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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a top-notch businessman and the founder of CAOA, a world-class distributor and manufacturer of cars. Founded in 1970, CAOA has grown immensely under the leadership of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira. CAOA is a leader in the automotive sector in Brazil dealing with vehicles like Subaru and Ford.

Boris Feldman, a famous journalist and a motor vehicle expert, who hosts a radio show known as “Car Talk” recently spoke about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade by recalling an interview he had with him in 2012. In the article posted on the “Car Talk” portal, Boris Feldman referred to the CAOA owner as “Dr.” owing to his bachelor’s degree in medicine.

The article explains the success of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade who is the founder and the Chairman of CAOA’s Board of Directors. It goes ahead to illustrate one of the significant steps he has taken in revolutionizing the Brazilian automotive industry. For instance, as per, other than importing and selling vehicles, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade invested heavily in starting a factory in Annapolis. The main aim of this plant was to make Hyundai trucks.

The article goes ahead to elaborate on Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade‘s dream of making a Brazilian car. When Feldman asked about his dream, Carlos painted a clear picture of how he was going to actualise his dream. He stated that his firm had a design agency in Italy which was working on the design of the Brazilian car. He also said that he was already discussing with Fiat to secure an engine for the vehicle.

Six years later, Boris Feldman revisits the interview and can confidently say that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade actualized his dream. By keeping his Chinese counterparts close, coupled with the dedication and hard work of his team at CAOA, he came up with several brands of Brazilian-manufactured cars. Currently, CAOA produces iX35, Tucson, HR and HD80 trucks at its assembly plant in Annapolis city. In less than four decades, CAOA has sold more than one million cars in the Brazilian market.

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Holding companies in the United States are known for their high profits and a huge number of clients. One of the most well-known holding companies in the United States is the Southridge Capital. The company managed to build their diversified investments and holdings through the years that they have been operating, and they are also known for managing their operations well. The financial firm transformed to accommodate a huge number of services that they offer to their clients, but the majority of those who are seeking their assistance came from the small-sized and the middle-sized companies. These companies are seeking assistance from the Southridge to get their hands on financial funding, and most of the time, their requests are approved, using it to grow their businesses.



The small and the middle market have always commended the holding firm for providing a chance for these businesses to grow. Without the funding that the Southridge Capital provides, these businesses would never be able to thrive. Another source of income for the company would be their global investments that began back in the year 1996. More than $1.8 billion worth of investments were attributed to the company, and according to their chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks, it is a necessary movement so that many businesses around the world would be able to enjoy the assistance from the Southridge Capital. Multiple partnerships began to take place, and the business partners that have signed with the company experienced the greatest improvement. For more details you can visit their twitter account.



The Southridge Capital continues to invite more business people to join and invest with them. Stephen Hicks also said that the company will now be signing more partnership contracts with different companies coming from various industries. One of the most recent businesses that signed a contract with them was the Dallas-based Elite Data Services Inc. The company is known for their software programs and other applications that will benefit the company. Additionally, the clients who have been working with the Southridge Capital will be experiencing technological changes within their company, and the software programs that will be developed by the Elite Data Services Inc. would help these businesses grow further. You can visit for more information.



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There is no harm in taking financial advice when you are a novice on the subject. It is evident that not everybody keeps track of what is going on in the financial markets and if you are one of those, consider contacting HCR Wealth Advisors today. The company was set up in the year 1988 to help people organize and manage their finances in a way that would help them realize their financial goals over time. Many people are not able to achieve their financial goals because of mismanagement. However, when you have professional financial planners taking care of your finance, you should be able rest more comfortably that you may be able to achieve your goals ease.

Achieving financial security is the results that people want after working hard for years. It is what retirement planning is all about. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that helps manage its clients’ finances and investments in a manner that can help to ensure that they have a financial blanket safeguarding them from the ups and downs going on in the market. HCR Wealth Advisors ensures that its clients are consulted adequately for what they each want to achieve financially. Whether it is retirement planning or wealth management and creation, HCR Wealth Advisors can help ensure that its clients are getting the results they are looking for.

