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Wes Edens is an alumnus of Oregon State University. Wes Edens studied and graduated from the University when it was among the prestigious universities in the United States of America. Mr. Wes is known for his success in business as well as his private equity venture at Fortress Investment Group. In 1984, the prominent businessman graduated from the University with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Business Administration. He later began his career serving at Lehman Brothers as a just an employee. With hard work and commitment, Wes climbed the career ladder and he was able to reach the position of a managing partner at Lehman Brothers.In 1993 he had to quit his job at Lehman Brothers and he joined another organization, Black Rock Asset Investors to become the Managing Director where he served until 1997.

After his career at Black Rock Asset Investors, he decided to make a bigger step in his career and together with other four individuals they established Fortress Investment Group. The group was created in 1998 and it was primarily founded as a private equity investment company. At Fortress Investment Group, Edens brought his vast experience as well as knowledge in finance and he was responsible for planning in the company. Wes Edens is a leader who has taken his organization to a new level, and Fortress has become the first publicly traded investment globally. The listing was not an achievement for Edens and his partners instead it also brought glory to their country, the United States of America. Since their initial public offering, Fortress has become a leading organization which offers alternative asset management services.

Wes Edens is not a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, instead he is also a leader who has shown positive leadership, and he has been given other responsibilities including being a director for various boards among them; New Senior Investment Group where Wes has been the Chairman and the Board of Director a position he has held since 2014, New Castle Investment Corp. Edens has also served as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Newcastle since its foundation. At New Residential Investment Corp he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as Nationstar Mortgage, New Media Investment Group Inc, Florida East Coast Railway, and Mapely Limited.Fortress Investment Group has continued to grow under the leadership of Wes and has also been working hand in hand with its affiliate Softbank in Japan.

Financial Investment And Analysis Has Been At The Centre Of Any Development Strategy Of People And Organizations Across The World. Many people and organizations across the world have been investing in financial management for a long time. This has been seen as the most suitable and sure way of securing the future. As such, many professional personalities on have also taken key interest in coming up with financial and investment firms. Others have taken the study of the field to a next level where they are viewed as opinion leaders and consultants in the field of financial and property management. Jim Hunt is an investment professional and personality that has acquired a lot of knowledge in the field T

Jim Hunt works with VTA Publications and is gives a weekly market analysis. Here, he particularly talked about the uncertain economic market that had been shaken up by the recently concluded US elections. He noted that many investors in the stock market were scared in the last months to the election. This was because they were not sure what the Donald Trump’s presidency could town out to be. This is because many people viewed Donald Trump as unpredictable president owing to his statements during the campaign period on

This resulted in many investors pulling out of the stock market which later shook the economic situation in United States of America. But he later noted that after the election, the situation stated stabilizing and investors were returning again due to the policy changes that stated benefiting the banking system.

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