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What are the financial challenges facing a parent during back to school? Well, preparing for back to school is not only stressing but also financially draining. The following are financial responsibilities a parent goes through during back to school.

1. School list

Every school sends out a school list. The parents should ensure that the child has these items when going back to school.

2. School suppliers

Every child, depending on their age and class has different needs. Therefore, the parents need to buy items to help the child to study efficiently in class. These could include items such as binders, planners and so on.

3. Meals

The child should also carry to school a lunch meal. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that there is always a balanced meal on the fridge for the child to carry to school.

4. Teacher-parent meeting

Before the school commences, most schools hold parents meetings. It is important to attend such meetings as they help to network with teachers and other parents.

With the challenging economic times, most people are in debt. However, if the debt is overwhelming, Freedom Debt Relief is one of the tested partners in debt relief.

Freedom Debt Relief offers different products to clients that are geared towards empowering them to move away from grave debt to financial freedom. Some of the products the offer includes:

• Debt Consolidation: This plan enables one to pay a single debt instead of repaying different creditors.
• Credit Counseling: Their financial gurus empower one on the possible options they have to get over their debt.
• Cash-Out Refinance is an option mostly for homeowners. It helps them repay their unsecured debt and the bills in one monthly payment.

Freedom Debt Relief also has tools to help one track their debt progress and their monthly repayment process. These products would be of great financial benefit to any parent who is struggling with debt and has to take their child back to school.

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Under the innovative leadership of the CEO, David McDonald, the OSI Group has swiftly transformed into one of the top 100 most successful Food Processing Company in the US and indeed, the world over. OSI Group and its core subsidiaries and affiliates helped ship well over 113 tons of safe food products to the attendants and participants at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. OSI did a fantastic job and they would continue to work closely with the Olympics Committee for years to come.

The award-winning food supplies company debuted in the Chinese marketplace in 1992. In 2008, the OSI Group had already built a dozen or more mega food processing sites and factories all over China. The Chicago-based food supplier, OSI, made millions in profit by providing franchises like David McDonald‘s, KFC, Papa John, Subway, Burger King, and Starbucks. Without an ounce of doubt, OSI Group wouldn’t have risen to be the giant processed food supplies company were it not for the exceptionally talented and experienced CEO, David McDonald.

About David McDonald

Mr. McDonald belongs to the ’87 graduating class of Iowa State University. David successfully pursued an undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences, graduating with top honors. David later joined the OSI Group, Chicago Edition where he ended up spending his entire golden career. The Iowa State alumnus would rise up through the ranks at OSI to become the company’s CEO and President, eventually.

David McDonald: The Philanthropist

McDonald, as the CEO, spared no expense in upgrading the company’s manufacturing and retail departments to make it efficient and cost-competitive. OSI Industries transformed into one of America’s and China’s most sustainable Food Supply Company, almost overnight.


OSI Group’s President and CEO continue to make a profoundly positive impact on the welfare of Iowans. McDonald has funded higher education for thousands of kids from poor families in Iowa. The company provides scholarships to needy students of the Alpha, Gamma, Rho fraternity at Iowa State Uni.

Today, his company is the proud recipient of a handful of coveted industry awards. OSI primarily deal with processed meat products, canned tomato paste, and beans. Under, David McDonald, OSI is a past winner of the Cardinal and Gold Award, the Campanile Award, the Corporation and Foundation Award, the Emerging Philanthropist Award and the True and Valiant Award. McDonald serves on a dozen meat industry standards boards and committees. For instance, David’s the current chairman of the American Meat Industries board.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has launched Clinical Pathways by teaming up with Allscritps and NantHealth. This platform enables oncologists to identify treatment regimens for patients. The Clinical Pathways program helps inform the cancer treatment process without disturbing the physician’s clinical workflow. Clinical Pathways takes out the guesswork by physicians. Clinical Pathways integrates the latest in cancer research and is designed with the patient in mind.

Clinical Pathways provides custom treatment options that are specifically tailored to the patient’s health and specific disease state. Clinical Pathways has many features and also include price comparison between treatment options. Clinical Pathways also gives the option to expedite approval from insurance providers.

