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There are many people who are seeing this USA Today article about the UK leaving the EU, and they will learn about how George Soros feels about the situation. He is one of the richest people in the world, and George Soros has made billions of dollars trading on currency and other things around the world. He is also a watchdog who is very careful to tell the people of the world that they should be looking out for a recession if the UK gets to leave the EU.

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The referendum that is happening soon is something that people need to be aware of because it is more than just the UK choosing to leave a union of states. It is the UK playing with a recession that could happen if they are to leave the EU. George Soros can see the signs, but he wonders how many people are paying attention. He has made a lot of money in Europe over his life, and he can see when things are about to take a turn. The turn that will be taken is something that the EU can ill afford, and George Soros wants people to remember that keeping the UK in the EU helps to make the continent more stable.

Stability in trade and commerce is important, and taking one of the most prosperous countries in the world out of the equation makes it very hard for the other countries to keep up their economic fortunes. All the countries of the EU could fall into recession, and that could take out a lot of other countries that are simply not equipped to handle this. George Soros has concerns that go beyond his own fortune. He wants all the people of the UK to see that they are making a grave mistake.

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According to, with the food shortage in Venezuela, there is a demand to censure the food minister. This comes at a time in the state where it seems like nothing is going the way residents like Ms. Norka Luque desire. There is an electricity shortage, which has resulted in shorter work weeks and restrictions on how much power is used during the day. It’s nothing to see long lines waiting on food while people are out of work. Rodolfo Marco Torres didn’t show up for a congressional hearing, which is why lawmakers want his duties suspended. There is no confidence in the way that the man runs the food industry, and it is harming the people who live in the state. At the same time, officials have seen petitions that want Nicolas Maduro to leave office as well. Perhaps if both men are gone, then the state could be in a position to actually support the people who live there.