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Alex Pall is a member of a deejaying duo called The Chainsmokers which also includes Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall had an interest in being a DJ as he grew up since that was also part of his hobbies. Alex used to DJ around New York where he had been having a little career going, but he just considered his deejaying as a side work that he was passionate about.


Alex saw his work as a Dj to be more fun than a job, and that was scary to him. Alex was at an art gallery where he thought and saw that dance music took much of his time, and that is when he decided to give it a proper shot and invest more in it. At that time, Alex was introduced to Andrew by his manager. They both met and realized that they had the same passion and they immediately settled and started working.


Andrew relocated from Maine while Alex quit his job to focus more on his music career. Andrew who partnered with Alex Pall to form the Chainsmokers was also in love with electronic music, and that made his friends make fun of him while he was in college.


Alex and Andrew moved along together, and they would meet and work on their music for almost a whole day as they started their career. Alex Pall got more motivation through his hard work with Andrew, and they began understanding each other musically.


Alex used to observe what was trending on the outside world and that brought any ideas to the table since they learned a lot just by watching what others out there were doing and this helped them in shaping their identity. Alex Pall worked to become a better artist together with his partner, and this music career they had gotten into was also responsible for paying their bills.

Their journey in the music brought about a journey of self-discovery since the duo learned a lot of new things after they entirely ventured into music. Alex Pall has been able to work with many, and they guide each other so that whatever they come up with is received well by their fans.


Desiree (Dez) Perez is the trusted business partner of Jay Z as ROC Nation executive. She proved her worth by being one of the best at crunching numbers. Which means she is very good at making sure the company doesn’t go broke and continue to maintain its high level of excellence. Desiree Perez negotiates fiercely and tough. She played a strong role in the Rihanna Samsung deal.

Desiree Perez finalizes the best deals for artists. Through word of mouth more and more people are signing through Perez. When she negotiated Rihanna’s Samsung deal she did it so magnificently making them both very tasteful profits. Her reputation to help musicians win awards exceeds others in related fields and more

Dez is more of the behind the scene type of gal, who’s gifts and light shined so bright people couldn’t help but take notice to her. She wasn’t in it to make a name for herself only. She is just simply doing what she loves to do, and that’s helping people succeed to the next level in their career.

ROC Nation is a company that specialize in diversity. Along with Shakira, Rihanna is also a member of ROC Nation. She is an accomplished artist by selling 60 million albums and winning 8 Grammy’s. She has also launched six fragrances. Rihanna is the global ambassador for PUMA Woman’s Training. All of this through ROC Naction. ROC Nation is known for signing and producing future veterans in the music industry. Along with other imaginative creative skill minded members of the ROC Nation Board Desiree Perez has an keen eye when it comes to producing the right deals with the right people. This is what makes the company she works with and the people who stand behind her successful in the deals they make together.