The eviti solution plays a critical role in bringing together the Clinical Pathways platform. Physicians are able to access real-time treatment options for all cancer types. This collective technology is a true game-changer for the cancer treatment industry.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses conventional approaches to fight cancer. The most common methods of treatment used are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also offers integrative therapies to help with the many side effects that may occur. Richard J. Stephenson’s mother passed away because of cancer. Dissatisfied with the treatment options given to his mother, Stephenson set out to make a change in the industry and opened the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital in 1988′. Still, till this day Cancer Treatment Centers of America is determined to make a change in the lives of those that are affected by cancer.

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Mr. Holt, CEO, and President of NexBank was present at the bankers’ conference in Texas. The Texas Bankers Associations Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference usually held annually and attended by stakeholders in the banking sector. Holt suggested ideas on how to encourage innovativeness and competitiveness in the banking community. Holt also analyzed the challenges faced by the banking community banking and how to counter them. The forum usually comprises of bank leaders, advisers, and consultants who come together to share opportunities and challenges facing community bank leaders. The NexBank in Texas was identified as one bank whose services fully satisfied the clients’ needs.

The Origin of NexBank

The bank was established in March 2017, in 1934. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and it has been identified as the 13th biggest bank in Texas and the 200th in the entire nation. The NexBank has grown to have branches in four different locations with over 86 employees in all its branches. NexBank attributes its success to the three services it offers.

Commercial Banking

NexBank offers commercial lending services to all its clients. NexBank offers quality commercial banking services, explaining why they have maintained clients all along. The services are also timely and highly reliable. They have a qualified and experienced team of professionals who ensure that they journey with clients to ensure they get the financing they need.

Mortgage Banking

NexBank’s major focus has been to create a long term relationship with its clients. The Warehouse lending service enables customers to close their loans more effectively. It has also been made possible by the bank’s team of professionals.

Institutional Services

The bank has partnered with other financial institutions to mitigate the risk of debt. They provide flexible loans so that clients make timely mortgage payments. These payments will place the bank at the top position in the financial market.

With these three services offered by NexBank, Mr. Holt and the members of the Texas Bankers Association can come up with solutions. These solutions help to identify opportunities and challenges to help bank leaders and clients. The conference aims at improving the banking sector.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO and President of the Brazil-based Bradesco Bank. For over four decades of professional experience, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked in the bank to offer sophisticated business solutions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco commenced his career in the bank when he was just 18 years old. During that tender age, Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked hard to develop a platform where business is respected with intuitive solutions for those who are not aware of the business benefits of purchasing major credentials. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has stayed ahead of the rest in offering innovative solutions to those who are not aware of better business in a wide range of capacities.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in 1951in Brazil. He was raised by parents who worked in the industry of fiancé as bankers. Therefore, his long line of finance orators defines his solutions and capabilities in this industry. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has always been the best person to develop his automation solutions for those who are not entitled to activate their business work to simulate solutions. Achievements characterize his career. This is the reason why he has developed their intentions towards adopting a new endeavor that does not facilitate better business in a world of few credentials.

In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the list of the top 100 most influential people in the country. This is because of his track record of success and activated career that has seen him advance to the heights of finance and management. The Dinheiro’s magazine also recognizes Luiz Carlos Trabuco as one of the few people who has worked to achieve better business in a wide range of solutions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been recognized in the Brazilian world of business as an innovative individual whose solutions facilitate better business solutions.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also a scholar who loves studying and advancing knowledge. He believes that education is the key to activating better business solutions in a way that does not reflect your entities in a new world order. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also recognized for his education. Luiz Carlos Trabuco graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also a master’s degree holder in the area of Phycology from the University of Sao Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also graduated with the highest honors from the Penteado Foundation University based in Sao Paulo with a Sociology and Politics post-graduate doctorate.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco commenced his career at the age of 18, he envisioned a bank where all operations were seamless towards achieving better business in a manner that is not capacitated in the entity. Luiz Carlos Trabuco also went through a wide range of assignments since he was a senior clerk in the bank. Because he was successful at all the tasks that were handled under his watch, he was chosen to increase in ranks as an official in the bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the few people whose track record of achievements will remain in the history of the bank for a long time to come.

For over 15 years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco achieved better business in a wide range of solutions to develop activated business achievements in a wide range that capacitate solutions. The communication of the bank was modernized and recognized in a close media solution when he was appointed as the new head of the terminal office. For over one decade, he worked to market the company towards massive adoption as the bank that meets the individual needs of the people. Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the CEO and President of Bradesco Bank in 2009.

