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When Kate Hudson decided to toss her hat into the e-commerce fashion ring, you knew she was going to bring with it some success. No one could have anticipated the level of success her company has had in just three years. Her company has already sold over $250 million in women’s active-wear, and it is a shopping experience that is unlike any other on the market. If her company continues at this pace, that 20% share of the fashion industry that Amazon owns will really be in jeopardy.


To hear it from Hudson herself, she has decided to give women exactly what they want in all phases. Not only does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sell high-quality workout apparel, you get a shopping experience that is tailored around you, so in the end, you get exactly what you want. To understand why women around the country are so excited, we start the journey in one of Hudson’s retail stores. Women can sign-up for a free membership, and then take the Lifestyle Quiz that affords them even more benefits. Women are encourages to window shop in the retail stores, trying on anything they like, without the pressure of having to buy,


Hudson says unlike most clothing retailers that rely on those sales, she knows her customers are going to be online at the Fabletics in time. Once a shopper goes to the e-commerce site, they already see everything they tried on in the retail store waiting for them. Perhaps they didn’t have time to buy in the store, now they can consider what they want, and what else they could use. With a more relaxed atmosphere, these shoppers don’t have to worry what piece of active-wear will fit since they already tried it on. Hudson stands behind the quality of her athleisure brand, knowing it simply sells itself once a consumer gets their hands on it.


The Lifestyle Quiz answers are the key to the success of the brand, because each member gets their own personal shopper who places an item in the cart once a month based on those answers. Now you can see what someone else has chosen for you, and you decide buy or reject, no pressure. part of the experience is pampering the consumer, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does just that. Many shoppers go to the e-commerce site and buy more than they would have in the busy store, and get amazing deals they can’t find on Amazon.


If you knew of a source where you could buy workout apparel of the highest quality at the lowest prices, wouldn’t you be slightly interested? Women who have discovered Fabletics are not only returning month after month to buy the latest in sports apparel, they are telling their friends to get on board too. What is it about Fabletics that has all these ladies so excited?


For one, you can’t go wrong when you have co-founder Kate Hudson involved. Secondly, you get you very first order of anything at the website for $25 with FREE shipping too. This is only the beginning, once you sign up to become a VIP member, you reap even more rewards. To become a VIP, simply take the Lifestyle Quiz, and then you are locked into a $49.95 price point on any outfits with free shipping on all future orders. Even after a few orders you are saving a ton on shipping alone.


So one you become a VIP member, a sales associate from Fabletics will be assigned to look over your quiz answers and recommend to you a new piece of sporting apparel every month. That being said, you can either purchase the sporting apparel recommended by your personal shopper, pass and choose one of your own, or simply skip a month and nothing will be shipped or charged.


At Fabletics, you have access to some of the highest quality yoga pants and workout apparel in the industry, significantly discounted and shipped for free. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what women across the internet are saying about their own buying experiences at Fabletics.


Christine left a comment at Krazy Coupon Lady; “I find these yoga pants are better quality than the ones I usually buy at the mall. I am saving a lot of money, my clothes are shipped free, and I can shop in my pajamas when I get home from work.


Victoria comments at Trust Pilot; ” This will be my 5th purchase, and I simply let my sales associate at Fabletics recommend me a new outfit every month. I am always pleasantly surprised, even though nothing ships without my approval first.”


Ashley commented at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have saved over $100 in the last two months shopping at Fabletics. I used the money I saved to treat myself to some new Adidas workout sneakers to complete my outfit. Free shipping, prices like I was shopping at Target, and excellent customer service too!”

In a world where Amazon rules the e-commerce market in the area of active wear, Kate Hudson has managed to make a name for herself. In the last 3 years of Fabletics being on the market, Kate Hudson has earned more than $250 million dollars for her business. In order to be a part of the active wear movement, she had to create a brand that people would love and trust. The context is simple for her business, you will subscribe to a monthly subscription of yoga pants and this will allow you to receive a new pair each and every month, as long as you accept the shipment. If you want to hold off a month, you will go into your account and place a hold on the next shipment. This is another great thing that allows you to continue your membership but with the idea of being in complete control of how many or how little you receive.


For most people, high value style of brands are usually defined by the cost and the quality of the goods that you receive. You will notice that at certain times, the quality of an item might be less than inviting and for Fabletics, they make sure that their items are more than just quality. They work to make sure that what you are receiving is the best of the best. They stand behind their products and this is what Kate Hudson knew when she opted to begin her business.


Customer service is essential for making a business successful. You want to get someone on the phone right away who is interested in what you have to say and who is going to take your complaint seriously. With Fabletics, the customer service department is there to listen to you no matter what you are calling about. It can be as simple as a thank you for making the best yoga pants on the market or a simple call to help you with a replacement order. Perhaps your order was not as much as you had anticipated or you might need a different size, the customer service department is going to be able to help you get the replacement right away or at least give you a credit towards a future purchase. Either way, someone is always there to listen to you when it counts.


More consumers are opting to purchase many of their needs online. More plans are becoming subscriptions and for this reason, Kate Hudson knew how she can make a profit while still selling something that everyone wants. Fabletics is the next big thing and has shown great promise in the subscription world.