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MarketWired is saying that there is a new deal between Shoe Carnival and Slyce coming. The coalition between the two companies has to do with how people get results when they are using the Slyce search app. The Slyce search app is a good thing for everyone because it is really easy to use, and it helps make shopping simple. People have been looking for ways to get their shopping over with faster for a long time, but now they can do it all in the Slyce app.

Shoe Carnival came on the scene because they wanted to give the preferred search results when people were searching on Slyce. Someone takes a picture, and they put that picture in Slyce to see what results they get. They could get an exact match, but Shoe Carnival is also going to give the customer a match from their catalog. People can click on the link for the Shoe Carnival shoe, and they will be able to buy it right there on the spot if they want.

Slyce is trying to facilitate shopping for everyone who does not have any time, and Shoe Carnival is going to make the shopping happen really fast. People who see the Shoe Carnival result can use the Shoe Carnival result to make a purchase, and they do not have to go any farther if they do not want to. The user is free to scroll through all the search results, but they can make their lives easier by buying what they see from Shoe Carnival.

Slyce is a visual search company that is trying to corner the market on visual searching for shopping. They give the best results, and they even have a universal scanner that is going to help make it easy for people to find out how much something costs. They can even get more details on something if they need it. The whole thing is really easy to manage, and it is going to help people save money.

Shoe Carnival wants to be seen as a hip brand, and Slyce wants to offer better customer service to everyone. The two companies are going to be very aggressive about how they offer search results, and they are going to make sure that they are working together to always offer good preferred results. The customer can make purchases fast, and the customer will see good matches from Shoe Carnival.