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Robert Ivy is the first and only architect in the registered design industry to be awarded a Noel Polk lifetime achievement award. This award was presented to him by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and letters (MIAL) which is a non-profit organization. Regarded as a rare award, it is usually given to artists who make an effort in their line of specialization over a long period in the creation, support and practicing of art. Such was the extraordinary effort that the architect was putting into his work.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the legally recognized and registered body of the American architects since 2011, Robert Ivy is not only a registered architect but also a recognized brand ambassador in the architectural profession. He still practices architecture and also authors and edits architectural records. Before joining the American Institute of Architects, he worked at McGraw-Hill architectural record as the editor-in-chief. The love and appreciation from his clients and fellow professionals come from his ability to explain and make architecture simpler and more accessible to all. His grasp of the architectural concepts and his ability, precision and effectiveness in disseminating them made him be honored by Alpha Rho Chi which is a national architecture fraternity.

While working as an editor-in-chief at McGraw, the architectural journals, and records he was in charge of becoming the most distributed worldwide. In the process, he was recognized and awarded with several awards. He also led the firm’s architects into new zones especially those in China and Canada where they would put their skills to use. In China, Ivy’s actions were felt during its explosive growth.

Before his entry in the world of design, Robert Ivy schooled in Sewanee University where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in English degree. He then joined Tulane University where he graduated with a Master degree in Architecture. The global footprint at the American Institute of Architects has grown tremendously under Robert Ivy’s leadership. In its level of history at the moment, the institute has the highest number of membership. America’s architects are also able to practice around the world due to its global chapters. This has also made them be exposed to new chapters in new continents.

Robert has been recognized for being the leader in advocating for the general public well-being and bringing forward policies supporting the same. Higher professional standards in design and production are thus ensured.


The American Institute of Architects is headquartered in Washington, DC, has 90,000 members with 300 chapters and its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, appointed in February, 2011, is Robert Ivy.

Mr. Ivy has a vision of architecture that not only includes how a building appeals aesthetically, but how the building makes humans who live and work in them feel by designing structures that allow for plenty of natural light and encourages walking instead of using elevators and escalators which isn’t only good exercise but also saves electricity. Robert is steering the AIA toward encouraging architects to integrate public health into their designs to include the physical and mental health of people and also the environment.

Sustainability is the direction Robert Ivy sees architecture going by designing buildings that incorporate eco-friendly features as well as constructing buildings that can withstand extreme weather events and earthquakes.

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Ivy recognizes that younger architects are including socially enlightened ideas into their designs that take into account diversity of populations and health. The choice of everything from where to build to the materials used in the construction of a structure should be taken into consideration in order to provide healthy structures as well as choosing materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. And a healthy building includes providing for people spiritually and psychically. For example, Seattle Children’s Hospital recently expanded and the architects incorporated Biophilia, the idea that humans tend to seek connections with nature, into the design by providing views of Puget Sound and colorful artwork and murals representing the Northwest’s natural views and calm landscapes.

Collaborating with other professionals is important in Mr. Ivy’s vision since he feels nothing happens in isolation and that teams of people have to be coordinated in order to make the designs of healthy buildings work for the mind and the body.

The American Institute of Architects is an organization that was established back in 1857 by 13 architects as a professional body to register architects. The institute was also formed as part of the architecture design developments to help in the education of architects and government advocacy among other uses. Moreover, with the selection of Robert Ivy as the CEO, he has also incorporated other sectors in the organization where he has strongly advocated for the architecture that promotes health. In addition, the AIA has since adopted in its profession a fusion between architecture and the health fraternity for the well-being of the inhabitants of the buildings

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Full-service interiors company Richard Mishaan Design has built an impressive list of Manhattan clients over the years. His work as an interior designer for New York’s elite has now grown to include his own accessories firm, Homer Design. The Richard Mishaan Design aesthetic combines the collected pieces of his clients with newer, often custom, pieces that create a unique and individualistic feeling in their homes.

A native of Colombia, Richard Mishaan Design’s owner studied at both NYU and Columbia University, studying both design & architecture. Following his formal study, Richard Mishaan began an apprenticeship with the highly-esteemed offices of Philip Johnson prior to founding his own design firm.

Richard Mishaan Design recently completed a project in Mishaan’s native Colombia, in Cartagena, that is an illustrative example of the techniques used by Richard Mishaan Design with such success. The first, most striking, realization is the visual contrast between both old and new pieces as well as traditional and contemporary design styles. These paradoxes create a conversation between the pieces and the styles that is welcoming and unique.

The Cartagena project is its most successful when there is a combination of different textures, styles and materials. The formal and traditional wood paneled entryway with an arched doorway opens to a modern and light-filled living space with polished tile flooring. The contrast is striking and comforting at the same time.

It is through juxtapositions such as these that Richard Mishaan has continued to delight his clients and distinguish himself from the pack. Mishaan is also a successful author of two well-received books entitled Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, both published by Random House’s Monacelli Press. Design enthusiasts follow Richard’s career with great enthusiasm, knowing that whatever project he undertakes will be executed with mastery and skill. His ability to embrace the old and the new is a true gift.

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