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During this most recent election cycle in the United States, the Republican party has been put on the defensive. This cycle has seen the Democrats pick up a total of 34 seats. The telling part about this resurgence from the Democrats is the fact that many of these seats have been picked up in areas that have traditionally voted Republican in the past.

Recently, a poll put out by End Citizens United has demonstrated the Beto O’Rourke is quickly closing in on longtime Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. End Citizens United is an organization that is committed to lowering the amount of influence that money has over the political and election system in the United States. If O’Rourke is able to pull off this unexpected upending of Cruz in Texas, it would absolutely be a major moral victory for the Democrats.

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A huge part of the success that O’Rourke is enjoying on the campaign trail is the fact that he has been willing to really put in the work while getting his name out there. He is supported by End Citizens United due to his willingness to work hard and this is really starting to resonate with many voters. The polls are reflecting an appreciation of the fact that O’Rourke has been on a non-stop campaigning across the state of Texas. When it comes to political issues, the End Citizens United endorsed candidate Beto O’Rourke ha a platform that focuses on workers. His stance on immigration is also moving the hearts of many voters who have been unsatisfied with the current Republican stance. O’Rourke’s platform is one of giving welcome to immigrants as well as making sure to acknowledge the fact that they have been a huge part of the overall makeup of the United States.

The question will now be, has the work O’Rourke has put in going to be enough to oust a long-standing politician the likes of Ted Cruz. There does seem to be a trend in the state of Texas that demonstrates that left-leaning political movements are becoming more popular. End Citizens United polls do continue to show Cruz in the lead, but it also appears that the lead is narrowing and this really could come down to the wire in this critical election between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke.


Betsy DeVos is a government official who has a heart for society. One thing that she has a dream of achieving is solving social issues. There are a lot of social issues that arise in different communities. Among the communities that are faced with the most social issues are low income communities. Parents that are in low income communities are faced with a lot more concerns for their children. Often times, they have to settle for lower quality education because their children have to go to the schools that are very poor. Therefore, children are not only getting inadequate education, but are also forced to learn in dangerous environments.

Betsy DeVos has always not liked this fact. She herself has raised a family with her husband in Michigan. In order to get their children the highest quality of education possible, she has put forth her own money to send them to higher quality schools. During the time that she was taking her children to school, she got to meet with other parents in order to get to know the community. One thing that she has noticed is that not all parents that were taking their children to school was in a good position.

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Betsy was moved to know that some of the parents were making huge sacrifices in order to make sure that their children were getting the higher quality education needed. Dick and Betsy has taken it upon themselves to help them out with the financial support. This has eventually inspired Betsy to run a campaign in order to get the School Choice initiative going. With school choice, parents have the choice to send their children to different schools outside of the community that they are in if they need to be taken out of the community.

Betsy has shown that she is very thoughtful when it comes to the children and the families in her community. She has held different political offices with the thought of families in her mind. Her time in political offices was used to bring improvements to the educational systems so that children everywhere can learn in a safe and productive environment. Check her website for more info at

Donald Trump has often used the excuse of how he used millions of dollars in his own money to fight his way into the Oval Office. Now, another billionaire, the New Yorker George Soros has started using his own millions to stop Trump from taking office. George Soros called on the entire Latino community to take part in that coordinated effort of teamwork.

According to the New York Times, George Soros and other donors launched a co-effort $15 million campaign that would bring about the greatest Latino immigrant participation in the United States polls. The campaign has been funded in states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada, which have some of the largest Asian and Latino communities. They hope this will influence the turnout in the November primaries.

Last year, Donald Trump shot to the front of the Republican president candidates when he proposed a hard line on the policies of immigration. George Soros, ranked as the 22nd richest man in the world, has started contributing his own money to influence the campaign. In fact, Soros pledged $5 million to help stop Trump. Soros is a Hungarian-born, self-made billionaire who made his money through a hedge fund. The people who are involved in this coordinated effort could see the largest democratic voter turnout in years. The campaign specifically targets Latinos, and their goal is to create a minimum of more than 400,000 new voters for the general election that takes place in November.
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Cristobal Alex, the president of the Latino Victory Project, said that this takes the gloves off. He says that from day one Trump attacked the Latino people calling them rapists and thieves. With the building of a giant wall, it could break apart families and the country sits on the precipice of disaster. Most political experts agree that Trump has taken the presidential race and has made it into a political campaign like no other in recent history. To be sure, few conservatives are sitting idly by waiting for George Soros to begin his Latino outreach. Soros spoke with the New York Times in an email about how he had been rattled by the xenophobic views of the Republican party, and he was upset that Trump wanted to ban Muslim refugees from coming into the United States.

For a long time, Soros has had a lengthy history of supporting liberal political movements, and the pockets do not get much deeper than his. Soros said in the email with the New York Times that the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policy that the Republican primary supports has proven harmful to our national interests and to our democracy. 

Soros has been one of the few wealthy liberals who has who has financed these campaigns. A lot of Latinos have said that there is less financial support from the affluent liberals, which could make all the difference. Alex told the times that one of the reasons they have had a lower turnout is because there is a historical level of under investing in their community.

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