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Jason Hope Tech Entrepreneur in AZThere is a lot of talk about technology and the effect it has on the world. One thing that could be said is that technology has made today’s world. There are many different outgrowths of technology. One thing that is often looked at is the digital revolution. There is also the internet in which people are connected. Technology is especially important for entrepreneurs in that they use it in order to conduct business. Another thing that makes technology so important is that it makes things convenient. Entrepreneurs are especially able to benefit from technology. It is a lot easier and more cost effective to start a business with technology than otherwise.

Among the people that recognize the effect that technology has on the world is Jason Hope. He is someone that appreciates what technology has brought people. He is also someone who looks forward to see what technological developments are going to occur. Among the different topics he talks about is the Internet of Things. As a matter of fact, he has a blog in which he talks about that among other things that have to do with technology. He is also a futurist. He looks at the possible developments that could occur if people are able to work with what they have.

Jason is also a philanthropist who is willing to help his community. He is especially involved in giving to many different organizations in Scottsdate, AZ. Therefore, he is always able to give back to people. As an entrepreneur, he is able to run a business based on what he is truly interested in. This is what makes his life fulfilling to him. Therefore, he is able to talk about the advancements being made in technology. He earns income being able to do that which is one of the reasons that he is willing to help out his community.

Jason Hope gets to experience all of the joys of being an entrepreneur. He gets to offer plenty of meaningful services to his audience so that they will have new insights on technology as well as how they can put it to use.

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Today’s hottest chapstick is EOS lip balm, evolution of smooth. You get amazing chapstick in an attractive, soft round container. The cute colors and flavors guarantee customer satisfaction. The best part is that you can get it at about the same price as all the boring cylinder tubes that have been around for years. EOS made a break just over seven years ago but has made a lasting impression on many users.

Targeting the millennial generation for change has helped create EOS lip balm into the empire on the rise. The younger generation is more and more into a daily beauty routine, including moisturizing your lips. The bright, round container of EOS caught their eyes when standing in the drug store aisle, watching their favorite beauty reviews online, and in tabloids. Some of today’s hottest celebrities were spotted with the adorable containers as well as the social media (see, beauty reviewers. This quickly sparked many younger women to try this amazing lip balm from evolutionofsmooth that has an even cuter container.

EOS took a leap into the competition of chapsticks in hopes of providing something new and exciting to users that would provide them with the best moisturizer that they could have. According to Amazon, the company continues to grow with a projection of 1 million units a week.

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates are doing so well treating members of their local community that they have branched out to provide their superior services to those in need not only locally but globally. This full service premier group of physicians and nurses work with insurances and billing but in many cases do not need to because they are catering to local and global charity outreach programs to provide underserved peoples with the surgeries they desperately need.

In Austin, TX they are involved in outreach programs that cater to elder members of the community and also to children. They are involved in giving back to children’s programs that oversee children in child protective services, and are also able to provide surgeries for children born with cleft palate.

Operation Smile and Austin Smiles are two initiatives that help to connect lower income families and children of lower income countries to restore a beautiful smile to children born with cleft palate. Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach is a mission dedicated to bringing Austin’s finest physicians and nurses to Guatemala to help children in some of the poorest communities. There, they have already completed many urgent surgeries in urology helping children of this area to be able to live their lives fully.

The great author and motivational speaker, Napoleon Hill said that to be successful, one must find a need, and then fill it. That is what Billy McFarland has one with is 2013 business startup, Magnises. Designed to be a millennial’s dream, Magnises is a venue for New York City millennials to meet, share ideas, socialize, talk shop and make business contacts.

McFarland came up with a stunning ingredient for his business, called the Black Card. For a very reasonable annual membership fee of $250, Magnises Black Card allows members to receive attractive discounts and perks from favorite clubs, bars, restaurants, events, and other attractions.

The Black Card copies all of the necessary information from a member’s debit or credit card and stores in on the Black Card’s magnetic strip. The Black Card pays the bill at the restaurant, for example, and immediately applies the discount.

Magnises was an immediate hit, and by the end of 2015, the membership totaled well over 10,000. McFarland is a bit discriminating as far as who can become a member, as there is an online application that must be completed and approved by management. Prospective business affiliates are screened closely as well, for McFarland feels that a company needs to understand the service levels required and the business needs to buy in for the long haul.

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McFarland has not had much trouble in finding willing participating companies because it is a significant profit source, especially since more and more millennials are signing up. The Magnises Black Card is already a status symbol of sorts, and if anyone in a group is without the Black Card, they are quickly urged to get with the program.

McFarland is not a stranger to business startup success. At age 13 he began a successful business finding clients for a local business. While a freshman in college at Bucknell University, he started a company called Spling, where he is still the CEO today. Spling transforms the URL of a company’s website into a graphic, giving it more visibility and can reach. Spling has customers such as Discovery and Universal.

Magnises is the big player as a venture capitalist recently invested $3 million in McFarland’s venture. With this new money, talk is all about expansion. Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London are square in the sights of McFarland’s plans. Targeting young professionals, entrepreneurs, garment executives and artists, from age 21 to 35 flock to the venue which is perfect for them and what they do.

The financial districts and the surrounding territory is a prime area for millennials in New York City and all of the other target cities. Large groups of young professionals always want to live and work in these regions.

McFarland is encouraged by preliminary advertising in other cities, and he sees the potential. The business plan works and is duplicatable, so the conclusion is that profits will continue to grow. All that needs to be done it send appropriate management, and the result will take care of itself, for sure.

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YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives her fans and viewers an explanation behind why she stopped making daily vlog videos.