HCR Wealth Advisors has years of experience in providing clients with financial advice and educating them about how to invest and grow their money. There are different wealth creation and investment products in the market and picking the right ones may be confusing for people who are not from a financial background.  However, HCR Wealth Advisors performs research and analysis to help to ensure that clients get suitable information that they can rely on when making investments. It helps them safeguard their money from losses and while striving to attain the returns they are looking for from their investments. With the help of the advice of HCR Wealth Advisors, clients have a greater chance to reach their financial goals and hopefully become much more comfortable.

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Hussain Sajwani serves as the chairman of Damac Properties, a luxury real estate company that is based in Dubai. He founded the company in 2002. Before joining the real estate market, Hussain was working with the food services business with his significant customers being a construction giant called Bechtel and the U.S military.

A graduate from the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani began his career as a Contracts Manager at GASCO. GASCO is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He worked with the company for a short period before venturing into the catering business.

Forays into the real estate market

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is one of the pioneering investors after the Dubai property market expansion in the mid-90s. He went on to build several hotels to take care of the influx of people who were coming to the United Arab Emirates to do business. It was in this business that he founded the Damac Properties in 2002 when the UAE allowed foreigners to own properties.

The expertise and experience in development of properties along with the legal, sales, marketing, administration and financing of properties have made him one of the principal investors in the property boom. He invests in many of the big cities around the world that include Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Riyadh, Beirut, and Jeddah. Damac Properties has delivered over 20,000 luxury homes in the period it has been in existence. Over 44,000 homes are in various stages of development. The company is listed in Dubai Financial Market.

Deal with Trump

In 2013, Hussain Sajwani through Damac Properties agreed with Trump to build Trump International Golf Clubs in Dubai. The villas alongside the golf course sold nearly $2 billion. While Trump says he will not do any new business while in office to avoid a possible conflict of interest, it is expected that both will do more business in the future. Damac Properties and Hussain Sajwani have been on the forefront in helping the needy around the world. A while back, he donated AED 2 million to help cloth the vulnerable children around the world through Emirates Red Crescent.

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Hussain Sajwani is one of the most decorated CEOs in recent history. Sajwani, now aged sixty-five, is an Emirati billionaire who has amassed a fortune in the real estate industry. As they say, fortune favors the bold. Sajwani was not a billionaire at his time of birth but over the years, Hussain has found himself a goldmine.



Sajwani, who is also an alumnus of the University of Washington, started his career in GASCO, an institution he helped build as its contacts manager. However, Hussain Sajwani, now tired of employment, decided to diversify. It is in 1982 that Sajwani set up his own catering business, a venture that picked up from the get-go.



The now successful Sajwani, a rich advocate of property market expansion, did the unthinkable. He began building high-end hotels all over Dubai, a move aimed at strengthening the commercial foothold of his Emirati home.



Indeed, Sajwani has had the vision to transform lives from the very beginning. It is in 2002 that Hussain created DAMAC Properties, an institution that has withstood the test of time to emerge as one of the largest real estate segments in the Middle East.



Hussain Sajwani is not only the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties but also doubles as the company’s chairman. DAMAC Properties, which started small, is now the employer of close to two thousand employees.



The company which has now carved its niche in the property segment owns shares on the Dubai Financial Market, something that has only become possible thanks to Hussain Sajwani insights. Recall, Hussain is prolific in matters touching on sales, legal, finance, administration, and marketing.



Today, DAMAC Properties can boast about realizing over two thousand luxury homes, a significant number in the company’s sixteen years of existence. Sajwani, thanks to his expertise in business has been able to cultivate friends in high places. Donald Trump, the current United States president, has benefited greatly from his relationship with Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties. Taking a look at Trump’s new golf courses speaks volumes.



Hussain, the owner of DICO Investments Co LLC., is also a dedicated philanthropist. In 2013, Sajwani donated two million Emirati dirhams, money that got used in helping cloth needy children from all across the globe. Therefore, Sajwani has more than proved his worth.


