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From humble beginnings to a renowned writer, Adam Milstein is an Israel- American born in Haifa, Israel. As a requirement, he joined the Israel Defense Force, which actively made him be of service to Israel in the year 1971. And this would act as affirm stepping stone for his future.


It is at this point that Adam Milstein got the opportunity to work as a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. The urge to make a difference made him desire to leave a legacy behind which has a permanent positive impact on people. Through conversations with friend and personal convictions, he thought of being a philanthropist as a solution to his urge to make a difference. As a result, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila formed a foundation namely Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation which aims to make a difference to young people with the Jewish root. It assists in financial and moral support primarily through education and entrepreneurship. He being a writer only supports his work to ensure the strengthening of the Jewish people.


The Times of Israel is an online newspaper that was founded in 2012 to write things related to the Jewish community. The founder and David Horowitz, a journalist and editor, aimed to inform and create a platform for people to connect and contribute. Adam Milstein joined the team of bloggers in the newspaper to make the Jewish community feel at home and be informed at the same time. It also created a channel for him to be expressive in words.

This is evident in his latest article, “Diaspora Jews will rise to meet our challenges with Israel at our hearts”, where he talks of current issues facing Israel and how the people who are passionate of their Jewish culture will shape Israel even though currently they are in Diaspora.

When he is not involved with the daily activities of Jon’s lacrosse training camp or his entrepreneurial endeavors, Jon Urbana produces a very active and enjoyable to read blog. Many know him for his role as a prominent feline activist, but the blog is more oriented towards the display of images rather than text and this is a good thing. The presentation of the visuals aid in setting the blog apart from all-too-commonly wordy ones.

The photo of “The Whirlpool of Life” from the Musei Vaticani di Giuseppe Momo captures photo are at its most stunning. The photo could have been a painting produced during the Enlightenment. The image exists now as a modern online image marvel.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Homemade Nutpaste” captures Urbana’s love for depicting fine food in its visual glory. The simple process of allowing the sweet nutmeg to drip into an overflowing jar does reflect fine art when the right photographer is at the helm. Skilled framing really turns the mundane in the wondrous.

The same could be said of “MG 82“, a nice presentation of cookies and nuts for sale. The lighting in the picture truly brings about the artistry of the picture. Once again, content that would be mundane in one photographer’s lens becomes pure art in another’s. He’s brought the same philosophy to Ellipse USA and Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Jon Urbana has taken multiple photos from the air that he’s shared with¬†his Twitter followers. Why, you might wonder? Because he’s an expert pilot. See what the Aviation Business Gazette had to say if you aren’t convinced.

The blog also publishes links to a host of musical selections on One very interesting link doesn’t feature music. It presents Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taking calls on Chicago radio in 1966. The recovery of lost pieces of history is always incredible.

Interesting videos and all types of environmental aid being supported by Urbana and his campers at GoFundMe are also promoted heavily on Jon Urbana’s engaging blog. “Form 016 – Mutualism” is a video many should invest time checking out. Really, this is the case with any video featured on the blog.

And the allure of natural food returns with “Untitled“. The photo does not need a title. The image of corn with kernels of varying colors is easy to recognize. The simplicity of the photo image rests in the shadow of emotion-stirring design.


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