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Betsy DeVos started off her assignment as Education Secretary in the Trump Administration with an awkward confrontation with the Senate. Her school-choice ideology did not sit well with a section of the Senate during her hearings, neither did her responses inspire total confidence. Worse, she may have also faced opposition from colleagues at Washington in her first tasks. Despite this, she has handled herself gracefully and has kept calm when handling the media.

Her experience at Washington should not fool anyone. Betsy is a seasoned and tactful worker. Born into the wealthy Prince family in 1958, she grew up in Michigan. Her family is known for funding Republican initiatives, so is her husband, Dick DeVos who was a gubernatorial candidate with the Republican party in 2006. The DeVos family of four children is also renown for sponsoring political causes mostly on education reform through their foundation and the Great Lakes Education Project which they founded. Her political endeavors in Michigan are well known, more so as an advocate for educational-choice movement. In her home turf, she is known to be relentless in pushing for adoption of charter schools. For decades, she has fought to have legislation of education reform policies to allow public funding of education in privately owned schools.

Betsy’s advocacy efforts have seen her hold posts as chair in both American Federation for Children and Alliance for School Choice. Detroit’s high number of charter schools has been attributed to her educational reform crusade. She is renown for putting all her weight behind causes she believes in and has in the past sponsored groups she is affiliated with to resist legislation that tries to regulate the education sector, especially on issues touching on school choice. It is perhaps because of her relentlessness that she served as a Michigan Republican Party chair.

Opponents of Betsy have all reason to be uneasy because with her current position comes an opportunity to push for country-wide reforms on educational-choice.

The general feeling is that Betsy is in foreign waters at Washington. However, her current state is only a temporary situation if her historical record is anything to go by. So far, she has gotten down to work and has already made several tours to charter schools, notably in Miami, a clear sign that she will not be backing down on her reform agenda. She is expected to make inroads and push for the fulfillment of her agenda at Washington.


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