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Gareth Henry is no stranger to discrimination, and he had to leave his homeland of Jamaica. It got so bad that his life was threatened. He made the headlines when he was brutally beaten in front of a mob of 200 people who would do nothing to help. He was leader for the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays, also known as J-Flag. He took over the position of leader after Brian Williamson, the previous leader, had been stabbed to death.

Because of all the threats, he ended up fleeing to Canada where he now resides. He’s a social worker and gay rights activist who has also petitioned to bring a legal challenge against his former home of Jamaica.

Gareth Henry has lost 13 of his friends and had to identify a few of their bodies. He suffered an injustice, but complaints to the Jamaican Ministry of Justice fell on deaf ears.

It is incredible what many people go through on a daily basis because of their sexual preferences. Many have even been forced to live in the sewers or in cemeteries just to stay alive, and that is no way to live. Gareth Henry was able to escape with his life, but he would have most likely ended up dead if he had stayed. Gareth Henry realized that he was a target and he had to get out before it was too late.

Gareth Henry is a volunteer at the Rainbow Railroad where he is helping others to escape their persecution and even death. He is also an advocate for HIV/AIDS, and he has already helped many to escape from the persecution.

Gareth Henry was born in St. Mary’s and his father was not in the picture. His mother was in her teens when she had him, and he was raised mostly by his aunt and grandmother. He has a modest upbringing, and when he was in his teens he had feelings for the same sex, but he had to keep it quite. He is not alone, and many other young men have been through similar experiences.

Kluger Kaplan’s Estate’s & Trust Litigation Practice Group is a successful law firm that is spearheaded by Bruce Katzen as the chairman. He studied at the University of Miami Law School and practices as an attorney mainly in three areas, which consist of Estate and Trust Litigation, Business Litigation, and Security Litigation. He has a strong background in accounting and has therefore taken a keen interest in financial fraud and probate cases.


With many years of experience in the legal field, Bruce has now specialized in guardianship disputes, and litigation of probate and trust too. He also practices in commercial litigation that includes corporate matters, securities, stockbroker liability, FiNRA arbitrations, and accountant’s liability. Over the years, Bruce has been recognized and awarded by various institutions particularly for his work in the areas concerning franchise disputes, financial fraud, guardianship, probate and trust disputes, company purchase and sale disputes and life insurance coverage disputes.


With a background in certified public accounting, Katzen is able to handle the probate and complex cases that are presented by his clients. He can have a deeper comprehension of these issues, precisely examine both the witnesses and experts and zealously advance the position of his clients in any case or dispute. Bruce Katzen does not only deliver for his clients; he has a passion that drives him to immerse himself in their cases and deliver a winning argument, facts, pieces of evidence and procedures by crafting a winning strategy.


Recently, The Best Lawyers in America recognized Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine for their excellence and expertise in legal matters in the 2019 edition. Bruce Katzen was intrigued by the award and appreciates being recognized in such a competitive field. He enjoys working in his office which is located at 201 South Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.

OSI Food Solutions may not be grouped with famous American Food companies like Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, or McDonald’s, but they have been in existence for 100 plus years. OSI Food Solutions has also received many industry awards for its achievements.

OSI Food Solutions is an American company that is located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI has been in the food business since 1909. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, started a small meat shop to serve the local townspeople in Oak Park, Illinois.

Over the early years, Kolschowsky’s meat store began to grow in family size and sales, so he decided to rename his firm in 1928, to Otto & Sons, Inc. The current CEO of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin became a crucial part of Otto & Sons in the 1970s after making some very important business deals with Kolschowsky and his family. The company’s name changed to OSI Industries from Otto & Sons in the same year that Sheldon Lavin gained control of the company.

OSI sells many different varieties of foods like fish, meat, specialty-dough, mayonnaise, poultry, vegetables, vegetable-based products, and other brands. OSI serves many key stakeholders — both domestically and internationally — as part of our customer base.

OSI Food Solutions was ranked 58th in 2016 for all private U.S. food companies. published many statistics about OSI. Since beginning as a small meat company in the early 1900s, OSI made over 6 billion dollars in sales in 2016.

Over the years, there have been many important executives that CEO, Sheldon Levin has relied on to continue driving a successful food company like OSI. Some of these staffers include David McDonald, who is the COO and President, and Sherry DeMeulenaere. She is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Senior VP at OSI.

And by having astute executives like Sheldon Lavin at the helm for sixty years, one should expect the company to accomplish many more important things. There is an ample reason why OSI Industries continues to be a success story, both domestically as well as globally — it’s because of their great team of executives, subsidiary companies and employees. OSI is a firm that believes firmly in the idea of inclusion for its employees considering that it is a global company.

Over the years, OSI has been recognized for service. In 2016, they received accolades for their company work with a Globe of Honour award. To know more about the company click here.

