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David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group located in Miami. Davos Financial Group (DFG) is a financial advisory group of independent companies. Under his leadership, DFG has managed to have an increase in national income levels. The company has also managed to expand into the international market and has set up offices in New York, Geneva, Lisbon and Panama City.

David Osio graduated as a lawyer in 1988 from Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. In 2010, he studied Management Investment Portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance. He has worked as a Director in the Legal Desk MGO IN Venezuela. He has given legal advice to multinationals such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro. He was also the vice president of Banco Latino International in Miami from 1989-1993.

David has focused most of his efforts in the establishment of a comprehensive financial service firm that offers customized services aimed at meeting and satisfying every client’s demands. Therefore, David is able to guarantee the best quality services, an investment platform for all clients and above all confidentiality. His professionalism has enabled DFG to be considered a leading financial service provider.

David’s views on the falling oil prices that threatened the payment of external debt in Venezuela proved his immense economic reasoning capacity. David said that the oil industry has caused a liquidity crisis in dollars that brought about the collapse of the country’s economy. This is because Venezuela’s political and economic systems don’t allow for flexibility and adjusting of the economy before external shocks.

David further says that this decline in the economic level brings about a negative spiral that affects domestic production. Therefore, the macroeconomic impact of the falling oil prices tends to be higher. David argued that the government measures to cut on imports and borrowing funds from China have not been enough to offset the illiquidity of dollars in Venezuela.

David Osio also commented on the dissatisfaction of the Chinese government towards Venezuela’s economic measures. David stated that Venezuela’s concentration on short and medium debts while not considering the high rates is the major problem. He concludes by saying that Venezuela is a country with too much potential that can achieve economic and political stability easily in the short term and that the huge losses in the industrial sector would require a lot of investments to recover.

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