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OSI group is one of the leading global suppliers of custom value-added food products in the world. Its gradual success story is described by many as the today’s Rome since it has taken years to build. Its tremendous growth, which has taken almost half of a century, is attributed to none other than its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is an 85-year-old business mogul who sits and serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group. He also adds up as the president of the OSI international food industries Limited. Lavin joined OSI group in the 1970s when it was a domestic food processing company, McDonald’s. Sheldon has managed to transform it into a global multi-billion dollar food products supplier. OSI Group LLC is now a holding company for the OSI Group’s international investments, which include OSI industries, OSI International, Inc., LLC and OSI international foods. The company currently sells its products to more than 60 countries. OSI group has a workforce of more than 20, 000 employees globally. Sheldon has built a unique family oriented culture that made the company enjoy a little employee turnover that it brags today.

OSI Awards

Under Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has won several accolades. One of the awards is the prestigious 2016 Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council for their excellent environmental management throughout their business. Additionally, OSI group’s subsidiary, OSI Riverside received California Green Business award in 2016, for the actions the company had taken to conserve resources and minimize pollution.

Sheldon Lavin Awards

In 2016, the businessman received the Global Visionary Award. The award is from the India’s Vision World Academy, and it honors those who have accomplished their goals by demonstrating perseverance persistence towards making their dreams into reality. Lavin was also honored with the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize his exceptional achievement and commitment to the business community in Chicago by the RSM US LLP.

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Full-service interiors company Richard Mishaan Design has built an impressive list of Manhattan clients over the years. His work as an interior designer for New York’s elite has now grown to include his own accessories firm, Homer Design. The Richard Mishaan Design aesthetic combines the collected pieces of his clients with newer, often custom, pieces that create a unique and individualistic feeling in their homes.

A native of Colombia, Richard Mishaan Design’s owner studied at both NYU and Columbia University, studying both design & architecture. Following his formal study, Richard Mishaan began an apprenticeship with the highly-esteemed offices of Philip Johnson prior to founding his own design firm.

Richard Mishaan Design recently completed a project in Mishaan’s native Colombia, in Cartagena, that is an illustrative example of the techniques used by Richard Mishaan Design with such success. The first, most striking, realization is the visual contrast between both old and new pieces as well as traditional and contemporary design styles. These paradoxes create a conversation between the pieces and the styles that is welcoming and unique.

The Cartagena project is its most successful when there is a combination of different textures, styles and materials. The formal and traditional wood paneled entryway with an arched doorway opens to a modern and light-filled living space with polished tile flooring. The contrast is striking and comforting at the same time.

It is through juxtapositions such as these that Richard Mishaan has continued to delight his clients and distinguish himself from the pack. Mishaan is also a successful author of two well-received books entitled Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, both published by Random House’s Monacelli Press. Design enthusiasts follow Richard’s career with great enthusiasm, knowing that whatever project he undertakes will be executed with mastery and skill. His ability to embrace the old and the new is a true gift.

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One of the problems that have traditionally faced the treatment of cancer is the extreme side effects involved in the mainline treatments. The three main modes of cancer treatment, since 1950, have consisted of chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgery. All three of these have severe and lasting side effects that may be bad enough to threaten the patient’s life. It’s long been the goal of cancer researchers to find drugs and other methods to treat this disease effectively that do not involve such heinous side effects.

Starting in the late 1980s, this led to the introduction of a number of different approaches in the research, development and implementation of various cancer treatments. The broadest category of these drugs is what’s known as targeted cancer therapies. This is a category of drugs that involves everything from genetic manipulation to the delivery of drugs directly to the site of malignant tissues using antibodies. Although the development of this category of drugs has been slow, throughout the 1990s, great strides were made in the development of real world applications of the various concepts.

One of the most prominent and successful implementations of targeted cancer therapy has been the concept of antibody drug conjugates, a class of drugs that use human and synthetic antibodies to deliver highly lethal cytotoxins directly to the surface of a tumor. No one’s name is more closely associated with this highly innovative class of drugs than that of Clay Siegall. Having been a professional cancer researcher for over 15 years, Dr. Siegall began working on antibody drug conjugates in the mid-90s, while he was employed by pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. Dr. Siegall and his team were one of the first to successfully synthesize a viable antibody drug conjugate that could be used in an actual patient to treat cancer successfully.

In 1998, Dr. Siegall founded his own company, Seattle Genetics, which was dedicated solely to the development and research of antibody drug conjugates. Started with little more than a skeleton crew and no patents to its name, Seattle Genetics quickly developed into a powerhouse of targeted cancer therapy research and development. In 2001, the Seattle Genetics IPO raised more than $1.2 billion, a record for any biotech firm up to that point. Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics developed its first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate, ADCetris.

Today, this drug saves thousands of lives every year.

