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Wessex journals found in the UK are published by the WITpress. They mainly focus in the field of science and technology. They currently have five types of journals that get distributed in the UK, Mexico, USA and the rest of the world. They are meant to help the learners in their various research-related courses. The journals are available both on digit and print form. Their mode of publication varies, but mostly the publication is done quarterly and bimonthly. The advantage of the soft copies is that they have the option of download. The knowledge is thus passed quickly to all in the sector.


According to, other services they offer is the editorial, publication and the marketing of various personal journal. It is meant to see that they solve the problems concerned with one having paper created. The organization further ensures it helps in the marketing of the journals in a wide area. They also ensure the articles are available online. Their large experience of over that 30years makes them produce quality papers it thus gains global perception.


Surely this is an organization meant to get far with their well-trained workforce. With its current CEO, David S Anderson knowledge in the industry will further make it more will act to answer most questions regarding the field.

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