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I feel bad for Clay Siegall and the Seattle Genetics. The new presidential administration has declared war on facts. That is not hyperbole, opinion or conjecture. The Trump administration has rejected scientific truths in lieu of emotional beliefs. They are actively fighting the EPA, climate change science, criminal justice science and economic math.

This governmental resistance will come as a blow to Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall. Clay Siegall is the CEO of the Seattle-based biotech company that employs more than 1000 people in the Pacific Northwest. He has spent his life in rigorous pursuit of scientific truths. For years, he toiled in the trenches as a scientific researcher of cancer.

Companies like Seattle Genetics need money in order to perform vital research. The Trump administration has promised deep budget cuts across the board which may affect cancer research. But what is really affecting Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall is the war on facts.

Clay Siegall believes in scientific facts. All you need to do is go check out his blog to see his unwavering commitment to science. It is littered with stories about climate change, how the average citizen can navigate the repeal of Obama care, and scientific news from deep space. What is most heartbreaking is that he reposted a story by NPR about fake news and the Trump administration’s assault on science.

What is unexpected is his love for NFL football. He has also reposted plenty of stories about player movements this off-season. It really gives him a down to earth feel which is pretty cool because he is such a giant in the science industry. It makes it really easy to root for him in the situation.

And we should all be rooting for Clay Siegall. As CEO of Seattle Genetics, he has raised over $1.2 billion from private and public entities for cancer research. With federal budget cuts, his job may become more difficult. And that should come as a sad news for anybody rooting for cancer patients. His company tailors individualized cancer treatments that can really make a difference in a cancer patient’s life.


Chaz Dean is an inspired hair stylist and hair products developer. He has an active interest in how women care for their hair and educates them on proper maintenance. He recently introduced an all purpose product that seemed too good to be true. This product did it all to women’s hair. It worked as a shampoo and conditioner and repaired damaged hair.

After seeing the QVC ad, Emily McClure was intrigued and decided to test the WEN product by using it for a full week to see how this miracle product changed her fine and limp hair for the better. She began her study after returning home from a trip, and her hair showed the strains. She bravely showed her results using herself as a model. After the seven-day test, she was encouraged by the results and did not mind paying the premium dollars for this complicated formula.

McClure’s in-depth testing is a new and productive form of advertising, and it honestly researched the results of the product claims by the producer of the product. Kudos to McClure and Chaz Dean, for this new all-purpose hair care product. For more information on Chaz Dean and his product line: website,

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Read the extended research performed by Emily McClure for Bustle here: Bustle


Have you thought of a hospital of being a pleasant place to be? No, we haven’t either. Normally, hospitals are associated with sad and stressful places that don’t really represent a place that people want to be in for longer than necessary, or even less. Regardless of whether someone is a patient or a visitor, hospitals are usually associated with bad omens, and people don’t want to come near them. Everyone comes and goes with a heavy chest.

But what if we combined the hospital experience with that of a luxury hotel? Yeah. There are many ways to experience the luxury of a hotel, and Copa Star has made it their mission to have it be combined with top-quality medical equipment and highly trained professionals. It is an intimate luxury lived indiscretion, simple but authentic, sober but comforting; A pleasure for the inner delight and recollection. Explore new horizons. Travel the world in search of the most exquisite experiences, while indulging in the small pleasures and comfort of our hotels. We will reveal where and how to discover local attractions and immerse yourself in world-renowned art pieces in the hallways, flowers and an overall pleasant experience.

A Luxury Experience

The peace and privacy of the guests are guaranteed thanks to its charming atmosphere and its proximity to nature. With breathtaking gardens and large natural spaces, Copa Star is a one of a kind experience in Brazil, and they expect to be expanding the concept all over the nation, and then all over Latin America. The facilities, all equipped with the latest in medical technology and designed to give the patient a sense of security and wellness are all up to world highest standards. The respectful and extremely friendly staff makes it a complete experience, also making sure it is overall a pleasant experience for the visitors, having their own passageways for making sure patients and staff is out of sight and making the hospital waiting a lot more friendly.

On top, the gastronomic offer makes this paradise an unforgettable place. With international food and perfectly presented restaurants, and varied menus and options for every kind of palate, not to mention the amazing flavors from fresh and handpicked ingredients.

Overall, Copa Star is revolutionizing the world with the new concept in hospitals, and it expects to set the new standard for hospitals in all of Latin America, making luxury and comfort have its way in health. The way a hospital transforms into an elegant and comfortable facility will be the way in which Copa Star distinguishes from the rest and makes a way into the world of top-quality and amenity- based group of medical institutions.

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Providing good products in the wine industry is not the only way companies can drive sales and increase margins. There should be good marketing and distribution channels that ensure the product is delivered to the right consumers.

UKV PLC has been in the wine industry for many years and their services range from facilitating sourcing of fine wine products to distribution and marketing. The company stocks some of the most preferred brands and has been renowned for their selection criterion that allows them to pick only the best types of wine in various categories.

As a dealer in wine products, UKV PLC has also been offering brokerage services to help distributers manage their work more easily. The company is connected to several renowned brokers, who pick the product then deliver to the right users within the right time frame. They use a range of methods, which include working with experts who research to find out about different markets before proposing distribution. Their distribution options include listing the wine on their online portal and using the development of an independent evaluation that places the product in the right category. UKV PLC is the right answer for a small distributor looking to expand after a short while.

Storage facilities
Another area where UKV PLC has been faring perfectly is in the storage of wine. The company provides storage facilities that are furnished with modern technology to ensure all the products kept in them do not get damaged. For huge distributors, UKV PLC offers the most reliable solutions to storage and has a system that allows data collection and management of inventories. Their solutions are ideal for any level of distributor and have worked well for many decades while supporting different distributors across the country. Their rates are also friendly and in line with market trends.