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The name Bernardo Chua is well known in the Philippines after the healthy products sold by his companies over the last two decades were voted amongst the best seen in Asia. Chua has not rested on his laurels, but maintains a popular blog, as well as a sizable social media following as he embarked on the launch of the OrganoGold brand of coffee products and luxury goods. Unlike the majority of the companies managed by Bernardo Chua OrganoGold has been headquartered in Canada and sees the company look to break into new areas of the world, including Africa, Europe, and North America. Bernardo Chua has now embarked on a new period of his business life as he looks to increase the options available to OrganoGold on a global scale.

OrganoGold is already a well known product in various parts of the world, in particular it is a popular coffee product in Asia. The brand was launched in a small Canadian coffee house and has remained headquartered in the same area, which many believe will eventually see the direct selling brand conquer the continent of North America. Chua himself has recently been speaking in public about looking for new areas of the world to expand his business empire into and has looked to follow other direct selling brands into expanding their reach beyond the traditional areas of Asia.

Bernardo Chua has long been known as an innovator in terms of the use of healthy extracts found in his many popular products. In particular, Chua has been a major supporter of the ganoderma extract that is included in his OrganoGold products; ganoderma has been used in Chinese and Asian medicine for centuries, which only increases the popularity of OrganoGold products. Ganoderma is also a natural extract produced from a specific form of mushroom Bernardo Chua has identified in a secluded area of China. A well known antioxidant, ganoderma is included in OrganoGold products in a bid to provide those who drink the product with the perfectly healthy start to each and every day.