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For many people, financial independence seems like a pipe dream, especially at the beginning of the career. People are so stacked up in debt to the point where they do not have any hope when it comes to retiring. For those that do manage to achieve financial independence like Richard Dwayne Blair, the difference in their lives are like night and day. For one thing, they are going to be in better moods. The trick is actually getting there. Some people give up on financial freedom and feel that it is overrated. However, there are advantages that can bring back that fire.

One of the major advantages of financial independence is that people are able to save money for themselves without having to worry about how they are going to pay enough of the debt. When people are in debt, they often find themselves living with their heads over their shoulders. They also feel hopelessness because they are not sure of what they can do in order to pay off their debt more quickly. For people in those situations, they can visit Richard Dwayne Blair. He has all of the answers when it comes to paying off all of the debt.


Another major advantage to financial freedom is that it gives people the freedom to buy more of the items they want. It can be very frustrating when someone sees an item that they want badly only to remember that they are not going to be able to buy it because their finances wouldn’t allow it. In some cases, they are not even able to save for it. They wind up losing the chance to get that item. When consulting Richard Dwayne Blair about finances, they can gain pointers about either decreasing spending or increasing income for the ability to buy more items.

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It isn’t easy to get into the world of forex and it’s even harder to reach the point that you’re actually a roaring success. Jordan Lindsey has done this exact thing. He’s managed to reach the top of the forex world with the help of MetaTrader 4 and his highly successful algorithm. This algorithm allowed him to create a fairly massive fortune for himself and he isn’t even finished. We’re going to certainly see a lot more from Lindsey and we’ll se his algorithm spread around the various finance circles as more investors realize just how potent it really is.

Jordan Lindsey has proven himself to be more than a wise investor. He has actually created a framework that can allow anyone who wants to become an investor to get into the world by themselves. Particularly, he has focused on creating algorithms that allow investors to find the most lucrative deals in forex trading at any given moment. The success of this algorithm is making forex trading much more accessible for those who previously were only able to observe the world from the outside in. They now have as way to enter and take the prizes awaiting them.

There are so many reasons to like what Jordan Lindsey seems to be doing with forex trading and his devotion to improving the platforms used for online forex trading. If we continue to see more people follow in his footsteps, forex might just be elevated into a similar status as stocks and bonds. It has the potential to become one of the basic investments people turn to when they decide they want to prepare for their retirement. Foreign currencies are constantly changing in value and their true worth can often be radically different based on political and economic conditions. Jordan Lindsey has focused on trying to find a way to overcome this and give people a clear way to succeed. So far everyone who has used his algorithms find themselves perfectly able to come out on top. That’s not something you can always say in the world financial investments and currency trading.

Fashion tycoon Christopher Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. In his 40 years entrepreneurial career, Chris has invested in various businesses along hospitality, technology, financial services, consumer products, fashion industry. He has contributed to the rise of over 50 companies. In 2012, he partnered with hotelier James McBride to launch Nihiwatu hotel. They purchased a beach hostel in Sumba, Indonesia which was owned by a New Jersey couple and renovated it at the cost of $30 million. They reopened this hotel in 2015, and within one year it was voted as the best hotel in the world by Travel & Leisure. Nihiwatu is also known as The Edge of Wilderness. Click for additional reading.

Nihiwatu comprises of 27 private villas which all have plunge pools. Its plunge pools offer a breathtaking view of the Indian ocean and over the beach of Nihi. One of the villas is the Raja Mendaka which serves as Burch’s private home. Raja Mendaka which is also available to guests has other four villas and the main house. Other features of the resort include an indoor-outdoor entertaining area, two story tree houses, a spa, a fitness training center. Today, Nihiwatu offers the most employment opportunities on the remote Indonesian island. Chris says that he founded the hotel for his children and charity, check for more of Burch insights.   Part of the profits of the hotel is donated to Sumba Foundation. Also as a way to preserve the Sumbanese Culture, the resort has traditional local wood, Ikat prints, and antiques. Additionally, Chris has invested in luxury homes in Palm Beach, Nantucket, New York, Southampton and Florida.

Burch began his career in 1976 by founding Eagle’s Eye apparel. By then, he was still an undergrad at Ithaca College.  Read more on  Later on, Burch sold the investment to Swire Group and joined Internet Capital Group as one of its earliest investors. Christopher is also a former board member of The Continuum Group, the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and Guggenheim. More so, he is a former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. His company, Burch Creative Capital, consists of several brand portfolios including, Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone. Cocoon9, Ellen DeGeneres, Faena Hotel + Universe, TRADEMARK, and the latest Nihiwatu.  Continue reading here.   In 2011, he established C. Wonder, a retailer that deals with home decor and accessories. Ellen DeGeneres, a lifestyle brand was formed in 2014 as a partnership with Elle Degeneres. Currently, his focus is on development of several consumer and lifestyle products brands such as Blink Health, Soludos, BaubleBar, and Chubbies  click on for related article.

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