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Dog food manufacturer’s are going head to head at the manufacturing lines to see who can create the healthiest and tastiest choices for your pet.

Richard Thompson is no exception, with his obsession in creating quality products, using only fresh ingredients, which limits the time meals sit on the shelves.

Thompson’s factory, Freshpet Inc., is among a group of fast growing innovators, in an industry that is giving dog and cat lovers healthy choices for their pets, that one could almost believe is as good as what is shared on their very own dining tables.

Like Freshpet Inc., Purinastore has been taking charge to win the crowned title for healthiest pet food, even creating a website for pet owners to customize special blends for their beloved pooch or feline. Purina’s pet food line, Beneful has become a household name all it’s own.

Offering organic choices for pet owners, after buying, Merrick Pet Care, who were the first certified, organic producers of wet and dry dog food.

Beneful is quickly becoming a leading name when it comes to the health of your pet, with its full line of dog foods and treats.

From the time your best friend is a pup, well into his senior years, Beneful has a line for all of those years that the two of you will share together.

Choosing to feed your pet Beneful will give him a better chance of sharing many, many healthy and happy years with you and your family.

When deciding which brand to go with, Freshpet is still a top choice as well, but it does come with a price, which can amount to more than double what you would pay for the lower priced products.

However, can you really afford to take the risk by putting a price on your pets health?

The health of your pet should be just as important as your own.

After all, he i s part of your family right?