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Gareth Henry is no stranger to discrimination, and he had to leave his homeland of Jamaica. It got so bad that his life was threatened. He made the headlines when he was brutally beaten in front of a mob of 200 people who would do nothing to help. He was leader for the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays, also known as J-Flag. He took over the position of leader after Brian Williamson, the previous leader, had been stabbed to death.

Because of all the threats, he ended up fleeing to Canada where he now resides. He’s a social worker and gay rights activist who has also petitioned to bring a legal challenge against his former home of Jamaica.

Gareth Henry has lost 13 of his friends and had to identify a few of their bodies. He suffered an injustice, but complaints to the Jamaican Ministry of Justice fell on deaf ears.

It is incredible what many people go through on a daily basis because of their sexual preferences. Many have even been forced to live in the sewers or in cemeteries just to stay alive, and that is no way to live. Gareth Henry was able to escape with his life, but he would have most likely ended up dead if he had stayed. Gareth Henry realized that he was a target and he had to get out before it was too late.

Gareth Henry is a volunteer at the Rainbow Railroad where he is helping others to escape their persecution and even death. He is also an advocate for HIV/AIDS, and he has already helped many to escape from the persecution.

Gareth Henry was born in St. Mary’s and his father was not in the picture. His mother was in her teens when she had him, and he was raised mostly by his aunt and grandmother. He has a modest upbringing, and when he was in his teens he had feelings for the same sex, but he had to keep it quite. He is not alone, and many other young men have been through similar experiences.