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The Frontera Fund is a fund that is set up to make sure that people are able to get the information that they need in different situations. It is something that they have been able to do in the time that they have worked with different people and since they are able to make sure that they are getting what they can for people who have human rights issues. They use the fund to pay for fees that are associated with the human rights violation and the people who are able to use it are the ones who need it the most when it comes to the opportunities that they have.


For people who are having their human rights violated, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin know how hard it can be. They once were in the same situation and that was somewhat of a problem for the people who were doing different things. They had simply talked about the sheriff’s department and then they were arrested for doing so. This was in violation of free speech rights as well as freedom of the press rights that they were missing out on. It was problematic and caused a huge upset in the things that they were doing in their lives during that time.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were able to fight the problems that they received from the sheriff’s department. They went to court and then they appealed again. After appealing it several times, they were able to settle out of court. The sheriff’s office paid them over three million dollars and that was to help them with the problems that they had gone through and to make things better for them. Both Larkin and Lacey knew what they had to do with the money and immediately started using it.


They used it to help set up the Frontera Fund. They wanted people to know that they were going to be safe no matter what they were doing that was within the human rights laws. They also wanted to make sure that people knew that there were different things that they were able to help with. Whether it was helping to recover lost wages, court costs or even fees that are associated with attorneys. The Frontera fund is able to help people do all of that no matter what they are working on in different situations that they are in.

The Fox News Network should do a better job vetting their guests because their latest guest backfired big time. Thor Halvorssen was recently brought onto the network to discuss socialism, but Fox News is a conservatively slanted organization. Their intention was obvious — they wanted to make Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, look as bad as possible.

Why did Fox News bring the founder of the Human Rights Foundation on to the show to slam socialism? Well, Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls. The Vermont Senator has a real chance to claim the Democratic nomination as the states that have yet to vote favor the Senator over Hillary Clinton. It looks like Fox News was preparing for a theoretical general election against Bernie Sanders. They had to get to work slamming him and his proposals to help the Republicans win the Presidency. So they use words like Socialism as a negative, but little did they know that Thor Halvorssen was about to give them a lesson.

The interviewer prefaces the piece about socialism, labeling it bad and asking Thor why it is bad. Mr. Halvorssen then explains that socialism is not bad but it is dictators that use socialism as a weapon that are bad. Thor is then asked to explain socialism and is asked again why it is bad in an attempt to misinform viewers about Bernie Sanders and his policies. That’s when Thor drops the bomb on the conservative network.

“I actually gave the largest donation allowable to the campaign of Bernie Sanders.”

The hostess squealed her next question in disgust, “Why?” Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, then goes on to explain that he would rather have a Democratic Socialist as the president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton, he explains, takes donations from international dictators; the very people that the Human Rights Foundation fights against. And he says that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, publicly supports Putin who happens to be another dictator.

In the end, though, the network did get Thor to slam Hillary which would be viewed as a small victory. Find Halvorssen on Facebook for more news and updates.

Human rights are something that all humans should respect. The president of Angola Africa is being accused of generating funds by violating human rights. It is said that decades of murder and genocide has funded the government. They are currently paying for rapper Nicki Minaj to come do a performance. Human rights activists have warned the rapper that she will be receiving blood money for her performance and politely asked if she would not show up for the performance. The rapper did not take the suggestion. She actually showed up early and plans to continue the show. This might have a negative affects on her fan base with her upcoming television show called Nicki on the ABC family channel now called Freeform.
The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in the Spring of 2005. He started his human rights journey in 1989 fighting the African apartheid. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor raises money to help fight different human rights issues all over the world. Halvorssen is also a film producer and has produced a number of films dealing with human rights. His movies and opinions have been shown al over national television and magazines. He Graduated Magna Cum Lade from the Ivy League school University of Pennsylvania.
Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to human rights crimes. His Father who was an ambassador was falsely imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail where he was tortured and beaten extremely bad. He was eventually released with the help of numerous human rights advocates. His mother was shot and killed by the Venezuelan government and his cousin was falsely imprisoned as well.