When Hussain Sajwani left his father’s retail store to join the school of medicine in Baghdad, he did not know that he would quit immediately only to relocate to America and enroll at the University of Washington for economics and engineering. However, he set out on a path of success and journeyed through all the challenges into the current talk of the city. The DAMAC owner continues to set an alarming growing trend in the real estate market. This article describes his early life and the journey to succeeding in real estate.


Early Life


Hussain Sajwani had a rather busy childhood working with his father in his retail outlet. At tender age, he was already dealing with clients from all walks of life. Some of the lessons his father imparted in him at that moment included processing all orders with the intention of supplying the demands of clients. Therefore, he cultivated the virtue of patience and learned how to please clients at the same time. Additionally, the DAMAC owner learned the value of coordinating activities within the retail store. That way, he would quickly leverage his services and save time to study within the day.


Learning how to Interact with Clients


From working with his father, Hussain Sajwani developed a particular interest in the business. However, he did not want to work for his father anymore. For that reason, he decided to pursue education and land an employment opportunity at GASCO Company. It was while working in that firm that Sajwani garnered the courage to establish his career in business. Without more ado, the DAMAC owner channeled all the financial resources he had from GASCO Company to create a food catering business.


More on His Business


A few years into the establishment of the food catering business, the DAMAC owner was already flourishing in success. Amazingly, he managed to garner a vast client base within Dubai and the Middle East. With that move, he was able to leverage his catering services to a larger population. Other than that, he focused on building a different business that would serve as a backup plan at the moment. As he recalls in most of his interviews, there were challenges in setting up DAMAC Properties because he was unsure of client’s feedback at the moment. Luckily for him, the business flourished as well.


The Outline


Currently, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is glad to be part of the controlling population of Dubai’s real estate market. Additionally, to strategically position the brand, he decided to partner with the likes of President Trump alongside the prominent Tiger Woods in establishing branded golf courses.

Online broker firms have created a whole new way for people to invest their money to save for their futures. These firms offer a variety of products and opportunities for people with trading and investing skills of all levels. One particular company has recently been stealing the spotlight. This company is the world renowned, Ireland based, company AvaTrade.


AvaTrade recently received glowing reviews on two different websites. These reviews included a very thorough look into the company and its’ products and services. The reviews also listed the various countries, and organizations, that AvaTrade is licensed to do business. These reviews can be read in depth on the Forex review and the Investopedia websites. Both of the reviews have been published since the beginning of 2018.


The company, AvaTrade review, has its’ headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company is located in several other countries around the world. The internet broker platforms that the company operates on are some of the most competitive in the world. These platforms include DupliTrade, RoboX, MirrorTrade, and ZuluTrade. The company also offers its’ clients the option to trade on their own personal trading platform, AvaTrade Act.


Clients are assured the best and easiest trading experiences with the AvaTrade programs. These online trading programs are available in Desktop and Mobile editions. The programs are available in over 14 languages. The company also provides live, round the clock, customer support available in each of these languages as well. The languages include English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and others.


Leaders of the company include a very high powered, and experienced, group of businessmen. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Daire Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson several business degrees that he earned while studying at the university in Dublin, Ireland and in The United States at Lindenwood University. His extensive resume includes employment at companies like Bristol Myers Squibb.


AvaTrade is a great company for traders of all skill levels. The company offers various ways for individuals to learn how to confidently trade on any of the platforms offered. They also offer a variety of account options with low minimum deposit amounts.

Equities First Holdings is a business organization that was started by CEO Al Christy in 2002. Christy started this organization because he felt there was a need to serve the interest of the people who were looking for financing in a better way than it was happening when he was working for other organizations. He decided to make a change that would see more people gain access to shareholding loans which have better terms as compared to margin loans. The intention is to ease the cost of living for many people across the globe is something he considers viable. Equities First Holdings is assuring all players in the business environment that they have the best loan package for any type of business. Shareholding loans that they offer require the borrower to have stocks in a publicly traded firm. Equities First Holdings model of business operations is something that has affected a huge number of people who would like to have access to affordable loans. read full article

Ronald Fowlkes was once a Marine who served on the front lines for his country; he has also been a leader of a SWAT team in a huge city in the United States after leaving the Marine Corps to serve in law enforcement.


