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Avaaz is online website that is based in the united states. The site was funded in January 2007, the Avaaz site promotes global activism topics. Topics like climate change, human rights animal rights, corruption poverty and conflict. A UK newspaper called “The Guardian” calls the site the globes largest and most powerful online activist network.

The president and CEO of the site Avaaz is Ricken Patel.Ricken Patel studied politics, philosophy,economics at Blliol Collage he also studied at Oxford University. Ricken Patel also earned a master’s degree from Harvard University in Public Policy. He has been employed by the international crisis group around the world.

Since the year of 2009 Azaaz has not been taking any donations from foundations or corporations neither has Azaaz accepted payments of more than 5,000.00. Azaaz relies on the willingness of its individual members for help and support. Together they ave now raised over twenty million dollars. Before 2009 a few foundations have funded Azaaz as a start up company.

The meaning of Azaaz means “voice” , a voice for the people, a voice for our country, a voice for freedom and help. Azaaz encourages and empowers millions and millions of people from all walks of life. Does not matter and the age or nationality Azaaz will continue to empower the people to take action on global and national problems. The Azaaz community campaigns are in 15 different languages. It is being served by a strong team on six continents and many volunteers to help.

The Azaaz team takes action by going out and getting signatures for petitions, funding various media campaigns, emailing and even calling governments and putting together offline protests and events. They do all this to make sure that the views and values of the nation’s people inform all the decisions that affect us today.

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