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The growth of OSI Group since its inception in 1909, has been phenomenal and impressive, to say the least. Over the last century, OSI Industries has not only grown in size but has also grown to command prime locations all over the world. Today, OSI is to the food industry what Apple is to the technology industry. With a dominating presence in 17 countries and 65 facilities spread all over the world, OSI group is at the helm of the international food industry.

OSI group Philosophy

Of much essence, is the company’s commitment to innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technology. OSI’s philosophy is centered on customer service and all efforts are directed towards improving customer experience, and that means improving operations. Consequently, OSI group has always had a high appetite for food technology such as cryogenic food processing. This notwithstanding, the food company has also made strategic partnerships and acquisitions in a bid to improve their services and conveniently target more customers.

Joint ventures & acquisitions

The rapid growth of OSI Industries has been largely fueled by striking partnerships with equally established companies and also purchasing some of them. In a bid to widen its clientele base in Europe, OSI purchased Flagship Europe and rebranded it to Creative Foods Europe. Following the acquisition, OSI is now in a better place to meet the ever-rising demand of their meat products in the European Region.

Additionally OSI purchased a majority stake in Baho Food. Baho is one of the biggest meat providers in the Netherlands and also operates in Germany. With the acquisition of Dutch’s Baho Foods, and U.K.’s Flagship Europe, OSI added Germany’s Hynek Schlachthof GmbH in their portfolio. These acquisitions do not only represent the financial growth of OSI but are also symbolic of OSI’s vision of being the top global food provider.

More about OSI Industries

OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Otto was a German immigrant living in Oak Park, Chicago where he started a small butchery to serve the members of the Chicago community. Kolschowsky made good of his business and had grown the butchery to become a meat supplier by the time his two sons took over.

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Many people enjoy the coffee beverage in the morning as a way to start off their day. It has become a common beverage that you won’t miss as a menu item in many of the cafes and coffee shops in town. The caffeine contained in the coffee is what makes people like and enjoy taking coffee as a beverage, but the caffeine has some health effects in return like lack of sleep, addiction, dehydration, and causes anxiety.

Organo Gold Coffee is a type of unique coffee that contain caffeine but whose level is lower than in other brands of coffee. Furthermore, Organo coffee includes ingredients that are good to health and has a delicious flavor making in preferable to other brands.

Organo Gold Coffee brand is a product of the global company called Organo which was founded in 2008 and has its bases in British Columbia, Richmond, and Canada. The company is the producer of the Organo Gold Coffee which contains an ancient Chinese mushroom or fungus with the scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum.

It is this ingredient that has provided Organo Gold Coffee the property of promoting health. It is said that the drink promotes health in the following ways:
• It helps in losing weight
• It boosts the immunity system
• It increases the energy levels
• It provides antioxidants to the body
• It rejuvenates new tissues
• It enhances brain function

Ganoderma Lucidum is not the only ingredient but also the Arabica coffee beans from Brazil are components of this delicious coffee. Organo Gold Coffee does not contain fillers like other brands. The regular coffee you always consume does not contain such ingredients of high health benefits. This is why you ought to have a cup of Organo Gold Coffee as you a regular beverage for it is of great importance to your health.

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Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913 in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire. He worked as a broadcaster, journalist, and author. He spent his childhood days in Ayrshire, Troon. In his early teenage years, he relocated to Glasgow and enrolled in Glasgow High School. At the age of sixteen, Borthwick left high school and secured employment with the Glasgow Herald as a telephone boy. His primary included recording information from field journalists, who called to deliver the news. After working for quite sometimes, Borthwick was deployed to work in the Glasgow Weekly Herald. He joined a team of five editors who were responsible for several editions including the Children’s Page, the Readers’ Letters, Women’s Page, and the Film Reviews page.

Alastair Borthwick was one of the most inspiring writers of the time. His unconventional storytelling approaches became very popular with lovers of adventure, especially rock climbers and hitchhikers. His role as the editor of Open Air”, a page which featured the then prestigious outdoor games in Glasgow aroused his interest in storytelling. To collect materials for his page, Alastair Borthwick had to venture out in the Glasgow hillsides and mountains. Eventually, he developed a great love for the adventurous games.