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Nobody is prouder of the OSI Group’s accomplishments than its CEO Sheldon Lavin. It’s not surprising, considering why. The OSI Group has become one America’s Top 100 Food Companies. Starting back in 1970, when Lavin helped fund the fledgling Otto & Sons that would become eventually the OSI Group, he had no idea of the growth and success the company would see in the future. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois OSI Group has worked diligently to expand its presence and reputation across the globe. With two facilities in the Chicago area, Geneva and Aurora Illinois, Riverside, California, and West Jordan, Utah, Lavin oversees the infrastructure and growth of the company. OSI Group currently employs over 20,000 people worldwide.

In addition, Sheldon Lavin believes safety and quality are top priorities at OSI Group, earning them a hard-earned spot in Forbes 100 America’s Largest Private Companies and Lavin himself landing the Global Visionary Award in 2016. To Lavin though, while the awards are an honor to receive, it’s all about what future holds, not just for him and the company, but the world as a whole. As such, a special emphasis has been placed on sustainability. OSI Group strives to build sustainable, responsible connections with the communities and the locations we all take part in. Keeping in mind the community, financial and ecological factors in all they do, they are always working to advance sustainability and the impact on the locale. These endeavors are implemented worldwide and have been acclaimed by the food industry. “The people who work with us and the quality of our products will always come first. That’s why we’re considered number one by the best leaders in the business. Every day is a new day to prove it.” Levin also adds when mentioning how the OSI Group was able to grow.

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Need a product to sell? Market America Unfranchise has numerous award winning products in their collection. One Market America Unfranchise product that has sold consistently well is Isotonix.

What is Isotonix? Isotonix is the most advanced nutraceutical in the world. Built to be readily absorbed by the human body, Isotonix comes in several powerful formulas. Among the Isotonixformula’s are:

  • Optimal Wellness – Three essential supplements for longevity and health.
  • Essentials Turn Up – Vitamins, minerals and amino acids come together for a mid-day boost.
  • Peak Performance Blend – Powerful antioxidants and vitamins preserves muscles.

Why is Isotonix one of Market America Unfranchise’sbest selling product? The food or supplements that enter your digestive track need to be in isotonic form (liquefied and having the same pressure as other liquids in the body) before they can be properly absorbed. During the time it takes your body to go through this process, most pills and supplements lose their activity and effectiveness.

Market America Unfranchise’sIsotonix is not like the average supplement. It is perfectly balanced and delivers intact nutrients to your body. If you have customers that are interested in health products, make Market America Unfranchise’sIsotonix your choice.

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Goettl air conditioning service is a full home and light commercial HVAC company. They install, repair, and perform maintenance on anything they install. Heating and indoor quality products are two other types of installation and service that they offer. Available too are two types of maintenance plans to keep homes or businesses worry free after installation. The company has expanded into another industry, plumbing and drain service. They named their new extension, “The Sunny Plumber”. All their friendly technicians are subject to a drug test, background check, and are kept up to date on the latest industry changes, and always carry themselves and perform their duties in a professional manner.

They’re location is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the new owner Ken Goodrich, and after buying their competition Moore’s air condition company, they began services in Tucson and Southern California. Goettl has committed themselves, since 1939, in giving each customer excellent service and use only quality parts for their installations. Goettl Air Conditioning Company is BBB certified with an A+ rating, reports Indeed.

Goettl also are there for the community they serve. An example is the installation of a new air conditioning unit for a 75-year-old widow whose unit was broken. According to Arch News, the company installed a new $8500.00 unit, free of charge. And for some customers they have a resource center of help them understand the installation procedure better, along with a blog for all their customers filled with useful information.

The company offers two maintenance plans, one standard and the other is for customers who pay a fee for extra services. GlassDoor review claims, the standard offers its’ customers a great price for their installation, repair and replacement service, five-year warranty on parts, two-year warranty on labor, two tune-ups for the air conditioner and heating system, and emergency service within 48 hours.

For $12.00 you can receive annual maintenance on installations, VIP emergency service, member discounts, and a resource center at their disposal.

A History of Goettl Air Conditioning