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My buddy with jet lag….looks familiar.

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Chris Burch is a creative entrepreneur who has been working in the industry since he was just a teenager. After finding his footing in the world of fashion, from youth apparel to swimwear, Chris Burch has continued to work hard in order to expand his empire. Now Burch, behind his company Burch Creative Capital, is investing in everything from fashion and wellness to travel and hospitality and he is showing no signs of slowing down. The empire-building Chris Burch has had a ton of success as an entrepreneur and now he has some thoughts on the way that the industry has changed, specifically in regards to branding.

For Chris Burch, the concept of ‘branding‘ has gone the way of the dinosaur: extinct. Except in special circumstances, such as with Louis Vuitton or Gucci, customer loyalty is no longer caught up with branding. Burch realized this a while ago and he has been using the knowledge to his advantage, choosing to instead invest in humans behind the product rather than brand concepts themselves, read ( Burch believes that this is just an extension of the increasing reach of the digital world: there is only so much marketing that you can do on the internet before you are overlapping with everyone else.

While branding might be ‘over’ according to Burch, creating quality products that appeal to specific demographics isn’t. Burch has long stated that he likes to deliver products that make people feel nice and that are why he is so focused on investing in luxury products geared toward women, according to Burch has a history of working with specific products geared toward specific demographics and he has found huge success with big name brands like ‘ED – by Ellen DeGeneres’. Now, Burch is focused on working with companies like Skin Laundry and Dirty Lemon in order to extend his reach into the luxury wellness demographic.