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Ross Abelow attended Albany’s State University of New York earning his Bachelors and received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. He has practiced law in New York City for the last 26 years, since 1989. He practices family, matrimonial, entertainment, commercial and litigation law. He also offers his wisdom on legal matters through his blogs. He has now added to his charity work a GoFundMe campaign that will provide $5000 for shelters to care for stray animal through the winter months. Hoping to alleviate the suffering of animals during the colder than normal winter months, the proceeds of the campaign will go to help shelters house, feed, medically treat, and keep the animals warm. A caring person who practices family law, Ross Abelow has the compassion needed to champion this cause.

Ross Abelow cases are about equally from civil rights, family, litigation, entertainment, and commercial real estate. He is a partner at Abelow and Cassandro, Llp and proven to be skilled and practiced in legal battles. To learn more about Ross, visit him on Facebook and Mashable, read his legal and personal blogs or seek his help in any legal matters you are trying to resolve. To learn more about the campaign to help New York City animal shelters, visit the GoFundMe page at Show your love and concern by donating and help the shelters better provide care to stray animals. After living and working in New York for the last 26 years, Ross Abelow is trying to make New York City a better place to live for everyone, including the animals. A little support from you can go a long way in providing care for stray animals that have no one to keep them warm, feed them or are concerned about their well being. You can do all this with your donation.