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Neurocore brain performance centers take care of patients with a variety of mental issues ranging from depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These are problems that occur after a brain is damaged. Neurocore centers ensure that they go into details looking for the actual trouble the brain is experiencing. They will provide a solution to the brain woes and as time goes by, the damage recedes. Patients are therefore able to go back to their regular routines without any interference.
The electroencephalogram technology is applied to do various assessments to the brain.

Neurologists carry out several diagnostic tests including breathing and heart rate analysis so that they can discover the actual problem ongoing in the brain. Through this scrutiny, a direction is given on the kind of neuro treatment for neurologists to be applied. Usually, it will be a program that will include repetitive and reinforced neurofeedback sessions that focus on training the brain to function efficiently. Neurofeedback sessions use software that screens brainwave frequencies by giving feedback. These brainwaves are trained to be unswerving in optimized ranges. This strategy enables the brain to improve when handling nervous tension, concentration, autism, migraines, sleep, and focus.

At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, they believe that nothing is too hard for them to handle. They correctly note the brain is not as hard as people think it is. A brain can change under an empowered intensive safe program of training it so that the outside factors affecting it become conducive. The overall results achieved are tremendous. This outcome makes patients have an easy time and enjoy relaxation in their identity of a correctly working brain.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers were founded in 2004 to offer mental health services to both adults and children by helping them overcome their brain related problems. This center has specialized in these facilities to become a household name in the neuroscience field. Its popularity has spread in Michigan and Florida where they have nine brain performance centers. They specialize in various sciences which include: neurofeedback, attention testing, autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, electroencephalogram and biofeedback training.

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Eric Lefkofsky helped to co-found Tempus where he is the CEO. Tempus focuses on technology with its main focus zeroing in on the eradication of cancer as a plague to mankind. He is also a co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace that offers discounts to the public. He also helped to co-found Uptake Technologies which is a prominent platform for predictive analytics that is used by the world’s largest industries.

Lefkofsky is also one of the founders of the Chicago Venture Capital firm of Lightbank.

Eric Lefkofsky started his business career by selling carpets when he was in college at the University of Michigan. After he attended law school he became involved in various business ventures as managing partner and was involved in the formation and initial management of several businesses.

In January of 2007 he co-founded and provided initial capital for a company called, which revised the name to Groupon in October of 2009. Through investments by others to the tune of some $30 million and $135 million, Groupon had a valuation of 1.35 billion in August of 2010. According to Forbes, Groupon was then the most rapidly growing company in history.

In February of 2010, Lefkofsky and a partner formed Lightbank, a venture capital company designed to further development of companies in the Chicago, Illinois area.

Mr. Lefkofsky and his wife founded a charitable trust, and it is named the Lefkofsky Foundation. The purpose of the trust is to support charitable educational, and scientific causes and organizations on a worldwide basis. The main focus of the activity of the trust is on children, and to this date the foundation has helped to fund more than 50 organizations.

Lefkofsky sits on several boards of directors in Chicago including Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the famed Museum of Science and Industry.

Lefkofsky is very active in teaching as he has taught Applied Technology at the Graduate School of DePaul University and he has taught an advanced business course at Northwestern University. To know more about him click here.

There is a high demand for real estate houses in Baltimore, due to the ever rising population of young individuals in the area. Due to the high demand of homes in the area, many investors have ventured into the field with the aim of developing better and different real estates to address the needs of the people of Baltimore. There is currently a large number of the apartment as well as condominium options for people to choose from in the fast-rising area. The individuals involved in the development of the region also aim at improving public transportation to ensure the smooth movement of people from town to town.

Improved infrastructure in Baltimore will increase accessibility a well as oversee the smooth operations of people in the area as they can choose to live downtown due to the presence of unique and accessible roads. Though the cost of living is not expected to rise in the city, investors ought to find ways in which they will bring clean as well as classy restaurant closer to the areas that young people reside. By doing so, they will attract a vast number of young individuals that are in high need for suitable housing and access to unique eateries.

Todd Lubar is one of the major contributors to the development of the real estate sector in Baltimore. He has been working in the real estate sector for an extended period, and due to his unique as well as eye-catching designs, Todd has made an excellent reputation for himself. Through his great works of designing houses, Todd has seen the fast-rising and development of many cities, notably Baltimore.

Despite having a lot of experience in the real estate sector, Todd has also worked in the credit and financial industry for an extended period. Due to his vast knowledge in both finance and real estates, Todd is among the most highly sought real estate investors as people trust his advice and implement his thoughts as they believe in his expertise. He also owns a vast number of real estate demolition and development companies in the various parts of the country. Follow his Twitter page to know more.

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OSI Group is one of the most well-known food production companies in the world, and is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. While it has locations in the United States, OSI is global company that is rapidly expanding into new areas and is currently doing business in 17 different countries. Under the guidance of its president, David McDonald, and its CEO Sheldon Lavin, the company is making many new acquisitions. Among these is the recent purchase of Baho Foods, which is a Dutch company that provides food to 18 different European countries. On top of this, OSI Group has purchased Flagship Europe and looks to grow the business with a new expanded capability. The company offers pies, condiments, and frozen poultry to its customers, and is very excited to work with the OSI Group.

