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Having a good quarter back is a big part of having a winning Fantasy Football Team. Check out our “Fantasy Football Rankings” for quarterbacks this year.

Aaron Rodgers is looking pretty good at the #1 spot

Tom Brady is pretty solid at the #2 spot

Andrew Luck is surprisingly #3 in our “Fantasy Football Rankings”

Drew Brees is a good spot for #4

Russell Wilson is our #5 spot

If your looking for a good wide receiver

Antonio Brown is our #1 spot

Julio Jones is coming in at #2

Odell Beckham Jr at #3

Jordy Nelson #4

A.J. Green #5

Having a solid team thats gonna bring in the points starts with a good Quarterback and a great Wide Receiver. Checking “Fantasy Football Rankings” is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure you will have a winning fantasy football team every single season that you play!