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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has launched Clinical Pathways by teaming up with Allscritps and NantHealth. This platform enables oncologists to identify treatment regimens for patients. The Clinical Pathways program helps inform the cancer treatment process without disturbing the physician’s clinical workflow. Clinical Pathways takes out the guesswork by physicians. Clinical Pathways integrates the latest in cancer research and is designed with the patient in mind.

Clinical Pathways provides custom treatment options that are specifically tailored to the patient’s health and specific disease state. Clinical Pathways has many features and also include price comparison between treatment options. Clinical Pathways also gives the option to expedite approval from insurance providers.

The eviti solution plays a critical role in bringing together the Clinical Pathways platform. Physicians are able to access real-time treatment options for all cancer types. This collective technology is a true game-changer for the cancer treatment industry.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses conventional approaches to fight cancer. The most common methods of treatment used are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also offers integrative therapies to help with the many side effects that may occur. Richard J. Stephenson’s mother passed away because of cancer. Dissatisfied with the treatment options given to his mother, Stephenson set out to make a change in the industry and opened the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital in 1988′. Still, till this day Cancer Treatment Centers of America is determined to make a change in the lives of those that are affected by cancer.

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