Franchise filed a case for breach of contract against New Hampshire Insurance Company involving the settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry the former manager. Bruce Levenson is included in the controlling partner by former Hawks Ownership group. However, the lawsuit does not involve the current Hawks ownership that is managed by Tony Ressler.

On Sept 13, the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County, is also described as AIG, insurance bad faith and also a breach of contract. The group claims that it was insured under a policy that covered particular losses in relation to employment practices, including, but not limited to, specific acts of “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts.” The court’s documents indicate that AHBE notified AIG on April 2015 that claims have been vindicated by Ferry that it believed were included.

Two days later after Ferry and Hawks ownership arrived at a concealed buyout agreement on 22 June 2015 says ESPN, terminating a relationship that began six years earlier, the approval of the sale of Franchise to Ressler group was settled.

According to the lawsuits document, the confidential limits of liability to the policy are sufficient to play AHBEs claim. The lawsuits illustrate that AIG refused to acknowledge the claim and the triggered policy. It also indicates that AIG declined to engage in defense of the uttered claims and accept coverage during the council discussion of Ferry and Hawks. Hence, the lawsuit claims a breach of contract for the decline to provide payment for covered losses in the agreement.

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist ( and American businessman. Bruce attended Washington University and graduated from law school at America University. Bruce has founded various companies including Aslant Hawks LLC, and United Communication Group where he is a co-founder among others.

Source: brucelevenson website