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During this most recent election cycle in the United States, the Republican party has been put on the defensive. This cycle has seen the Democrats pick up a total of 34 seats. The telling part about this resurgence from the Democrats is the fact that many of these seats have been picked up in areas that have traditionally voted Republican in the past.

Recently, a poll put out by End Citizens United has demonstrated the Beto O’Rourke is quickly closing in on longtime Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. End Citizens United is an organization that is committed to lowering the amount of influence that money has over the political and election system in the United States. If O’Rourke is able to pull off this unexpected upending of Cruz in Texas, it would absolutely be a major moral victory for the Democrats.

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A huge part of the success that O’Rourke is enjoying on the campaign trail is the fact that he has been willing to really put in the work while getting his name out there. He is supported by End Citizens United due to his willingness to work hard and this is really starting to resonate with many voters. The polls are reflecting an appreciation of the fact that O’Rourke has been on a non-stop campaigning across the state of Texas. When it comes to political issues, the End Citizens United endorsed candidate Beto O’Rourke ha a platform that focuses on workers. His stance on immigration is also moving the hearts of many voters who have been unsatisfied with the current Republican stance. O’Rourke’s platform is one of giving welcome to immigrants as well as making sure to acknowledge the fact that they have been a huge part of the overall makeup of the United States.

The question will now be, has the work O’Rourke has put in going to be enough to oust a long-standing politician the likes of Ted Cruz. There does seem to be a trend in the state of Texas that demonstrates that left-leaning political movements are becoming more popular. End Citizens United polls do continue to show Cruz in the lead, but it also appears that the lead is narrowing and this really could come down to the wire in this critical election between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke.


Information is what drives the markets and causes assets to go up and down. Events around the world and company information can cause currencies to devalue, stock prices to go up, or gold to raise. Without this movement of price, you would not be able to gain a profit or lose money in the financial market because you need prices to go up or down to create a position on the asset. One of the most important things for every investor to know and to study is information and news events. If you not keeping up with the news then by the times you learn the news, that stock that you could have avoided losing money on could of went down 5 percent. But the big question is where can you gather the news from, and how do you know that news is valid? That is where Agora Financial comes in.

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Investment banks can be compared to consulting firms because they offer advice to clients. The only difference is that an investment bank takes up this role with focus on the financial aspect of a business. They do all their operations in a financial lens to help their clients build stronger presence in the market. Investment bankers are employees who work with investment banks to help corporate, governments and other institutions manage and plan huge projects. Their work includes initiating mergers and acquisitions, market making, underwriting and trading derivatives on behalf of their clients.

Sales and trading
An investment bank also offers a platform for the transfer of financial commodities on behalf of clients. Their role includes embracing strategies that are ideal for certain markets and making decisions that affect proprietary and flow positions. Investment bankers in this case create new products and undertake risks, thereby shielding their clients against exposure. For the sales and trading to be effective, there is need to have experts in mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering Ph.Ds, who offer quantitative analyses to allow informed decisions making.

The research arm of investment banks conducts research about various companies in the market and prepares prospects about each. The banks are able to make deductions from information that is provided by sell-side analysts who review various industries. The research division simply helps traders in making decisions that are aimed at profitability, so their contribution to the whole trading process cannot be eliminated. Research also reviews credit revenue and fixed income to advise clients.

Investment management
Investment banks also offer professional management of securities and assets. Their role is to help clients meet investment goals. The clients in this case may be private investors, insurance companies and corporations.

The contribution of Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment expert, who has been offering advice to clients in various industries. He is among the smartest minds in the investment industry and he has been offering support to clients for decades. His wealth spreads between several countries to allow him to minimize risks while enjoying benefits through local growth.

Martin believes in international investments and most of his time has been devoted to assisting clients from various countries. This effort has seen him leverage his citizenship so he could work more efficiently and help more clients manage their businesses and finances. His professional record allows him to keenly follow each market so he can act before the market makes a downturn.

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