Ryan Seacrest has made a living from hosting and producing. From American Idol to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation he maintains a busy schedule. His other current jobs include On Air with Ryan Seacrest, American Top 40, Morning Drive and Live with Kelly and Ryan. He received Emmy Award nominations from 2004 to 2013 and 2016, for his work on American Idol. He received an Emmy for his work on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, which Jamie Oliver investigated the high levels of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the United States. A topic which is close to Seacrest, since he was overweight growing up in Dunwoody, Georgia. Dunwoody resides outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Food Revolution aired from 2010 to 2011.

Seacrest maintains a commitment to losing weight and staying in shape, because he remembers during his high school years being teased by fellow students for obesity. He maintains an intense plan by detoxing and food cleansing. He is mostly vegan, but does work out to allow himself to eat desirable food.

The early career of Ryan Seacrest includes hosting on ESPN and children’s programming, such as Gladiators 2000 (1994), Wild Animal Games (1995) and Click (1997). He transitioned to the Ryan Seacrest for The Ride Home, which he hosted and produced in Los Angeles. From 2001 to 2002, he hosted the radio talk show Live from the Lounge. In 2002, he was the first host of American Idol. The show auditions contestants across America by singing and a chance for a record deal. In 2003, he was named to People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

Seacrest started his foundation in 2010. The foundation has eight locations in hospitals across America. He is also on the board of trustees for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) attended the University of Georgia, where he received an honorary doctorate in 2016. He has one child, a son. Follow Seacrest on Instagram.

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The majority of adults in the United States now have access to cell phones, so it is no surprise that products and services are now being tailored so that they can be accessed by the use of technology. One such technology-based service that is being designed by Dr. Mark McKenna is known as OVME. Dr. Mark McKenna learned early on while still attending medical school at Tulane University, that he would have to combine his business knowledge with his medical background in order to create services that would not only help him become successful but would change the face the of the cosmetic industry. Dr. Mark McKenna has proven that he is able to combine all of his expertise with the development of OVME.


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Millions of Americans spend billions of dollars throughout the year on cosmetic services. The development of OVME is now giving even more patients access to cosmetic services. OVME is a website and app that allows patients to explore what aesthetic and wellness treatment options are available for them. Patients can connect with practitioners in their areas and can even complete a video consultation through the website or app. These services can then be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the patient and at a location that the consumer and the practitioner agree on. In some circumstances, the patient may even be able to have the aesthetic services completed in the comfortable setting of their own home.

The OVME platform that Dr. Mark McKenna has designed will benefit both doctors and patients alike. Doctors will have more chances to reach new customers and change their lives for the better and new consumers who otherwise would not be able to receive aesthetic services due to scheduling conflicts will be able to schedule services that are convenient for them. For everyone involved, OVME is a great resource for the aesthetic industry.

The Brazilian agribusiness is enjoying a period of steady growth and development thanks to greater production rates than ever before and an evolving and increasingly interconnected world. Overseeing the rapid changes going on is a man named Flavio Maluf, who is one of the country’s foremost captains of the industry. Maluf is the president of Eucatex, a giant of agribusiness that was founded in 1951. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

As the head of a large business that is responsible for utilizing Brazil’s natural forest resources, one would assume that Maluf is not interested in sustainability and the environment. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Flavio Maluf and his company are at the forefront of maintaining standards to ensure that the region preserves the environment as best as it possibly can.

If you go to the company website, there are entires pages dedicated to explainEucatex’s mission to preserve the natural environment. From the heavy usage of recycled materials to entire programs designed to provide care for the natural surroundings, it is clear that Maluf and his people take stewardship of the Earth very seriously.

With China on the rise as a global consumer and the ever-present needs of the European Union, Brazil has more opportunity than ever to expand their agribusiness. More business means more money and more money means more opportunity to pull the country into a bright new future for its people.

Yet as positive as all of this is, men like Flavio Maluf understand that progress must be approached in a responsible and sustainable way. After all, a reckless use of resources will only result in future struggles. With the management aid of the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil is pushing forward while keeping an eye on all of the important things already established.



The name Freedom Checks originates from Badiali, but it is centered on real investment strategy. With Master Limited Partnership, every investor is rewarded a return on the cash injected into the investment either on the monthly or quarterly basis.

Once you invest in the MLPs, you are purchasing units of a firm and get a portion of the profit depending on how the business performs. According to Investopedia, the companies that use the Freedom Checks are most in the gas and energy industries. They are an openly traded limited corporation where it merges the advantage of a corporation with that of public limited companies, implying that taxes are not paid like usual companies do.

This sounds more like what transpires when you invest in stock marketplace, but the only difference is that the business must create 90% of their income from natural capital in the US. Badiali claims that 568 businesses are part of this Master Limited Partnership (MLPs), but he only proposes that only, 5 of them that own or manages more than a billion dollars in raw resources such as gas, timber, oil, and mineral together with core and valuable metals like gold and silver.

As for the amount of cash you will receive for your investment, experts claim that MLPs usually results in the highest dividend rates accessible to investors. This ranges from 5 -9 %; this is to say that if you invest $10 like the Freedom Checks adverts say, you will get back less than one dollar every year. This can be a lucrative investment if you can invest huge sum of money, such as millions of dollars every year.