Cassio Audi was a member of the great Viper Band. Formed in 1985 Viper band is a Brazilian heavy metal band. The Viper Music Group also played Thrash Metal, Alternative Rock and Power Metal genres of music. During its initial stages of formation, Viper Band’s music was influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal and Iron Maiden. Viper Band’s members included Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Felipe Machado and Cassio Audi. The Band gained a lot of fame and recognition throughout its years of performing and releasing great music.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi attended the Catholic University of Sao Paulo from where he earned a Bachelor ls Degree in Business Administration. He then went on to study Finance at the same University. That aside, Cassio Audi began music at a really early age as the drummer of the Viper Band. In fact so good was he that he was even able to write one of the songs in the Soldiers of Sunrise album. That is not all, Cassio Audi was even featured in the same album and the Killera Sword album.

Viper Band released its first demo tape in 1985, The Killera Sword. The famous song “Signs of the Night” was released under this demo tape. 2 years later Viper Band released their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise. Although the band was made up of teenagers at that time, it was with no doubt that the album was nothing but spectacular. Despite also the simple production, the young teenagers basically showcased a huge degree of skill in talent in making music. In 1989, Viper released Theatre of Fate. This particular album was popular for its outstanding mix of heavy metal and classical music. Theater of Fate gave Viper international recognition especially in Japan. In is sad that their album was sold out in the Japan cities of Van Halen and Nirvana. Other studio albums released by Viper include Evolution, Coma Rage, Tem Pra Todo Mundo and All My Life. All of these albums and constant evolution in music sounds made Viper the notable band it is today. The band also has a 4-star rating from All Star Music. Truly Casio Audi was an influential drummer and instrumentalist during his time in the Viper Music Group.

Dog Goldberg Machine: This clever commercial features a Rube Goldberg Machine run entirely by dogs. It starts off with one dog catapulting a tennis ball to another dog. The second dog dunks the tennis ball causing Beneful food cans to roll down a ramp which causes another dog to throw a Frisbee which causes a wagon of Golden Retriever puppies to roll down a ramp which causes a bowl of Beneful to be poured and so forth until dominoes spell out the company’s logo “Play. It’s good for you.” The commercial is full of clever dog tricks and clever placement of the dog food, all with the benefit of multiple precious puppies onscreen.

Dog Food with Beef as #1 Ingredient; Beneful Originals: This commercial features an interview with a peppy young woman and her adorable corgi. The young lady tells us how much she loves Beneful commercial and why it’s so healthy for her dog. The camera cuts to the corgi eating from a bowl and we hear a somewhat muffled “the beef is fantastic” as though the dog were speaking with his mouth full.

The commercial ends with a shot of the corgi showing off his “power tie” which he wore for the Beneful interview. “It’s my power tie. It gives me power.” No one has ever looked better in a power tie than this little guy and to know more click here

Greg Secker is a reputable professional in the foreign exchange trading industry. He is highly depended on by people who would like to become successful in forex trading. Secker has been offering reliable tips and resources that are beneficial to people would like to generate revenue from the business. He has established various companies that aim at providing the best information about the trading of currencies.

Born in Norfolk, England, Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham where completed his undergraduate education in agriculture and food science. He was then hired by a top finance firm that was called the Thomas Cook Financial Services. His service at the company enabled him to accumulate sufficient experience to start venturing the foreign exchange market. Greg is appreciated for being the first individual to create the Virtual Trading Desk, which is an up-to-date forex trading software.

Secker’s started the business by establishing a trading floor in his house. The venture grew after a while, and it is currently known as Learn to Trade. It has been in the business for the past thirteen years and has been training novices through seminars and workshops. About 200,000 individuals who are interested in making money from the sector have benefited from the reliable information that his companies offer. Greg developed a highly reliable foreign exchange trading program that is called Smart Charts.

The businessman believes that any willing individual can be successful in the sector. The most important things that people need to have are the sufficient market information and reliable software. According to him the software such as Learn to Trade and SmartCharts can enable people to make a fortune from the sector. His companies also provide various resources that guide people as they trade. Greg understands that many websites offer different types of information about how to be an excellent trader. He has been advising his clients to select the best trading software since it has a direct impact on the profitability of the venture. Most companies provide demo accounts that people can use before they start investing their money in the forex sector.


From the time that Matthew Autterson started with CNS Bioscience, he was doing what he could to make the company better. He had a lot of experience in the field and he knew how he could try different things so that he could help people out with the issues that they were having. Since he knew so much about finances and had experienced different things in the world of finance, he was confident that things would get better for him. He knew that all of this would be a result of the experience that he gained with the other companies he worked with.

