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It is imperative to seek investment services from the reliable firm, and in this case, Fortress Investment Group is the most appropriate. It is a world leading private investment company that is doing well in the market arena. The firm has experts that are conversant with the services that they provide to the customers since they specialize in the particular area thus transactions can be effective. The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has increased its growth in various areas of investments. For better services to its clients, it has lots of offices globally so as the potential and new clients can be served in the right way from the Fortress Investment Group team.The core competencies of Fortress Investment Group include asset-based approached and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

The company is offering valuation services to lots of clients since it has experienced and skilled personnel in that field. The team provides assistance required in acquisition and mergers and for this reason, it is imperative when in need of such services to consider incorporating Fortress Investment Group. The client’s needs concerning merging and acquisition that involves calculations of the Net Asset Value (NAV) is carried out by the fortress to reduce the burden and hectic to the involved companies. Moreover, there is competency of industry knowledge. Fortress Investment Group has a great knowledge concerning the investment industry, and for the record, it has involved numerous organizations in investment transactions. All those firms that have hired Fortress Investment Group for investments services are successful, and more so they are competitive in their industry.

Fortress has more experience in the investment services because for about 20 years it has been in operation.The Fortress Investment Group was formed by Randal Nardone who is the principal, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. These founders had financial skills that they integrated together to establish Fortress. Other employees working under the leadership of Nardone and Edens are qualified so that they can deliver the best to the clients. The Softbank acquired the Fortress Investment Group at a price of $3.3 billion. Softbank Group Corporation is based in Tokyo. Even after the acquisition, the firm is operating independently through the management of Nardone, Edens, and Briger as the principals of the Fortress Investment Group. There is bright future for the Fortress since its acquisition, and the firm can explore the world market and embrace the available opportunities in the industry.


Information on Equities First Holdings and Australia.

Many people in this day and age do business with the stock market or at the very least have desires to be apart of the market. There are a good number of people who lose money within the market for not properly investing and simply having poor financial care. That is were the company Equities First Holding comes into play, this company is an effective financing share holder along with being a company that is able to help out other business, companies and individuals with any type of financial issues that they may be facing.

Up to know, this company has been around for 15 years and is able to help many customers manage their business as well as to help them out with dealing with stocking business. They even have their own webpage where you can go and view that type of employees that work within this company. They aim to provide the best of services to their clients and will be sure to guide them through the process of shareholding. This company is available within the U.S, London, India and Australia, it is a company that is slowly becoming quite global.

Cassio Audi was a member of the great Viper Band. Formed in 1985 Viper band is a Brazilian heavy metal band. The Viper Music Group also played Thrash Metal, Alternative Rock and Power Metal genres of music. During its initial stages of formation, Viper Band’s music was influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal and Iron Maiden. Viper Band’s members included Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Felipe Machado and Cassio Audi. The Band gained a lot of fame and recognition throughout its years of performing and releasing great music.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi attended the Catholic University of Sao Paulo from where he earned a Bachelor ls Degree in Business Administration. He then went on to study Finance at the same University. That aside, Cassio Audi began music at a really early age as the drummer of the Viper Band. In fact so good was he that he was even able to write one of the songs in the Soldiers of Sunrise album. That is not all, Cassio Audi was even featured in the same album and the Killera Sword album.

Viper Band released its first demo tape in 1985, The Killera Sword. The famous song “Signs of the Night” was released under this demo tape. 2 years later Viper Band released their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise. Although the band was made up of teenagers at that time, it was with no doubt that the album was nothing but spectacular. Despite also the simple production, the young teenagers basically showcased a huge degree of skill in talent in making music. In 1989, Viper released Theatre of Fate. This particular album was popular for its outstanding mix of heavy metal and classical music. Theater of Fate gave Viper international recognition especially in Japan. In is sad that their album was sold out in the Japan cities of Van Halen and Nirvana. Other studio albums released by Viper include Evolution, Coma Rage, Tem Pra Todo Mundo and All My Life. All of these albums and constant evolution in music sounds made Viper the notable band it is today. The band also has a 4-star rating from All Star Music. Truly Casio Audi was an influential drummer and instrumentalist during his time in the Viper Music Group.