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Need a product to sell? Market America Unfranchise has numerous award winning products in their collection. One Market America Unfranchise product that has sold consistently well is Isotonix.

What is Isotonix? Isotonix is the most advanced nutraceutical in the world. Built to be readily absorbed by the human body, Isotonix comes in several powerful formulas. Among the Isotonixformula’s are:

  • Optimal Wellness – Three essential supplements for longevity and health.
  • Essentials Turn Up – Vitamins, minerals and amino acids come together for a mid-day boost.
  • Peak Performance Blend – Powerful antioxidants and vitamins preserves muscles.

Why is Isotonix one of Market America Unfranchise’sbest selling product? The food or supplements that enter your digestive track need to be in isotonic form (liquefied and having the same pressure as other liquids in the body) before they can be properly absorbed. During the time it takes your body to go through this process, most pills and supplements lose their activity and effectiveness.

Market America Unfranchise’sIsotonix is not like the average supplement. It is perfectly balanced and delivers intact nutrients to your body. If you have customers that are interested in health products, make Market America Unfranchise’sIsotonix your choice.

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Brazil is one of the quickest creating nations on the planet today, and the legislature has been concentrating on framework improvement as it is the way to monetary advancement of the nation. Numerous land organizations have added to the advancement of framework improvement of the nation, yet one of the organizations that hold the best spot with respect to commitments it has made in the land advancement circle of the nation is JHSF. JHSF is one of the most established land firms in the nation, which began its operations in the year 1972, and from that point forward has created many undertakings in the nation and neighboring nations.

JHSF is land firm that spotlights on an assortment of foundation extends and has developed lodgings, eateries, business official airplane terminals, spans, fuses, rich private activities, shopping centers, showrooms, and the sky is the limit from there. The organization has the capacity to grow land extends that are modified according to customers’ prerequisites also, and have a pool of engineers and land experts. Jose Auriemo heads the JHSF by and by and is the organization’s executive. It is a family run organization, and Jose AuriemoNeto is the beneficiary to the JHSF who is selected as the chief of the business by his dad.

Jose AuriemoNeto has assisted with the development of the organization’s operational domain and has even assumed a crucial part in taking the organization’s business abroad. At display, the organization has extends being worked on in a wide range of parts of the world including Punta Del Este, New York, and Miami. In a current move, Jose AuriemoNeto has moved his base from Brazil to the United States. The stay of Jose AuriemoNeto in the New York City is for a whole deal since his kids have likewise taken confirmation in the neighborhood school in New York. In any case, the essential motivation behind why Jose AuriemoNeto has migrated to New York is that JHSF is building up a skyscraper lavish private loft in the luxurious territory of New York on Fifth Avenue. The organization intends to give the condo on lease instead of offering it through and through as a component of its income methodology.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is an experienced research, audit and document processing company serving the country’s largest investors, and lenders in the mortgage market. The company has been in business since 1991 and is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is the largest lien release and assignment company in the world. Since 2012, the company has ranked in the Inc 5000 Group. As of early 2017, we employ over 600 people in three different states. Our new data center, in Dallas, Texas allows us to continue servicing our customers even in cases of emergencies.


NTC maintains extensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We are a privately-owned company dedicated to providing the most reliable service possible. Our clients include mortgage bankers, lenders, services and investors. We help clients comply with all laws and regulations regarding mortgages, to protect homeowners and investors.


We service the Tampa Bay area and are involved in helping to build a stronger local community. We encourage the use of paperless documents and have them available to over 70 percent of our jurisdictions. We promote the use of digital data sharing wherever possible. Our company promotes recycling within and outside the workplace.


NTC maintains a number of different training courses for employees, that pertain to their specific positions. They are encouraged to complete these as well as do cross training into other areas of the business. We are dedicated to providing the best services and employees to serve mortgage lenders, services and investors. We provide post-closing document services, like Lien Release Processing, Mortgage Assignment Documentation and Document Retrieval Services.


We provide tax status reports that include property searches for county, city, state and school board taxes on a property. The report includes taxes that are current, due or delinquent. The report is available online, for residential properties nationwide.

