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A recent Medical Daily Times special feature article details some of the award winning Sussex Healthcare company’s accomplishments over the past 25 years since the company opened its very first elder care home. Now, this inspirational healthcare organization boasts 20 similar residential facilities for seniors and disabled adults. This healthcare provider has maintained its firm commitment to daily provide patients in their care with the very best care available.

To continue this wonderful tradition, Sussex Healthcare is again looking for compassionate individuals able to fill their new job openings. By only hiring the very best candidates out of the job pool, this corporation will likely continue to deliver stellar patient care and phenomenal customer service.

Many people in the UK are completely unaware of the beauty that each Sussex Healthcare senior living home boasts. The gorgeous outdoor landscaping complete with triumphant bursts of colorful flowers and lush green vegetation perfectly complements the inside of these charming facilities which are equally spectacular. If people think that the interiors of these Sussex Healthcare buildings resemble other hospital or nursing home settings, they are then happily surprised when they discover the elegant interior design of each wonderfully unique homelike facility.

The opportunity to have a rewarding career with extensive and impressive employee benefit options can become a reality if someone is hired at a Sussex Healthcare location. All of the outstanding employees are treated like true family members of this close knit team of exceptional healthcare workers. Many nonclinical job positions are also now available. These jobs likely won’t be open for long, so interested parties should jump on this magnificent career opportunity. The company promises a better than competitively matched salary, free employee transportation services, employee meals and sensational pension options. From laundry services to the top of the administrative chain of command, all of the employees working at Sussex Healthcare share the common goal of delivering the finest patient care and old fashioned but still relevant customer services that many in the community have long depended on.

Most jobs in healthcare these days are stressful environments where the employees feel less than respected by their superiors and other coworkers. The big differences in a Sussex Healthcare environment are part of the reasons why employees tend to stay with this famed company. Find out more enthralling information regarding work conditions and employee benefits by searching the employer website that lists current jobs.

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Louis Chenevert is an entrepreneur, chairman and chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Louis joined the company in 2006, and since then, he has served different roles in the company. He first worked as the chief operating officer and a director of the company before he was appointed as the chief executive officer in 2008. In 2010, Mr. Chenevert took up the role as the chairman of the company.

Louis Chenevert holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, production and management option from the University of Montreal. Chenevert has spent his career bringing ideas into life. He focuses on operational talent and engineering expertise to make ideas become a reality. Technology trends have been the most exciting factor to Louis and the United Technology Corporation at large. He believes that technology is advancing at a crazy speed that can accelerate the momentum of the UTC into the near future.

Before joining United Technologies, Louis also worked in other companies. His career journey started at General Motors where he served as the general production manager at General Motors St. Therese operation for 14 years. In 1999, he worked as the president of Pratt & Whitney. He worked tirelessly to ensure success in both companies. He is a board member of the US-India, CEO Forum and a member of the executive committees of business roundtable, where he heads the tax and fiscal policy committee. He chairs the Yale cancer center advisory board and also serves as a board of director for Cargill. Mr. Louis was recognized as a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2015.

In an interview, he stated that passion, focus, relentless follow up, being optimistic and investing had been the key habits that have made him productive as an entrepreneur. He had unique strategies that helped him in growing his business. He has always found a way to eliminate roadblocks that may stand between his success. Louis Chenevert advises entrepreneurs to think big and surround themselves with winners and successful people who motivate them to work harder. He also urges startups to get the right team with vision and can help in overcoming obstacles.

It isn’t easy to get into the world of forex and it’s even harder to reach the point that you’re actually a roaring success. Jordan Lindsey has done this exact thing. He’s managed to reach the top of the forex world with the help of MetaTrader 4 and his highly successful algorithm. This algorithm allowed him to create a fairly massive fortune for himself and he isn’t even finished. We’re going to certainly see a lot more from Lindsey and we’ll se his algorithm spread around the various finance circles as more investors realize just how potent it really is.

Jordan Lindsey has proven himself to be more than a wise investor. He has actually created a framework that can allow anyone who wants to become an investor to get into the world by themselves. Particularly, he has focused on creating algorithms that allow investors to find the most lucrative deals in forex trading at any given moment. The success of this algorithm is making forex trading much more accessible for those who previously were only able to observe the world from the outside in. They now have as way to enter and take the prizes awaiting them.

There are so many reasons to like what Jordan Lindsey seems to be doing with forex trading and his devotion to improving the platforms used for online forex trading. If we continue to see more people follow in his footsteps, forex might just be elevated into a similar status as stocks and bonds. It has the potential to become one of the basic investments people turn to when they decide they want to prepare for their retirement. Foreign currencies are constantly changing in value and their true worth can often be radically different based on political and economic conditions. Jordan Lindsey has focused on trying to find a way to overcome this and give people a clear way to succeed. So far everyone who has used his algorithms find themselves perfectly able to come out on top. That’s not something you can always say in the world financial investments and currency trading.

Can you name over 10 different brands of bottled water? Do you drink tap water? Did you know that tap water isn’t as safe as it is made out to be? The truth about tap water is that it is full of chemicals. Though these chemicals are put in place for cleaning the water, the chemicals do just the opposite if you’re consuming this stuff for a considerable amount of time. Did you know that bottled water is one of the top-selling beverages in society today? Bottled water brings in billions of dollars per year and the numbers have been growing stronger with each passing year. One of the drawbacks to bottled water comes from the actual plastic bottles. Last year, over 50 billion plastic bottles were used for drinking water, but 38 billion plastic bottles were found rotting away in the environment.