While OSI Group is expanding at an impressive pace, expanding internationally is not its single point of focus. The company also looks to increase the quality and range of its offerings to its already existing customer base, and part of its efforts to do so have come in the form of a purchase of a Tyson food plant in Chicago. Something very unique about the company is its care for people in general and its own employees, and when it purchased the Tyson food plant, it offered jobs to a large portion of the hundreds of people who were destined to lose theirs because of the closing of the plant.

OSI Group is a food processing company that offers customized food solutions and high-quality food products for its customers. The company focuses, heavily, on sustainability and taking care of the environment in the communities that it serves. As part of its continued effort to maintain safety and maintain the highest standards with the food it delivers, OSI has begun to install technological monitoring systems in some of its facilities. These systems ensure that the employees who work there follow safety practices and standards set by the company, and that all of the food remains as fresh and nutritious as possible.

OSI Group has always been a company that is ran more like a family rather than a corporate behemoth, and it encourages its employees to take an active part in the company. On top of this, OSI cares greatly about the family members of the people who work for the company, and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, works hard to continue this tradition. The entrepreneurial spirit at OSI has been a hallmark of the company since its humble beginnings, and as an equal opportunity employer, it ensures that all qualified applicants for any job will be considered regardless of national origin, disability, race, gender, or any other factor that is guaranteed by the law.

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Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines have grown into a leader in vinification. The company was started back in 1982 by Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. The soil of the Pacific Northwest is very conducive for agriculture. This lush environment encompasses many different areas in California and Oregon. Jess Jackson had a vision, and his vision was to become successful in this demanding line of work. His children would help out by sorting and picking grapes. Sometimes this would be in extremely hot temperatures, but the hard work has certainly paid off. As of today, the company has gone global and many of the children play an important role on a daily basis.Jess and Barbara’s youngest daughter chipped in on doing the chores with her older siblings. To this very day, Julia and her siblings have remained true to what their parents taught them.

Julia JacksonJulia has done many wonderful things since her birth in 1988. She has attended Stanford University, has worked as a professional model, and she’s even taught sixth-grade French. Julia has stated that her mother is her actual role model. In a business sense, Julia operates in many ways as her mother, and she operates her very own nonprofit organization. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is its name and celebrating the “woman warrior” in today’s society is the game. This organization donates $100,000 a year to other organizations and people who are need.Whether you’re into Merlot, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, Jackson Family Wines has you covered. For over 30 years, this company has been producing top-quality wines at an affordable cost. West Point Chardonnay is great tasting with its lemon zest and hint of honey, while Element Pinot Noir is rich in baking spices and dark cherry. The options are nearly endless. Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines are a match made in heaven.

Lifeline Screening is a medical screening and testing company that offers various diagnostic tests at a fraction of the cost of what would be charged at a hospital or a medical testing facility. We all go through life with various aches and pains, but if something is really a possible problem you should have it checked.

With Lifeline screening you can make a simple appointment, have a screening done and have the results forwarded on to your doctor. These screenings and tests are the same as those that are available in hospitals and medical testing facilities, yet they are less expensive and are able to be given in a more timely fashion.

Screening tests include ultrasound, finger-stick blood tests, and a limited EKG. Ultrasound has the ability to “see” through the skin into the body cavity to get a live view of a person’s vital organs. For example it is possible to see the flow of blood and any indication of potential blockage. Ultrasound can also detect bone density which measures the propensity for osteoporosis.

Tests include a look at the carotid arteries in the neck, the abdominal arteries and the brachial arteries, all testing for any blockage. The Finger-Stick blood test only takes a few drops of blood which can be turned into a full lipid blood panel. This shows the cholesterol levels, such as the HDL and LDL (good and bad cholesterol) so appropriate action can be taken to regulate those levels. Also levels of liver enzymes can be detected to see if there is any liver disease.

A limited EKG can detect atrial fibrillation, or Afib which is an irregular heartbeat. This can cause blood clots that can lead to stroke. All of these test results once completed, can be made readily available to person’s personal doctor.

Getting ready for these screenings is easy and very simple. If you are going to have a blood test, various stages of fasting may apply. Ladies should wear comfortable and loose clothing, preferably slacks and a loose blouse. Gentlemen should wear comfortable trousers and a sports shirt. Screenings may involve lifting up the front of the top, but at no time will a person ever be asked to disrobe.

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Securus Technologies is currently the largest providers of technological solutions to correctional facilities in the United States. The firm has linked up inmates with their loved ones at affordable rates and comfortable people the burden of traveling long distances to see their loved one’s ion various prisons. Through its well-monitored services, Securus Technologies had successfully seen a significant number of correctional facilities increase public safety as well as prison safety as compared to the ancient days when the rates of crime in prisons were high, posing a danger to the general public.The firm has turned out to be the most sought-after technological providers in the correctional units by many people, and a vast number of journalists have gathered information on the various comments made by the firm`s customers regarding their services. Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of the company, has given his thoughts concerning the company’s customer comments and believes that most of their customers are fully satisfied by the firm’s services.