Much like many U.S. veterans, Fowlkes has a strong, abiding love for his country — he also strives to make it a better place with his help. When he was given the opportunity to mentor kids, he jumped to it.


Ronald Fowlkes can bring his enthusiasm for training, physical fitness, and the sport of ice hockey. Mr. Folwkes also mentions that he was once a member of the Marine Corps’ Special Operations and the U.S. Army’s prestigious parachute school. By sharing some of the personal stories about his life, he can help kids understand that there are people like him that are putting all the effort and everything on the line for them. Ronald also mentions that the youth are free to ask him questions that they wouldn’t necessarily ask. Ronald also wants to make sure that the children get good guidance so the future decisions that they make will be the correct ones. Fowlkes also quipped that sports are quite useful to get through to the kids.


Ronald Fowlkes has also enjoyed his role as a mentor and a father. Fowkles’ son has played ice hockey for three years with the Saint Louis Blues’ Triple-A team. Ronald Fowlkes may not be the coach of his son’s hockey team, but he is the trainer and the man in charge of the hockey equipment.


Ronald Fowlkes also stated about his role at being the equipment “guy” for his son’s team that he can teach the youth about the importance of taking good care of one’s gear. Having well-maintained hockey gear can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing.


In addition to his mentoring role, Fowlkes works for FirstSpear. FirstSpear is an organization that equips peacekeepers and soldiers on an international scale. Fowlkes first got to work with the FirstSpeaxr gear while he was a soldier. He never forgot how efficient the FirstSpear equipment was when he handled them — Fowlkes had a strong familiarity with the gear. Ronald Fowlkes also noted in passing that the FirstSpear equipment was well designed and worked flawlessly.


Today, Ronald Fowlkes has used his military and law enforcement experience to establish his own company, Eagle Industries Unlimited. Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager at his company. Part of his role at Eagle Industries is to educate 150 plus employees about the products that they sell — Ronald Fowlkes works directly with Law Enforcement and Commercial products that are developed and then sold.


Mike Baur is an entrepreneur from Switzerland. He received a degree in business from Berne and the University of Rochester. He started as a banker and became the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Before starting the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur gathered over 20 years of experience in banking. The was a beloved banker at the Union Bank of Switzerland and Clariden Leu. Mike Baur gave up banking to begin helping new businesses have a successful start. The Swiss Startup factory was started by Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Mester. He not only wanted them to have a successful start he wanted the companies to last long in business. His goal was to increase the rate of successful companies.

Mike Baur worked as a banker since the age of 16. He was a banker at the Union Bank of Switzerland. He was valued so much by the Union Bank of Switzerland that they prompted him to apprentice and gave him an outline of the promotions he would receive working at UBS. The timeline went all the way up to the time he would have to retire. Although, they had high hopes for their relationship it did not last long. The bank began facing trouble, and he left UBS to work for Clariden Leu.

Mike Baur fell out of love with working in the bank when a recession made banking more stressful and less desirable. In 2014, the Swiss Startup Company was started. Mike Baur’s experience with advising Swiss investors helped him advise Swiss companies that were getting ready to start their own company. His knowledge has contributed to the Swiss Startup Factory maintaining profitable relationships with CTI and the Goldback Group. Mike Baur works at the Swiss Startup factory, CTI, and he has a company named Think Reloaded. Mike Baur’s dedication and determination have brought success. Every job he gets allows him to do what he loves and help people excel at the same time.

Swiss Startup Factory has been very successful and continues to thrive in business. Many companies have lasted long and rebranded themselves thanks to the Swiss Startup Factory. The three months that the Swiss Startup company has their customers in the incubator equips them to thrive afterward. Without a doubt, Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory has had success increasing the number of companies that succeed when they start their business.