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Oncotarget is an online and open multidisciplinary publishing that majors in biomedicine. Its papers are published on Tuesday and Friday every week. It promotes the use of basic and clinical science to eliminate diseases. To facilitate the transfer of its information to a large audience, Oncotarget releases the papers to PubMed in their original form. Oncotarget covers oncology aspects and beyond. Some of the non oncology aspects covered include Immunology, Aging and Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Autophagy among others. These issues are explored in plants, animals and human beings.

To make its information available to the public, medical practitioners and researchers, Oncotarget cooperates with high profile scientific archives and indexes. It also applies the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) recommendations to its entire published works. Its papers are available in on internet websites like SCI Magojr and Research Gates which have a very large number of visitors on average.

Among the topics of interest published by Oncotarget includes Nature Reviews Genetics. One of the articles posted on SCI Magojr gives a detailed explanation of the natural epigenetic variation necessary for crop improvement. DNA Methylation, Epigenomics, Natural Variation in plants and plant genetics are covered in detail. In this, epigenetic diversity is viewed to be a major cause of variation within species and could be useful for crop improvement. Its sources as well as the stability of the newly formed epigenetic variants over generations are also explained and the methods of spreading epigenome profiling and engineering s to utilize epigenetic full potential in crop improvement is also stated.

Another topic of interest published by Oncotarget is on cancer in human beings. One article posted on Research Gate talks about the therapeutic approaches that are used to deal with Cancer Stem Cells (CSM). In this article, studies are provided on the need of molecular-targeted therapies in dealing with Cancer Stem Cells. The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and the angiogenic pathways are discussed in detail as the best approaches to deal with CSM. By providing its audience with quality information, Oncotarget has continued to rise in popularity owing to its peer review future which has enabled its authors to increase their research impact.