Borthwick’s first book, “Always a Little Further,” was a collection of the articles he had written for the “Open Air” page of the Glasgow Herald. It is noteworthy that by the time Borthwick was writing the book, there was a radical cultural shift on the place of mountaineering and rock climbing as a game for the affluent. “Always a Little Further” incorporated the elements of this cultural change in its storyline and approach. Therefore unlike the works of that time, Borthwick’s novel glorified a domestic account of mountaineering and rock climbing. In this perspective, the story focused more on the outgoing hitchhiker, who did not belong to the affluent society. His work was a great motivation to the working class and the unemployed of Clydebank and Glasgow.

Alastair Borthwick has also authored a second novel by the title, “Battalion: a British Infantry Unit’s Actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945.” The book is a story of his experiences as a soldier during the Second World War. The story details his war experiences in Belgium, North Africa, Holland, and France among other places. Borthwick died in 2003, at a nursing home in Beith.

When the name Doe Deere is mentioned, those with fashion awareness instantly recognize the entrepreneur who brought us the cosmetics brand Lime Crime. As an immigrant success story, this force of nature arrived in the U.S. with only a work ethic and desire to make her mark. After an initial struggle, she made her first big splash in the music industry as a rock-and-roll darling.

In 2008, Ms. Deere launched what is now the iconic cosmetics label Lime Crime. With its vibrant color palette and finishes ranging from matte to hyper-metallic, Lime Crime revolutionized makeup. Powerful colors and formulations notwithstanding, this line of makeup has a social conscience at its core. Always certified vegan and cruelty-free, Doe Deere maintained high standards in manufacturing while growing her powerhouse company, and her loyal following has shown their appreciation.

Never one to rest on past laurels, Ms. Deere has joined with her husband and sister to originate a new jewelry line called Poppy Angeloff. This line features a series of rings which suit petite hands and are reminiscent of Victorian embellishments, but with a modern twist. Featured prominently is the pansy, a colorful, sassy-faced blossom. The gems are ethically sourced and feature colorful emeralds, rubies, and other high impact stones, set in 10 K gold or sterling silver. Made in America, even the ring boxes are unique, resembling Victorian (vegan) velvet hat boxes.

With a new daughter, Doe Deere has come full circle both personally and professionally. Considering her daughter’s future and the world she will occupy, it becomes abundantly clear that a commitment to a healthy environment and kindness in the business world is well worth any sacrifice. Those who are devotees of the Lime Crime makeup line and those who are the first to wear Poppy Angeloff jewelry, can feel good about their choices.

In a recent interview Alex Pall did with Interview Magazine, he talked about all the things that went into making The Chainsmokers one of the top bands on the charts. He talked a lot about the band and the way the band started. He also talked about what he did to get where he’s at. Even though it hasn’t always been an easy road for Alex Pall, he knows there are things he can do that might make the road easier in the future. He also knows there will be opportunities he can take advantage of that will help make the band the best it can be. Alex Pall also talked about how the charts are different from what they once were as well as what helped his band get where it is.

Music charts are always changing and that’s something artists have to keep in mind. When people are in a band, they have to make sure they’re always on track with the latest trends. No matter how good the music is, if it doesn’t align with all the things going on in the pop world, it won’t get good reviews. It certainly won’t make it onto the charts and that can be a problem for the artists. Alex Pall knows this and that’s why he focuses on the DJ-style music that is so popular on the charts right now. He wants to make sure his music stays relevant no matter what cool options people have.

There are things that can change the way a band plays music. Alex Pall knows this and knows The Chainsmokers need to make sure they’re doing the right thing. When Alex Pall and his partner team up to make songs, they know just what to do. They make their sound slightly different from what people are accustomed to hearing. Then, they put their own spin on it. It helps them connect with audiences and gives them a chance to try out different things. Since they started, they’ve been doing this and it helps their music stay similar but better than what other people do.