Our abstracting service includes 100% coverage throughout the country. We have an average of a 2 ½ day turnaround time. We offer low costs because of our high volume of business and use of least-cost routing.


Whatever the situation, NTC will provide accurate and complete information and documentation on property titles that you can depend on. Our research, reports, document retrieval and audits are available to help with verifying property titles throughout the United States.



Have you thought of a hospital of being a pleasant place to be? No, we haven’t either. Normally, hospitals are associated with sad and stressful places that don’t really represent a place that people want to be in for longer than necessary, or even less. Regardless of whether someone is a patient or a visitor, hospitals are usually associated with bad omens, and people don’t want to come near them. Everyone comes and goes with a heavy chest.

But what if we combined the hospital experience with that of a luxury hotel? Yeah. There are many ways to experience the luxury of a hotel, and Copa Star has made it their mission to have it be combined with top-quality medical equipment and highly trained professionals. It is an intimate luxury lived indiscretion, simple but authentic, sober but comforting; A pleasure for the inner delight and recollection. Explore new horizons. Travel the world in search of the most exquisite experiences, while indulging in the small pleasures and comfort of our hotels. We will reveal where and how to discover local attractions and immerse yourself in world-renowned art pieces in the hallways, flowers and an overall pleasant experience.

A Luxury Experience

The peace and privacy of the guests are guaranteed thanks to its charming atmosphere and its proximity to nature. With breathtaking gardens and large natural spaces, Copa Star is a one of a kind experience in Brazil, and they expect to be expanding the concept all over the nation, and then all over Latin America. The facilities, all equipped with the latest in medical technology and designed to give the patient a sense of security and wellness are all up to world highest standards. The respectful and extremely friendly staff makes it a complete experience, also making sure it is overall a pleasant experience for the visitors, having their own passageways for making sure patients and staff is out of sight and making the hospital waiting a lot more friendly.

On top, the gastronomic offer makes this paradise an unforgettable place. With international food and perfectly presented restaurants, and varied menus and options for every kind of palate, not to mention the amazing flavors from fresh and handpicked ingredients.

Overall, Copa Star is revolutionizing the world with the new concept in hospitals, and it expects to set the new standard for hospitals in all of Latin America, making luxury and comfort have its way in health. The way a hospital transforms into an elegant and comfortable facility will be the way in which Copa Star distinguishes from the rest and makes a way into the world of top-quality and amenity- based group of medical institutions.

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Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Group announced, in a public statement, it has acquired Baho Foods, a leading food processor from the Netherlands. Neither organization disclosed terms of the merger, which still needs approval from the European Union regulatory commissions.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Baho Foods on operates manufacturing and processing plants in Germany, with five subsidiaries, including Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, and Henri van de Bilt. The firm manufacturers and processes snacks, convenience foods and delicatessen meats for retailers throughout Europe.

OSI Group President and Chief Operating Officer, avid G. McDonald, commenting on the pending merger acquisition, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe, the company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths on Crunchbase while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” John Balver, Baho Foods managing director stated its management personnel will stay in place, for the time being, as the two firms collaborate on developing a strategic management plan. Balvers, commenting on the OSI Group merger at, “OSI has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers. Baho Food, as part of the OSI Group, will be well positioned to leverage on the experience and capabilities of the OSI Group.”

In its quest to become the worldwide leader in food processing, the OSI Group acquired the Tyson Foods processing facility, in Chicago, Illinois. Tyson Foods nor the OSI Group disclosed terms of the purchase. The facility, on Chicago’s Southside, is near OSI Group’s food processing plant. and will expand its capabilities to satisfy customer demand.

Tyson Foods stated the facility was small, when compared to their other processing plants, and could not accommodate necessary automation retrofits and expansion.vOSI North America senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott stated the former Tyson Foods facility will allow the OSI Group toexpand its capabilities to satisfy customer demand. He commented on the acquisition, “We are excited to have this facility as part of the broader OSI manufacturing network.” Representatives of the OSI Group indicated former Tyson Foods employees, from the plant, have been offered positions.