The positive comments that the customers have made are proved of the high value that Securus Technologies places to its customers as well as the firm’s dedication towards offering the best to its clients.Rick Smith insists that the firm has always had a dedication towards building safety to its customers and giving back to the community in general. Securus Technologies looks forward to protecting the general public and gives their customers an opportunity to raise concerns regarding any suspicious activities that take place in the areas which they reside. Besides, Rick insists that the firm has always strived to offer safety to their customers and increase the efficiency of the law enforcer’s efforts towards identifying law offenders.Besides the company providing its services to over two thousand, four hundred and fifty public safety facilities, it also offers its services to over one million, two hundred thousand inmates across the broader parts of North America.

Securus technology recently announced its plan to add a senior sales executive to supplement its highly skilled sales team, to efficiently carry out the firm’s objectives regarding its eight hundred products sales for the law enforcement and correctional facility sector. Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of the company, said that secures technologies has invested over six hundred million dollars in products development and looks forward to gaining safe products to address the various needs of their customers. Rick insists that the vast portfolio will see secures technologies successfully expand their product through transforming their sales team. John Bell, the chief sales executive officer of Securus Technologies, looks forward to establishing a vast number of implementations in the firm, including a close monitoring as well as training of the sales team with the aim of increasing their knowledge of customer requirements.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the few Board Certified Plastic Surgeon female, most sought-after in Austin, Texas and beyond. Her credentials and work has earned her many accolades and esteem certifications within the field of cosmetic plastic surgery and injections, and as a laser specialist.

She started her education in 1990 at the University of Texas, where she received her BA in 1994 with honors, majoring in Biology. From there in 1994 – 1998 she attended the University of Texas receiving her MD in medicine excelling into Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Jennifer Walden continued her studies in at the University of Texas Branch at Galveston where she began her residency in Integrated Plastic Surgery that ended in 2003. Dr. Walden received her Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship in 2004 at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York City.

While in New York City she began her career as a Clinical Instructor of Plastic Surgery in New York University Langone Medical Center for Lenox Hill Hospitals. In July of 2004 Dr. Walden practiced her craft at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in New York until 12/2011. While returning to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in March of 2008, she was named as its’ Aesthetic Surgery Program Director until November of 2011.

In December 2011, Dr. Walden returned to her hometown of Auston, Texas to open her private practice, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, and her own fully accredited practice at the Westlake Medical Center. She is also vested at Seton Hospital, performs surgery at Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls, Texas and via satellite does consulting at her office at Bella Medical Spa., also in Marble Falls, Texas.

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden ‘s skills offer an array of cosmetic and laser procedures: face, breast, body, hair restoration, laser center, radiofrequency treatments, injectables, skin care, and vaginal rejuvenation.


Highland Capital Management, an investment management company, was founded in 1990 by partners Mark Okada and James Dondero when a joint venture was formed with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Based in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management is rapidly expanding with offices spanning globally in London, New York City, São Paul, Seoul, and Singapore.

In the years since its creation, Highland Capital Management has become one of the leading firms in both size and experience in their field. They manage distressed investment funds as well as hedge funds.

When things began to really come together for the partnership in 1997, Mr. Okada and Mr. Dondero bought the stake that Protective Life held in PAMCO and then made Ranger Asset Management, L.P, switching the name in the next year to Highland Capital Management, L.P.

In 2000, under the careful guidance of Mr. Okada and Mr. Dondero, Highland Capital Management made some changes – establishing an investment 40 act platform, and creating their first commingled bank loan fund. In the same year, Highland Capital Management also launched a total return strategy that focused on distressed assets.

In 2004, to increase their expansion of product lines, Highland Capital Management joined in a mutual fund business. Another proof of growth was the opening of an office in Singapore in 2008 and then one in Seoul in 2011.

Highland Capital Management is an independently owned investment firm that has also partnered with other investment companies over the years. They are dedicated to bettering their clients experience with investing as well as protecting and providing safety for their capital.

The Equifax data breach is on everybody’s minds. How can you protect yourself against scammers using your information? First, change your passwords. This is important if you want to make sure that nobody will use your information. If your information has been hacked, changing your password can lock out hackers. Make sure that your passwords are complicated and not easy to figure out. Next, be wary about scammers. You should not believe any person calling your number and claiming to need your private information. To prevent scammers from getting ahold of your information, you should also shred any personal documents before throwing them out.

You should also check your children’s credit reports. Not all children have credit, but if they do, make sure to get them checked. This is because people do not often check them for years and scammers can use information for a long time without being detected.

Tax time is a time you should be especially watchful. You do not want someone with your social security number filing taxes on your name. A good idea is to file taxes early, so you get to it before they do. You should also constantly monitor your bank accounts to make sure that nobody is making unauthorized purchases on your account.

FreedomPlus is a lender that underwrites loans to prime consumers, as well as sub-prime consumers. It is one of the companies in the Freedom Financial Network. They have developed a special process that allows them to provide loans that are low cost and carry a low risk. Freedom Financial Network received a venture capital investment from Vulcan Capital of one hundred and twenty five million dollars, which they used to start FreedomPlus. Their loans are simple with a once a month payment. Loan approval can happen within just two days.

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