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Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Group announced, in a public statement, it has acquired Baho Foods, a leading food processor from the Netherlands. Neither organization disclosed terms of the merger, which still needs approval from the European Union regulatory commissions.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Baho Foods on operates manufacturing and processing plants in Germany, with five subsidiaries, including Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, and Henri van de Bilt. The firm manufacturers and processes snacks, convenience foods and delicatessen meats for retailers throughout Europe.

OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer, avid G. McDonald, commenting on the pending merger acquisition, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe, the company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths on Crunchbase while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” John Balver, Baho Foods managing director stated its management personnel will stay in place, for the time being, as the two firms collaborate on developing a strategic management plan. Balvers, commenting on the OSI Group merger at, “OSI has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers. Baho Food, as part of the OSI Group, will be well positioned to leverage on the experience and capabilities of the OSI Group.”

In its quest to become the worldwide leader in food processing, the OSI Group acquired the Tyson Foods processing facility, in Chicago, Illinois. Tyson Foods nor the OSI Group disclosed terms of the purchase. The facility, on Chicago’s Southside, is near OSI Group’s food processing plant. and will expand its capabilities to satisfy customer demand.

Tyson Foods stated the facility was small, when compared to their other processing plants, and could not accommodate necessary automation retrofits and expansion.vOSI North America senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott stated the former Tyson Foods facility will allow the OSI Group toexpand its capabilities to satisfy customer demand. He commented on the acquisition, “We are excited to have this facility as part of the broader OSI manufacturing network.” Representatives of the OSI Group indicated former Tyson Foods employees, from the plant, have been offered positions.

At Lung Institute we offer excellent treatments to different patients from various social and economic backgrounds. Understanding the health history of the patient is necessary for effective treatment. At the Institute, we establish and maintain the natural ability of stem cells to ensure the best treatments for our patients. Treated stems cells are introduced into the body where they rest in lungs thus speeding healing and reducing the level of inflammations. We do a thorough screening of the patient while studying current condition to ensure the best possible treatment.

Lung Institute has physicians who have a vast knowledge in the application of revolutionary and holistic treatment using minimally invasive stem cell therapies. The Institute is recognized for treatment of chronic lung ailments with the highest patient safety and high-quality healthcare. Stem cell transplant is carried out using platelet-rich plasma therapy to bring about a faster healing of the damaged tissues. At the Institute, we transplant stem cells using individual’s stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to heal damaged body tissues.

The Lung Institute doctor Jack Coleman, Jr., will present the mechanisms that the stem cell uses to enhance healing of the body tissue. According to Cedars-Sinai, the event aimed at discussing how the stem cell treatment could be improved to treat chronic lung infections in future. Other traditional forms of medications are not only ineffective but also limiting. Stem cell treatment involves withdrawing stem cells from the body then separating them from blood or bone marrow. The cells are then treated and reintroduced back into the body where they rest in the lungs hastening to heal and reduce inflammation.

LifestylesAfter50 says it is hard for people with chronic lung infections to enjoy their favorite activities or spend time with their loved ones. But, with treatment, quality of your life could be improved by the holistic treatment at the Lung Institute. Ailing people have use oxygen, but after treatment, you can go back to your normal life where you do not need oxygen for life support. There are plenty of treatments available, but if you want to know more, you can contact the patient coordinators today and schedule a consultation. You can always visit the Lung Institute’s website for more information.

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In a world where Amazon rules the e-commerce market in the area of active wear, Kate Hudson has managed to make a name for herself. In the last 3 years of Fabletics being on the market, Kate Hudson has earned more than $250 million dollars for her business. In order to be a part of the active wear movement, she had to create a brand that people would love and trust. The context is simple for her business, you will subscribe to a monthly subscription of yoga pants and this will allow you to receive a new pair each and every month, as long as you accept the shipment. If you want to hold off a month, you will go into your account and place a hold on the next shipment. This is another great thing that allows you to continue your membership but with the idea of being in complete control of how many or how little you receive.


For most people, high value style of brands are usually defined by the cost and the quality of the goods that you receive. You will notice that at certain times, the quality of an item might be less than inviting and for Fabletics, they make sure that their items are more than just quality. They work to make sure that what you are receiving is the best of the best. They stand behind their products and this is what Kate Hudson knew when she opted to begin her business.


Customer service is essential for making a business successful. You want to get someone on the phone right away who is interested in what you have to say and who is going to take your complaint seriously. With Fabletics, the customer service department is there to listen to you no matter what you are calling about. It can be as simple as a thank you for making the best yoga pants on the market or a simple call to help you with a replacement order. Perhaps your order was not as much as you had anticipated or you might need a different size, the customer service department is going to be able to help you get the replacement right away or at least give you a credit towards a future purchase. Either way, someone is always there to listen to you when it counts.


More consumers are opting to purchase many of their needs online. More plans are becoming subscriptions and for this reason, Kate Hudson knew how she can make a profit while still selling something that everyone wants. Fabletics is the next big thing and has shown great promise in the subscription world.