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Dog Goldberg Machine: This clever commercial features a Rube Goldberg Machine run entirely by dogs. It starts off with one dog catapulting a tennis ball to another dog. The second dog dunks the tennis ball causing Beneful food cans to roll down a ramp which causes another dog to throw a Frisbee which causes a wagon of Golden Retriever puppies to roll down a ramp which causes a bowl of Beneful to be poured and so forth until dominoes spell out the company’s logo “Play. It’s good for you.” The commercial is full of clever dog tricks and clever placement of the dog food, all with the benefit of multiple precious puppies onscreen.

Dog Food with Beef as #1 Ingredient; Beneful Originals: This commercial features an interview with a peppy young woman and her adorable corgi. The young lady tells us how much she loves Beneful commercial and why it’s so healthy for her dog. The camera cuts to the corgi eating from a bowl and we hear a somewhat muffled “the beef is fantastic” as though the dog were speaking with his mouth full.

The commercial ends with a shot of the corgi showing off his “power tie” which he wore for the Beneful interview. “It’s my power tie. It gives me power.” No one has ever looked better in a power tie than this little guy and to know more click here

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