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Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves the Aiglemont in France. He also leads the Jamati Institutions. He is responsible for organizing the events for the community for the Ismaili. He additionally serves the Aga Khan Development Network by developing their programs. Located in London, the Institute of Ismaili Studies is trying to help people understand Islam better. They promote the study of the Muslim culture, and they help people in the community improve their relationships with other faiths. The institute additionally helps the residents of the Islami community speak about topics often neglected by conferencing together. This includes subjects such as Shi’ism and Islam.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina graduated at Guy’s Hospital in 1975. He became a dental surgeon and practiced for years in England. As an entrepreneur he is a participant in the efforts pertaining to healthcare. He has served in numerous positions within the Ismaili community including the Aga Khan Development Network Committee, the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum, the United Kingdom’s Ismaili Council and FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International.

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There are many programs offered through the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This includes the three year Ismaili Studies and Humanities Graduate Programme. The program has a goal for every student to have exceptional career opportunities by earning a degree in research. The students study in a university for the last year of the program. Their hope is to earn a Master’s degree pertaining to the program. The Secondary Teacher Education Programme is the second program offered. This program lasts for two years. The aspiring teachers teach students across the globe the secondary curriculum of the Institute.

Shafik Sachedina began working for the Middle East’s presidential representative and Deputy Foreign Minister in 2017. His work additionally involved giving a delegation for Africa’s Mikhail Bogdanov. The topics discussed were the issues currently taking place in the Middle East regarding both Afghanistan and Syria. They believed a solution could be found by talking about the state of terrorism. The idea was this would lead to the development of a negotiating process capable of solving the crisis in Syria caused by the opposition of the Syrian Arab Republic government.

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Atlantic City, NJ is going through some economic changes right now, and those changes are a downsizing of its casino properties and replacing them with new businesses and housing. Boraie Development, the company that’s starting to take the lead on the city’s housing restocking says Atlantic City is full of buildings that haven’t been updated in over 40 years. The people that Boraie Development want to serve at their housing properties are a diverse group, but they realize the millennial workforce is the one they need to keep in town and they have certain preferences for housing amenities. Boraie Development is constructing a unit they hope will bring in many such tenants with its on-site pool, gym, lounge areas and proximity to the beach, and hence why the property is named the Beach at South Inlet.


According to NY Times, it’s not only Atlantic City that’s getting a facelift in its residential properties; Boraie Development has been responsible for a rebirth of business activity in downtown New Brunswick. The city had a high crime rate before the founding of Boraie Development and most people thought it was lost at one point. Omar Boraie, a chemistry professor at Rutgers University knew the best way to bring business back to the city was to start tearing down abandoned buildings in its center and replacing them with brand new ones. He officially started his company and started financing his real estate construction projects in the 1980s, and by 1988 his first big development on Albany Street was finished. This tower, an 8-story building started bringing city administrative activities to the area, shopping outlets and various firms to the area. A second building went up in 2003 and soon the Albany Street area was booming. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Boraie Development’s housing began when Omar Boraie decided to try building a high-rise building modeled after those in the Burroughs of New York City on Spring Street. Most people said the demand in New Brunswick simply did not meet such a project and doubted this property would make return S on investment. But once again Boraie Development proved their critics wrong, and this Spring Street property was filled in a very short time. Omar Boraie and his son Sam, who currently serves as company vice president were asked what made their company so successful in its property developments. Their answer was being willing to take big risks and not being deterred by the naysayers. They also said they got started because when Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey’s largest healthcare provider decided to stay in the city, they knew there was a chance it could be revitalized.



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Dr. Mark McKenna grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Seeing as his father was a doctor he decided to pursue the same occupation. His medical degree was earned at the Tulane University School of Medicine. He entered his father’s practice while continuing to operate a real estate company he had founded while studying at Tulane, McKenna Venture Investments. Between Hurricane Katrina destroying many of his properties and observing the residential real estate market enter bubble territory, though, he decided to shut this company down and pursue medicine fulltime.

