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Ara Chackerian is a businessperson from San Francisco California who has earned a brand in the business world and in the activities involved in giving back to the community. A lot of work done by Chackerian is aimed at helping the community. He has spent most of his working years in the healthcare sector with an experience of many decades making a connection between health services and technology. In the Bay area, Chackerian participates in various board sittings. Besides healthcare, Chackerian has an interest in youth development and environmental conservation activities. An example of the environmental events that he is involved in is the Limonapa Teak farm in Nicaragua. Limonapa applies the agricultural activities, which are friendly to the environment.


Additionally, these activities are aimed at enhancing instead of spoiling the environment. Besides conserving the environment, the farm is a source of hundreds of good-paying employment opportunities for the people living in the locality. Checkout their twitter account for more info.

The businessperson has a new venture called TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian points out that he together with his business partner for a long time felt the need to use their expertise in another way. They thought of coming up with radiology centers for outpatient diagnosis in other areas of the health sector. He adds that it took them ten years to set up a chain of these centers in the Northern part of California. Chackerian admits that one of their provider partners of a long time advised them to scrutinize the space meant for outpatient psychiatry. By extension, the partner emphasized that there was a need to have a well-equipped center for treating trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, a type of depressive disorder.  You can visit to see more.

Ara Chackerian is General Partner of Limonapa Teak, which based in San Fransisco, California in the United States of America. He is also a Director of TMS Health since 2016. He founded Embion/Provider Links and BMC Diagnostics. Other companies he sat in the Board of Directors include Nor Luce since 2010 and PipelineRx from 2010 where he was also the Chairman. Chackerian studied in the Florida University where he earned a degree in marketing and business management in 1991.




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