People are very busy with their lives and activities, and they do not have a single minute to take a break. With so many deadlines to meet, people are struggling to make ends meet and forgetting to stop for a minute and have a break. In addition to this, these people must meet the demand of their social lives. All these can be so hard to handle for adults and more difficult for children undergoing the same situations. All these can lead to a negative behavior on a frequent basis. Moreover, this can cause trouble when sleeping at night as well as loss of focus in school for children. Besides, children can have frequent fits of crying and screaming and temper tantrums. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore is an organization that deals with the activities of the brain as well as its disorders. Rochelle Finntelman is a physician who works with Neurocore and treats patients who have sleep issues, stress, migraine headaches, as well as the inability to focus. The organization uses biofeedback to treat these disorders. Biofeedback involves training the patient on how to breathe deeply. In addition to this, Neurocore uses neurofeedback to treat patients who have altered brain waves using technology. This kind of treatment is perfect for adults, athletes and even children. At Neurocore, they have to assess the patient to understand where the patient needs begin before putting the patient under any treatment. The patient breathing is monitored using a belt. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Moreover, a cap is placed on the head of the patient. This cap helps the physician to read the brain waves of the patient through some sensors. All this time, the patient is seated on a chair and relaxing. The next session of treatment includes neurofeedback. At this stage, the patient takes both the cap and the belt to monitor the brain waves. The patient has to m-concentrate on their heart rate and their breathing to make sure both are in sync with their focus. This allows the patient to breathe more effectively thus, making the bloodstream to receive more oxygen. This in return, makes the brain and the heart to receive more oxygen, and they start to function better too.


Even though Brazil isn’t a tourism-dependent state, this activity represents an essential sector in the Brazilian economy hence the development of the country. Contemporary tourism in Brazil has vastly contributed to the shaping of the country. Thanks to Guilherme Paulus, the co-founder of CVC Brasil, tourists can access affordable travel packages.

Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC in 1972. It’s a prestigious tour operating agency born in Sao Paulo. The company transformed a boutique firm to one of Latin America’s largest operator. It is considered a top retail agency in Brazil and the surrounding. The success of the company is rooted in the revolutionary leadership of Guilherme Paulus. Paulus grew in Sao Paulo. He majored in Business Administration and started working at the tourism sector when he was 24. When he co-founded CVC, he had just met Vicente Cerchiari who financed the business. Guilherme Paulus ensured that the company achieved prominence not only in Brazil but neighboring countries. He applied his natural gift to establish a vast array of travel packages that exceeded the conventional competition.

In 2009, Guilherme Paulus consulted a global investment expert to help him gain prominence. The business started its trade shares as a publicly traded company by joining the stock exchange in 2013. Currently, CVC Brasil garners about $5.2 billion every year. It’s still on the verge of expansion through high-profit margins. The staff plans to open approximately 100 branches in various stores every year. Passionate Brazilian travelers can find these branches in about 400 shopping malls across the country.

Moreover, consumers in the country have access to about 130 commercial galleries as well as hypermarkets. Paulus is still determined to expand his tour company across Latin America and open more branches in less populated cities. He believes that creating new niches will open more opportunities for his business. With the assistance of Omni Channel, a marketing concept, Paulus is exploring the opportunity to incorporate online vendors who leverage their services through physical stores. CVC Brasil offers its packages at affordable prices for all families regardless of their income levels. Thanks to Guilherme’s leadership skills, the company has expanded its operations to more than one city.

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Judging from his simple demeanor, it is easy to dismiss Ryan Seacrest as any other ordinary man in a suit. However, behind this simple looking man, is a focused, ambitious and successful man. For instance, he is the fuel that drives epic TV series such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and since 2002; he has been gracing our silver screens as being the sole host of the renowned American Idol show.

Ryan Seacrest has also hosted a long string of TV and radio shows such as Live with Kelly and Ryan, On air with Ryan and now, he recently moved from Los Angeles to New York to host Live with Kelly Ripa morning show. Outside his career, Ryan also owns a fashion line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction and a skincare company branded as Polish. He is also the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit platform that he established to help better the lives of the younger generation through entertainment and education based programs.

