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OSI Food Solutions is one of the top 100 processed food companies in the United States. According to Forbes, as of the end of 2016 it brought in $6.1 billion in revenue each year and was ranked as the 58th biggest private company in the nation. Its headquarters are just outside of Chicago, Illinois. It is owned by Sheldon Lavin who is the CEO and chairman.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Food Solutions is now an international company that has 65 food processing facilities and more than 200,000 employees. They have a global supply chain that delivers food to restaurants around the globe including North America, Europe, and Asia. They are known in the food industry to have the highest standards when it comes to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. In addition to restaurants they also supply processed foods to grocery store chains.

Most of what OSI Food Solutions offers are protein-based. They can get food to their clients that can be either raw or fully cooked as well as fresh or frozen. Their facilities are customizable and so when they deliver fresh beef patties, for instance, they can be customized to whatever size and shape that individual client needs. They also supply some vegetable, sauces, and dough-based goods to some of their clients.

One of the nations that OSI food Solutions has facilities in is Spain. They have an existing food processing facility in Toledo, Spain. They recently introduced a new high capacity production line in this plant. The result was that they were able to double the amount of poultry they process. Before this production line opened they could process 12,000 tons annually and now they can process 24,000 tons.

In total, OSI Food Solutions processed 45,000 tons of poultry, beef, and pork at this facility. They hired an additional 20 people for this new line and so now employ 160 in this city. The protein they process is sent to their clients in both Spain and Portugal. Their managing director in this region of the world, José María del Río, said that demand for chicken has been soaring which is why they needed this new high capacity production line. He said that demand for chicken over the last 10 years has gone up by 6% each year and over the past three years by 8% annually. The new line also incorporates a food defense system as well as indoor cameras to maintain quality.

OSI Food Solutions Info:

International companies also operate locally and any organization with several branches worldwide cannot afford to run all of them in the same manner. There are so many regulations, talent pools and cultural nuances that affect the general running of a company. In some industries like the food industry, diverse customer taste buds affect the running of such companies. OSI Group president, David McDonald, explained the need for companies in the food industry to be well positioned.

OSI Group’s Networks

According to David McDonald, the OSI Group has taken great steps in ensuring its competitiveness and relevance in the industry. The group has ensured that it has a great global network with people in all its plants or offices globally. He explained that as much as the group runs a global operation, it has its own local management teams installed to help in understanding the prevailing tastes and culture.


OSI Group is aiming to ensure its sustainability through the opening of more plants worldwide to sustain its appetite for expansion. The group also focuses on product development and capacity in order to offer more to its esteemed customers. These products are developed with the consumers’ tastes and preferences in mind due to the changing consumer trends. A lot of consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding when it comes to food choices.

A higher number of consumers are leaning towards food products that are organic, natural, tasty but healthy and cost-effective. Mr. McDonald holds the opinion that it was extremely necessary for the OSI Group to initiate a partnering process with its consumers to give them the exact products that they want. The group also engages equipment manufacturers with a view of coming up with processes that guarantee food quality and safety. Further, it consults with its food suppliers to ensure that they grow their products in the right way.

About David McDonald

McDonald is the current COO and president of the OSI Group. He was the chair and currently sits at the board of the North American Meat Institute. He remains an autonomous director at the Mafrig Global Foods S.A. he holds an Animal Science degree.