The IAP Worldwide Services’ range of services includes supplying critical services to military operations, undertaking disaster management tasks, and aircraft and airways’ maintenance. In order to provide such services, the company adheres to a number of core organizational principles. Some of their main values are being focused on the mission at hand, acquiring necessary capabilities through innovations and partnerships, agility in their management, and commitment to their core values and ethics.

IAP Worldwide Services boasts of being a reliable supplier of technical and technological services to sensitive government agencies such as the air force, and the navy. Through their expeditionary services, IAP ensures that when contracted to support a mission, the people on the ground can access all necessary services in order to complete their mission successfully. This includes offering logistical services for goods and people, supplying field medical supplies, building temporary and permanent structures, and training local residents where necessary.

In one of their operations, IAP Worldwide offered mission support to a military mission in Afghanistan. The operation involved installation of communication systems at Kabul Airfield. The Kabul Air Control Center provided specialized communication systems within the Kabul Flight Information Region (FIR). The services offered included radio-based instrument flight rule, non-radar, and visual flight rule services on With the Kabul Air Control Center operational, the economy of Afghanistan was able to recover from the post-crisis period give the increased number of flights recorded in the country after the center was launched.

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In addition to providing mission support services, IAP Worldwide also leads at the provision of emergency services across America and select world regions. Whenever a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe occurs, human lives are put at risk. To avert or minimize the damage incurred, it is important to reach out to a team that has the capability and the commitment to mitigate damage in the best way possible. IAP Worldwide responds to emergency calls by being equipped with relevant equipment necessary for the provision of power and medical support.

With their 60 years’ operational experience, IAP Worldwide have developed system-based approaches to challenging problems. Subsequently, the firm is able to create responsive solutions to critical situations on For instance, the company is known to create environment management solutions in response to natural disasters in order to enhance safety. The company has developed a culture that seeks to address each problem in the best way. This requires the firm’s team of experts to be exceptionally creative and flexible in designing solutions to any problem.

IAP Worldwide operates from its headquarters at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Additionally, the company has offices in over 50 other locations across the globe. The firm has over 2000 employees.

Despite the fact the New York City area is filled with buildings ranging from across its history the city that never sleeps looks set to see a boom in building work completed in the coming years; permits have been applied for by developers of various areas of New York, not just those in the central hub of Manhattan. Major office and manufacturing developments head the list of building applications submitted in June 2016, but a range of residential properties also look set to be completed.

One of the real estate companies looking to be at the head of the line for both the commercial and residential markets in New York is TOWN residential, which has developed an impressive team of individuals who will be looking to sell and rent the latest office and apartment buildings.

TOWN Residential is headed by Andrew Heiberger, who is one of the best known faces in the NYC apartment for rent scene; Heiberger has a long history of success as a real estate professional in New York City that includes his heading of different companies in the city. A number of the best known real estate professionals have also made their way to TOWN to create one of the most respected teams in the industry. Under the leadership of Heiberger up and coming real estate professionals have the opportunity to work at one of the top companies in New York if they show promise for the future.

One of the real estate developments that has excited the majority of professionals in New York is the Queens based tower construction that will see two towers built and connected by bridges reaching 27 stories in height. The Queens Plaza South project will be joined by the multi use project at Richards Street, Brooklyn, which will combine office, manufacturing and residential buildings in an environmentally friendly design. These are the two largest projects currently being considered by New York planning officials who are seeing the development of areas outside Manhattan hit record levels.


Workville is a great place for people to try the co working environment, and there are Workville NYC offices that will suit any person with a business. Some businesses are so small that they need just a small amount of office space every now and then, and other businesses need a place they can go every day that is not going to cost too much or get in the way of their long term goals. These offices are shared by a lot of people, and they are set up so that everyone can get work done no matter how large or small their company is.

They have all the bathroom, kitchens and conference rooms that are needed, and they accommodate people who want to have a normal office environment without worrying about how they are going to pay for it. The rent and all the other things that go into a normal payment of Manhattan offices for rent are too much for a lot of people, but now they will be able to afford the place they want because they are using Workville NYC.