The video begins with Wengie and her fiance Max discussing how they slept through their alarm that morning but were still able to film a few video scenes. She then gives a tour of the kitchen in the house where she and Max are staying on a trip. They then show the house’s lawn and Wengie begins her explanation from the house’s porch.


Wengie starts by saying that she finds it odd that so many people watch her vlogs instead of her main channel videos. She then says she is sad that people got to know her through daily vlogging but that it is way too much work to keep up with. She feels like vlogging took part of her life away and that the video quality was not good because she would be rushing to post them each day. Wengie says that just hurrying to post something sucked the creativity out of her. She then admits that she felt like she did not really live her life because she was always looking for something to shoot and what camera angles would work best. She finishes by saying that she may pick up daily vlogging again someday but that weekly vlogs are all she currently has time to make.


Max and Wengie then visit a marina near the home they were staying in. They admire the beaches and boats they can see and apologize to viewers who live in cold climates since they are enjoying summer. Wengie then shows off her new unicorn choker necklace. They finally show some people fishing and paddleboarding and some little fish in the water below.

Farron Bernhardt Recently Was Awarded The Positon Of CEO With The Manse On Marsh. He Has Had Over Three Decades Of Experience In Senior Housing Leadership. His Previous Position Was With The Nevada Housing And Neighborhood Development As The Vice President Of Assisted Living. He Will Be Replacing The Duties Of Previous CEO, Logan Sexton.

The Manse On Marsh Is An Assisted Living Facility Located In Downtown San Luis Obispo. The Service Families From The Nearby Communities Of Arroyo Grande And Paso Robles. The Manse On Marsh Has Been Open To Senriors For Over 15 Years And Is Owned By Chris Skiff. Their Goal Is To Provide A Living Environment That Is Much More Exciting Than The Typical “old Folks Home.” They Have Won Awards Including: The Year 2000 Builder Of The Year From HBA Central Coast, The Best Retirement Home In 2003 By Reader’s Choice, The 2007 Award For Historical Rennovation From Parade Of Homes, The 2010 First Successful Compliance Audit In California And The Best Of 2016 By

Their Living Environment Is Much Like A Hotel. There Are Studios, Cottages, And Suites To Choose From. Their Facilities Include Activities Such As Puzzle Solving, Carnival Parties, Super Bowl Parties, Zumba, Yoga, Bingo And Mock Horse Racing Gambling. The Dining Experience Is Like A Five Star Restaurant With Bernard Livingston As The Director Of Culinary Services. There Are Professional Nurses On Staff To Take Care Of The Elderly Patients’ Medical Needs. There Are Maids On Staff And Transportation Services On Demand.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but raised in New York. She is the founder and the CEO of the Lime crime cosmetics line. Doe has always been a very unique individual, and she believes that makeup is not only used to cover imperfections, but that it is also another way of self expression.

In 2008, Doe released her first cosmetics line full of colorful, unique, and cruelty free products. Doe doesn’t believe that beauty is a certain look, she believes that beauty comes from how we feel, and what feels right.

People fell in love with her unique cosmetics. Doe loved bright and vibrant colors, and that is where she developed the name of her cosmetics, it’s her favorite color. She dreamed of developing bright and vibrant colored products, and she did just that.

Doe is very supportive of women that aspire to be entrepreneurs, she even allows them to contact her for advice and information through her Instagram. The idea came from her clothing line called “Limecrime,” that she made on ebay. Doe always wanted to wear bright and unusual colored cosmetics, but they were hard to find, so she made her own.

Customers are very important to her. Before launching a new product, Doe always tries it out first. She must feel it before she puts it out there. She states that a part of what makes her a productive entrepreneur is “Knowing what the brand stands for.” She believes you have to have a clear picture of your customers, and be optimistic when approaching others. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to trust your gut. She always goes by her gut feeling and has learned to trust it.

Her strategy that has helped her business grow, is treating her employees, vendors, and partners well. She has always treated them with love and respect. It gives them the drive to be successful.

Does’ biggest influence is her husband, Mark. He is her partner and her inspiration. He is right by her side as a Lime Crime president. They met sixteen years ago in a band together and have been together since.

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John Holt is the president and chief executive officer of Dallas, Texas based bank, Nexbank. Mr. Holt was invited to and attended the the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and Mergers and Acquisitions Conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana in November of 2016. He was featured on a panel during the annual conference that dealt how Texas based banks can better compete through innovation in community banking practices.

The event held in New Orleans, Louisiana was the fifth such annual event held since its beginning in 2012. The Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and Mergers and Acquisitions Conference is where major figures from Texas banks come together and share strategies on how they can increase business through various means. Bank leaders such as John Holt, financial professionals and investors come to the conference to discuss branching, mergers and acquisitions and organic growth of banks. The goal is to facilitate discussion and share strategy that benefits stakeholders in the Texas banking industry.

Information On Nexbank Of Dallas, Texas

Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It has a corporate headquarters, a mortgage lending division and office and a retail branch. The company estimates that it has about $4 billion dollars in assets under management in total. This is after the acquisition of the College Savings Bank of New Jersey which significantly boosted and diversified the assets of Nexbank.

The primary customers of Nexbank are corporate clients and institutional clients. However, Nexbank also serves middle market and small businesses with services such as business loans and investment banking services. Nexbank also has a strong mortgaging banking operation. They lend to thousands of homeowners across Texas. Nexbank is also proud to be a partner and sponsor of Habitat For Humanity’s projects in helping to build affordable homes for low income families in the South Dallas area.