Therefore, Freedom Checks is not a hoax, but a smart marketing trick that entices you to purchase a subscription service.

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Peter Briger is one of the few billionaires who has turned to be a darling to many people due to his kind actions. He has participated in many philanthropic activities that have led to the improvement of living standards of many Americans. For instance, Peter is a believer in education. He has a great passion for learning and so during his philanthropic activities; he ensures that in involves facilitation of education for the less privileged young adults. Peter Briger believes that for one to alleviate poverty from the society, they have to invest in the youth of that community by enhancing their level of education. His philanthropic activities also include the conservation of the environment since he understands the essence of a clean and well-maintained environment. For example, Briger has spent more than half of a billion dollars in the conservation of New York’s Central Park.

The wealth of Peter Briger can all be attributed to his hard work and passion for his work. It has been out of the services that he provides to the clients of the organizations that he has worked for during his career life. For instance, immediately after completing school, Briger joined the Goldman Sachs, an investment management company that gave him the chance to prove his ability. At the company, Peter put all the efforts to ensure that he performed his work excellently and also within the expected standards. At some point, he could even exceed the expectations of his employer by his outstanding performance. This made him secure promotions up the ranks to a point where he was part of the top management personnel of the organization. Later, the shareholders of Goldman Sachs invited him to become a partner to the company, a position that he holds to date. To know more about him click here.

In 2002, Fortress Investment Group kicked off on a mission to expand the company to become an alternative investment firm. They needed an expert who would introduce and manage hedge funds and credit funds in the organization. That was when they recommended Peter Briger to join them for that role. After joining Fortress, Briger was blazing with morale. He had made up his mind to transform Fortress Investment Group into an international organization, renowned for its unique performance in the management of hedge fund portfolios. His dream would later come to actualize in 2010 when Fortress Group was named as the best hedge fund manager of that year by several magazines in the industry.

During this most recent election cycle in the United States, the Republican party has been put on the defensive. This cycle has seen the Democrats pick up a total of 34 seats. The telling part about this resurgence from the Democrats is the fact that many of these seats have been picked up in areas that have traditionally voted Republican in the past.

Recently, a poll put out by End Citizens United has demonstrated the Beto O’Rourke is quickly closing in on longtime Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. End Citizens United is an organization that is committed to lowering the amount of influence that money has over the political and election system in the United States. If O’Rourke is able to pull off this unexpected upending of Cruz in Texas, it would absolutely be a major moral victory for the Democrats.

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A huge part of the success that O’Rourke is enjoying on the campaign trail is the fact that he has been willing to really put in the work while getting his name out there. He is supported by End Citizens United due to his willingness to work hard and this is really starting to resonate with many voters. The polls are reflecting an appreciation of the fact that O’Rourke has been on a non-stop campaigning across the state of Texas. When it comes to political issues, the End Citizens United endorsed candidate Beto O’Rourke ha a platform that focuses on workers. His stance on immigration is also moving the hearts of many voters who have been unsatisfied with the current Republican stance. O’Rourke’s platform is one of giving welcome to immigrants as well as making sure to acknowledge the fact that they have been a huge part of the overall makeup of the United States.

The question will now be, has the work O’Rourke has put in going to be enough to oust a long-standing politician the likes of Ted Cruz. There does seem to be a trend in the state of Texas that demonstrates that left-leaning political movements are becoming more popular. End Citizens United polls do continue to show Cruz in the lead, but it also appears that the lead is narrowing and this really could come down to the wire in this critical election between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke.


There is no harm in taking financial advice when you are a novice on the subject. It is evident that not everybody keeps track of what is going on in the financial markets and if you are one of those, consider contacting HCR Wealth Advisors today. The company was set up in the year 1988 to help people organize and manage their finances in a way that would help them realize their financial goals over time. Many people are not able to achieve their financial goals because of mismanagement. However, when you have professional financial planners taking care of your finance, you should be able rest more comfortably that you may be able to achieve your goals ease.

Achieving financial security is the results that people want after working hard for years. It is what retirement planning is all about. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that helps manage its clients’ finances and investments in a manner that can help to ensure that they have a financial blanket safeguarding them from the ups and downs going on in the market. HCR Wealth Advisors ensures that its clients are consulted adequately for what they each want to achieve financially. Whether it is retirement planning or wealth management and creation, HCR Wealth Advisors can help ensure that its clients are getting the results they are looking for.

HCR Wealth Advisors has years of experience in providing clients with financial advice and educating them about how to invest and grow their money. There are different wealth creation and investment products in the market and picking the right ones may be confusing for people who are not from a financial background.  However, HCR Wealth Advisors performs research and analysis to help to ensure that clients get suitable information that they can rely on when making investments. It helps them safeguard their money from losses and while striving to attain the returns they are looking for from their investments. With the help of the advice of HCR Wealth Advisors, clients have a greater chance to reach their financial goals and hopefully become much more comfortable.

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