But how does he juggle all this? Surprisingly, he quite simply does that. In a recent tell-it-all article on the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest revealed that he doesn’t wake up early in the morning like many would expect. Instead, he begins his day at six in the morning, jumps in the shower, shaves, takes a cup of matcha tea and a cup of coffee before watching a bit of television, and then leaving for work.

He also revealed that instead of driving, he takes a car, so he can use his commuting time to read. In the past, he wouldn’t let people know that he works out during business hours, but now, he no longer sees the need to keep it a secret as he realized that to be fruitful, he needed to be physically fit. Ryan recently began boxing and loves running in the park instead of the treadmill. One habit that he learned as vital in the business world is saying Yes or Got it.

That because; people love positive responses. Due to an attention deficit disorder, Ryan Seacrest has had to learn to keep his phone away, and as a matter of fact, locks it in a safe while he is on a trip so he can focus. He is a massive foodie but is mostly vegan. Ryan Seacrest is a believer in keeping it easy, and believes that if people think what he’s doing looks easy then he’s doing it right.

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A native of Michigan, Clayton Hutson had an interest in music since childhood. He attended Central Michigan University, where he earned a Degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He later earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan.

While in school he worked a variety of events in the theatrical department. And after graduation, he worked for several entertainment companies. He did everything from driving equipment vehicles, handled lighting, setting up equipment, working audio equipment and much, much more. Hutson saw the impact on his employer after the last recession, and decided it was a good time to step out on faith and launch his own company. He acknowledges his previous employment experiences gave him the knowledge base and marketable skills he needed to start his own company.

Clayton Hutson believes his hard work, diligence and attention to details are the primary keys to his success. He says, he has learned to triple check all of his work. The is no room for mistakes. He has learned during his career, that within the entertainment industry, your reputation means everything. One bad experience can tarnish your name and reputation forever. He feels when your name is attached to a product or experience the end result must be perfect.

Another key to Clayton Hutson’s success is, he surrounds himself with skilled people in whom he can trust. This makes delegating tasks to his crew much easier and allows more time for him to focus his attention on more important responsibilities.

Clayton Hutson currently resides in Nashville, TN. Here he is an extremely successful entrepreneur. He specializes in event production management, sound engineering, tour producing, stage managing and more. He has now been in the music industry for over 20 years.

He has produced shows for many musical icons, such as Pink, Lady Gaga, Halsey, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock and Gun N’ Roses.

When asked, what advice he would give to his younger self?, Clayton answered, “ I would tell myself to prioritize my family before anyone or anything else. Additionally, I’d encourage myself to evaluate every situation with complete honesty.”

Clayton Hutson recommends everyone reads Richard Carlson’s “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff.” He is inspired by his favorite quotes come from Vince Lombardi, Thomas Jefferson and W.C. Fields.

You can read more about Clayton Hutson’s accomplishments, beliefs and success in his recent interview with Brotalk,

Robert Deignan is a successful businessman in the technology industry. He is one of the people who has made a huge difference in the industry by coming up with solutions that solve the technical needs of the industry. Technology is fast evolving, and it is, therefore, becoming hard for people to deal with the new ideas of the latest technology. When the going gets tough, the only option is to seek assistance from people who have knowledge about the industry. It is the needs of the people who are in the industry which have made Deignan want to create a company that will give people the solutions.

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. This is one of the companies that is offering the best digital solutions today. The company was established at the beginning of this decade and has been doing very well. Deignan created it in such a way that customers can get almost every service they need under one shop. They have solutions to almost any tech-related problem. Whether it is software issues of hardware, they will be there to assist, all that one needs to do is give them a call, and a solution will be available.

Robert Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University. He obtained a degree in business management and then ventured into technology industry where he is trying to create solutions to the challenges that people need. From a young age, Robert Deignan always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. He worked hard until his dream came true. He created his first company three years after he left the University. Fanlink was an avenue through which he learned how to build and run a business. He left the company three years later and joined iS3 where he learned a lot more about business management.

ATS Digital Services is one of the companies that have done so well in recent years. It is one of the companies that is warming up for the internet of things technology that is going to create more opportunities in digital solutions industry.