While CNS Bioscience was unlike any of the other companies that Matthew Autterson worked for before, it was also an opportunity for him to try different things. He made sure that he was spreading his wings and doing more with the options that they had. He has come a long way since he first started at CNS Bioscience and that has made a huge difference for him. He does everything that he can to help people out and makes sure that he can show others what they are able to get out of the situations that they are in. Matthew Autterson is thankful for the things that he can do with CNS Bioscience and knows that things will always get better when he makes more choices for people.

Matthew Autterson’s main goal with CNS Bioscience is to be supportive of the finances that they have. He tries to show them what they can get out of the things that they are doing and that has allowed him the chance to make sure that the company is profitable when they are doing different things. He also works to keep it within compliance so that he can do different things.

CNS Bioscience helps people with the things that they need in the medical industry. They try their hardest to do different things and to help with the clinical trials. Because of the way that things are difficult to do for people who are in these situations, Matthew Autterson wants to make sure that their clinical trials are working in the best way possible. He always does what he can to show people what they can get from these experiences and how they can make sure that they are doing things the right way for the medication industry they are in.


The Dallas Zoo is one of the most sought after zoos in the country, drawing thousands of visitors each and every day. However, it has its struggles just like all the great zoos do. The Dallas Zoo struggles to build state of the art habitats for animals so they can be comfortable and cozy. The hippo is one animal who had to be cut from the zoo over expenses. Now thanks to Dallas’ most popular philanthropist James Dondero, the hippos are coming back.

The Dallas Zoo spent four years planning and collecting $14 million dollars needed to create their new 2.1 acre habitat for the hippos. The new habitat allows for an underwater viewing window to wow the visitors without disturbing the animal’s personal space. The new spot is in the Wilds of Africa section, which is close to the station. Dallas Zoo has had no hippos for 16 years but residents and tourists kept asking for hippos. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings applauded the work of several philanthropists including James Dondero. James Dondero contributed $1 million dollars to aid in the rebuild of the hippo habitat. The new exhibit boasts an amazing 120,000 gallon waterhole habitat, that offers a new viewing perspective of the hippos. The Dallas Zoo has raised the bar for today’s zoo.

The two new hippos who call the exhibit home are Adhama and Biopelo, both come from the Albuquerque Biological Park. The last hippo the zoo had, died in 2001. James Dondero has become a strong supporter of the community. He continues to lend a hand to any cause he believes in.

James Dondero is currently chief executive officer of Highland Management who has gained more than thirty years of equity market experience. He received dual majors in finance and accounting from the University of Virginia. James Dondero is a certified management accountant and now has the right to use the chartered financial analyst title.

James Dondero currently serves on the board of several major companies including MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is chairman for sever companies such as NexBank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Eric Pulier has made a career out of being in the right place at the right time. If you are in the right place once it may be a coincidence but if you do it over and over again, it is a skill. Eric Pulier is currently running vAtomic Systems and that has been his primary focus for the past couple of years. vAtomic Systems is a type of disruptive technology that has helped to bring micro-transactions into the common place that they are today. Pulier’s work has been enlightening to watch from the perspective of potential entrepreneur and he is definitely worth learning from.

Born in New Jersey, Eric Pulier was raised to love technology from a young age. Pulier worked hard while in grade school to learn to program computers and before he even graduated high school he was turning it into a business enterprise. Pulier’s early life did a lot to inform what he has done later on in life. For Pulier, passion was always the guiding force for his work. Loving computers in the ’80s wasn’t easy because they weren’t as saturated in the market as they are today, so Pulier had to really commit himself to it. That commitment has paid off in spades, however, as he now sits as one of Los Angeles biggest entrepreneurs.

Along the way Eric Pulier has made a habit out of doing some pretty integral things to keep his routine in tact. Pulier knows that you can’t get ahead as an entrepreneur unless you focus on cultivating your ideas and expanding them in important ways. That is why Eric Pulier likes to collect ideas throughout the week in a sketchbook or his cell phone. At the end of the week he’ll go over the ideas and see which ones maintain their integrity and which ones might work well with one another.

As an entrepreneur Eric Pulier knows that the key to success is to always be striving. As the father of four children Pulier has become more understanding of how to balance that hard work with family integrity.

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Having a good quarter back is a big part of having a winning Fantasy Football Team. Check out our “Fantasy Football Rankings” for quarterbacks this year.

Aaron Rodgers is looking pretty good at the #1 spot

Tom Brady is pretty solid at the #2 spot

Andrew Luck is surprisingly #3 in our “Fantasy Football Rankings”

Drew Brees is a good spot for #4

Russell Wilson is our #5 spot

If your looking for a good wide receiver

Antonio Brown is our #1 spot

Julio Jones is coming in at #2

Odell Beckham Jr at #3

Jordy Nelson #4

A.J. Green #5

Having a solid team thats gonna bring in the points starts with a good Quarterback and a great Wide Receiver. Checking “Fantasy Football Rankings” is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure you will have a winning fantasy football team every single season that you play!