In November 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in part because his girlfriend had moved there.

Dr. Mark McKenna hit on an idea to disrupt the health and wellness industry. He founded OVME and is now its chief executive officer. His company will be launching an app that allows people to bring a doctor to them to perform nonsurgical procedures in order to look and feel better. He has said that he wants to shake the industry up and allow people a far more convenient way of accessing services like this rather than the traditional way of making an appointment and trudging to some office.

Dr. Mark McKenna is married and they have a child as well as a pet dog. He has said that he loves to read books and does so whenever his schedule permits. He regards books as having tons of knowledge that is just waiting to be released in any type of subject imaginable. Many of the books he reads are outside the medical field, he says, so that he broadens his horizons and can grow as a person.

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Being able to see a therapist is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The reason for this is because it can help you to overcome all of the problems that are often associated with mental health. While many people swear by visiting their local therapist, it is not uncommon for a person to forgo therapy because of the inconvenience and price. If you don’t have insurance, going to see a therapist once or even twice a week can be downright expensive. This is why it is a good idea to give Talkspace a try for yourself.

The reason Talkspace is so popular is because it helps you to text and message your therapist regularly so that you’re able to get the help that you need. The reason Talkspace was created in the first place was because it is a great way for you to feel confident in the fact that you have a professional you can talk to whenever you need and want. You will love that Talkspace is an app that you can download and use for yourself without the issues that come with trying to go and see a regular therapist each and every week. Follow Talkspace on Twitter.

Plus, Talkspace only costs a few dollars per day and gives you nonstop access to your new therapist. Therapists are licensed and experienced, so you know you’re talking to someone who is able to help as much as they possibly can. Because of all of the work that has been put into Talkspace, it is no wonder that so many people have chosen this option and are ditching their local therapists so that they are able to receive the help that they need and are able to get themselves back on track when it concerns their mental health and well-being.

Spectators and news readers may have been confused by Betsy DeVos’s seemingly meek response to losing the battle for the transgender bathroom rights. Donald Trump had called for the cancellation of the right that the Obama Administration had put in place during his reign. DeVos fought hard against the passing of the new law to rescind the former law. However, the president chose to side with the Attorney General and religious leaders to rescind those rights. DeVos politely announced to the Education Department’s representative of gay and transgender employees that Trump was going to rescind the rights. Later, in a political conference, DeVos announced that the Obama Administration had gone too far. She used the term overreached, which was a polite way of saying that they overstepped.


DeVos didn’t even mention how hard she fought to keep the laws intact. In fact, she didn’t even let on that any rift existed within the Trump Administration. The truth is that she lobbied hard not to sign off on the new law, but the pressure was strong from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has decades of experience in politics. Sessions would not compromise at all.


Many people are mistaking Betsy DeVos’s meekness in her public speech for an overall timidity. But people who know of her past know of her as one of the most aggressive people around. She has a public grace that makes people think that she is an easy target, but she is actually a force to be reckoned with. She is a strong advocate of public vouchers and providing benefits for the underprivileged student community. She is also a huge contributor to the Republican party, as is her husband, Dick. She is a firm advocate of private schools and private schooling opportunities and has been pushing against the public school system for many years. She doesn’t always win, but she gives every fight that she’s involved in the very best of herself. Her strength and reputation will grow as she works hard for the community.


This loss with the transgender bathroom rights was only a minor setback. Betsy DeVos will continue to advocate for the underprivileged, and she will continue to try to make changes in the world that make a difference. Furthermore, her wisdom and experience will grow, and she will learn more as she holds this position. Many people in Washington didn’t think she was going to make it, but she did. She will probably be a much stronger figure when something like this comes along again. Learn more:


Besty and Dick DeVos are a power couple who both belong to massively wealthy families. They use their funds to donate to causes that can help children and other people who can’t help themselves. The DeVos’s have donated to hospitals, education sites, charter schools and more. They’ve also opened up schools and structures of their own. They’re an amazing team in that they have a unified focus, but they are still confident enough to do things separately, as well.