You don’t have to be a mathematics genius to see the discrepancy. This means that only 23 percent of the plastic bottles were actually recycled. These pollutants are aggressively damaging the environment at a slow rate. On the other hand, there is a bottled-water brand that is making a huge difference. Waiakea Volcanic water is at the top of its game thanks to its many benefits. This brand has only been in business since 2012, but it has helped to revolutionize the game. Waiakea has taken the first step by producing the world’s first degradable bottle. Yes, this is fully degradable to the highest degree. The bottles will degrade in an estimated 15 years because the average plastic bottle is stated to degrade in about 1,000 years.

Waiakea also donates water to the less fortunate on a regular basis to the people of Malawi. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Waiakea is a Hawaiian-based company. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what this phenomenal company has done and more great things are in store for the years to come.

From humble beginnings to a renowned writer, Adam Milstein is an Israel- American born in Haifa, Israel. As a requirement, he joined the Israel Defense Force, which actively made him be of service to Israel in the year 1971. And this would act as affirm stepping stone for his future.


It is at this point that Adam Milstein got the opportunity to work as a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. The urge to make a difference made him desire to leave a legacy behind which has a permanent positive impact on people. Through conversations with friend and personal convictions, he thought of being a philanthropist as a solution to his urge to make a difference. As a result, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila formed a foundation namely Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation which aims to make a difference to young people with the Jewish root. It assists in financial and moral support primarily through education and entrepreneurship. He being a writer only supports his work to ensure the strengthening of the Jewish people.


The Times of Israel is an online newspaper that was founded in 2012 to write things related to the Jewish community. The founder and David Horowitz, a journalist and editor, aimed to inform and create a platform for people to connect and contribute. Adam Milstein joined the team of bloggers in the newspaper to make the Jewish community feel at home and be informed at the same time. It also created a channel for him to be expressive in words.

This is evident in his latest article, “Diaspora Jews will rise to meet our challenges with Israel at our hearts”, where he talks of current issues facing Israel and how the people who are passionate of their Jewish culture will shape Israel even though currently they are in Diaspora.

The American Institute of Architects is headquartered in Washington, DC, has 90,000 members with 300 chapters and its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, appointed in February, 2011, is Robert Ivy.

Mr. Ivy has a vision of architecture that not only includes how a building appeals aesthetically, but how the building makes humans who live and work in them feel by designing structures that allow for plenty of natural light and encourages walking instead of using elevators and escalators which isn’t only good exercise but also saves electricity. Robert is steering the AIA toward encouraging architects to integrate public health into their designs to include the physical and mental health of people and also the environment.

Sustainability is the direction Robert Ivy sees architecture going by designing buildings that incorporate eco-friendly features as well as constructing buildings that can withstand extreme weather events and earthquakes.

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Ivy recognizes that younger architects are including socially enlightened ideas into their designs that take into account diversity of populations and health. The choice of everything from where to build to the materials used in the construction of a structure should be taken into consideration in order to provide healthy structures as well as choosing materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. And a healthy building includes providing for people spiritually and psychically. For example, Seattle Children’s Hospital recently expanded and the architects incorporated Biophilia, the idea that humans tend to seek connections with nature, into the design by providing views of Puget Sound and colorful artwork and murals representing the Northwest’s natural views and calm landscapes.

Collaborating with other professionals is important in Mr. Ivy’s vision since he feels nothing happens in isolation and that teams of people have to be coordinated in order to make the designs of healthy buildings work for the mind and the body.

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that was established back in 1857 by 13 architects as a professional body to register architects. The institute was also formed as part of the architecture design developments to help in the education of architects and government advocacy among other uses. Moreover, with the selection of Robert Ivy as the CEO, he has also incorporated other sectors in the organization where he has strongly advocated for the architecture that promotes health. In addition, the AIA has since adopted in its profession a fusion between architecture and the health fraternity for the well-being of the inhabitants of the buildings

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     The Fagali’l airport has made some advancements over the years that has allowed it to become a current success. A very small airport it is indeed, located just a few minutes from Apia, the Fagali’l airport has managed to fly out over 300 flights a month to destinations going to just Savai’i and Pago Pago.

Starting in the beginning, the Fagali’l airport would unfortunately use a grass landing strip to land their planes. During the time when their grass landing strip was in use, pavemented landing strips were common and so ownership knew that it was time for an upgrade, not only because of pavement being common at the time, but because of performance matters of planes on grass landing strip that were related. The landing strip was upgraded.

The upgrade would serve the airport well until issues with noise levels would arise. The village of Fagali’l could not bear the noise vibrations that would result from the pavement and so the airport would shut its doors from business due to noise hazardous conditions. It was later when the Fagali’l airport would make the necessary adjustments, receive inspections and pass them to be able to open its doors again.

Once Fagali’l airport opens its doors it would become a new and improved airport. Not only was the airport able to land on pavement, but they would add on a new flight destination. Before opening its doors, the Fagali’l airport would only serve flights going to and from Savai’i. After opening its doors, a new to and from flight destination would become available – Pago Pago. This addition would definitely add more customers to the mix in a broader realm of the world.

Unfortunately, although the Fagali’l airport made advancements with their flight destination list, they would fail with accomodations. Customers would lack adequate transportation from the airport and this would cause customers to find another airport to land at. The Fagali’l airport made an investment to increase their destination list, but with a decrease in customers due to accommodation factors, this investment wouldn’t be very intelligent. Measures were considered and actions were taken. The Fagali’l airport would soon later entail buses, cabs, shuttles and rental car services and so customers would return and business would thrive as expected.

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