This is the best solution for company that is just starting up, or it works well for someone who has a solo business that does not need a traditional office. There would be no reason to spend that much money on an office when someone could just borrow space at Workville NYC for a small price. This helps the small business easily get into an office, and it puts them around a lot of other people who are going to want to be friendly. The friendly nature of the office is going to make people more productive, and they will appreciate how everyone comes together even though they all have different businesses.

Someone who rents from Workville NYC can do this for as long as they want. They have a chance to get the office they want, and then they will be able to use it when they want. Everyone gets what they need, but no one overpays for the services that are required for their business regardless of its small size.

Solo Capital Markets is a household name in London, England. The firm is an international boutique financial services company regulated by the United Kingdom government. The firm is also known as Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited.
As at the close of March 2015, Solo Capital Partners was estimated to be worth £15.45 million, with assets totaling £67.45 million and a cash flow amounting to £30.26. Solo Group Holdings, with Sanjay Shah as the CEO, is in charge of controlling Solo Capital Partners. Mr. Shah is also the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l., the entity that controls Solo Group Holdings.
Sanjay Shah is the owner of various businesses in various cities that include Dubai, Malta, The British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. Before founding Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah made earnings of £19 million for the year that ended March 31, 2011. As of January 2016, Mr. Shah had a net worth of $280 million.
Apart from his contribution to the financial industry, Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist. This is clearly evidenced by his charity organization, Autism Rocks. The organization seeks to raise awareness about autism. The organization also raises money towards funding autism research by holding concerts. Autism Rocks was birthed following the diagnosis of Sanjay’s son with autism.
While enjoying a cup of tea with a world renown artist, Snoop Dogg, Sanjay Shah had an epiphany. The idea of staging gigs to raise money came to him. With this motivation, Autism Rocks held the first concert in 2014, that featured Prince. Since then, the organization has held concerts that featured artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, Drake among others.
In an interview with the Global Citizen Magazine, Sanjay Shah pointed out that he had sponsored children back in India and had no idea what more he could do regarding charity. However, following the diagnosis of his son, Sanjay became focused on where and how to invest when it came to charitable contributions. Many have benefited from his efforts since.

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One of the most promising and influential families in Western Michigan is the DeVos family. The DeVos family are the proud owners and founders of Amway Corporation which started out in the basement of the family home and has moved up to become an internationally renowned company. Currently, at the head of this business is Dick DeVos who has worked tirelessly with the community in order to make improvements and improve the overall well being of the community. Recently in news, Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have ventured to start getting into the liquor business which has been a personal dream of Dick for quite sometime. 

Mr. DeVos’ license has recently been approved and has marked his entrance into the liquor business. The liquor to which Mr. DeVos will be involved in is located in a distillery that is owned by Walter Catton III. This distillery was opened in 2013 and has already expanded the distillery with the help of his investors to a 9,000 square-foot distillery. This new location even includes a tasting room that allows for 50 people to be in the room all at once. With the renovations almost complete, the owner and Dick DeVos are currently increasing the inventory with the upcoming Tulip Time Festival in mind.

Mr. DeVos decided to become a part of this endeavor as the distillery already distributes its product to more than 100 different locations. These locations include Michigan as well as Colorado and Illinois. This distillery has provided excellent quality liquor for any occasion whether it be for a restaurant or for a party. 

In addition to this, Mr. Catton has even added a kitchen to the new distillery in order to now add appetizers that will be paired with the cocktails provided. Mr. Catton and Mr. DeVos currently are working with both full-time as well as part-time staff to create whiskey, vodka, gin, as well as rum. This distillery is now working hard to add handcrafted wine as well as beer.

Mr. DeVos has been a well respected individual in his community and is a well known philanthropist. Mr. DeVos has donated millions of dollars to several organizations through his family foundation. One of his biggest passions that he is the most supportive of is the education initiative. Mr. DeVos believes that in order to support economic growth, it is not more jobs that is needed, but instead it is more education to create jobs. This and his passion for flight are what inspired him to create the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter high school for students interested in avionics.

Learn more about Dick’s life and career by connecting with him on LinkedIn or liking his Facebook page. You can also see his professional profile here: