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Hussain Sajwani is a very successful businessman in the UAE, and he lives with his family including his wife and four children. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties. Born in 1963 in a business family where his dad ran a small shop that sold China imported goods, watches and shirts. He later earned the government scholarship to go study in the U.S. where he attended the University of Washington he received a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

In 1981, after graduation, Hussain Sajwani went back to Dubai where he started his career in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries where he left two years later to start his catering business. The catering venture was working well with international clients including the construction goliaths Bechtel and U.S. military.

Sajwani menioned to in an interview that in 2002, Hussain Sajwani joined the property development industry by founding DAMAC Properties that is among Middle East’s top property development companies. The company has developed 19,000 properties since 2002, and in 2015, it started trading its shares in the Dubai Financial Market. The company has constructed some famous projects including the huge golf course that is managed by Trump Organization, and the huge luxurious apartments that have interiors designed by Fendi and Versace as well as Huge resorts that were constructed after the DAMAC and Paramount Pictures Partnership.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are good business friends since both are successful businessmen in the property development sector. Hussain Sajwani attended a New Year’s Eve event in U.S.A together with Donald Trump after the successful election of Trump as the U.S. president. Sajwani stated that he is not interested in politics but believes that DAMAC’s relationship with Donald Trump’s business is going to improve.

Besides having a successful career, Hussain Sajwani is philanthropic and takes part in some charity work. Some of the charity works that he has taken part include the contribution of AED two million towards the project launched by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Maktoum Al Maktoum that aims at providing a dressing for young children around the world. The contribution he made can provide clothes for 50,000 children around the world. View Sajwani’s accolades here.

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Jim Toner has been in the industry of real estate for many years. He is known for his consultations, radio show host and also a great public speaker. He has a wealth of information that rotates about the real estate business. He has been in the real estate business for more than twenty-seven years. Moreover, he is usually regarded as a person who has the capability of making people become great billionaires.

He teaches them how they can safely invest in the sector and has been known for his great capability in the industry. He has been on the frontline pushing for greatness. Toner has been able to move to all parts of the country teaching people about the best investment means possible. According to Thrift Books, his down to earth strategies has made him a great billionaire. He is also a great author, and his readers can gain a lot of skills reading from his content.

The media has been able to work with him on various platforms. This is because they want him to help in sharing his expertise with them. He is for sure a brilliant mind in the way he stipulates issues. His whole mission of accomplishment has been through extensive marketing. One appearance attracts a lot of listeners. Some of the networks he has been able to visit for interviews include ABC, CNN and also CBS. He has also been published by so many magazines across the united states. He is always focused on his mission and has what it takes to be the next reformist in the industry. Watch this video from video to learn more about Toner.

Toner said in many newspapers articles across the United States. His radio show has also managed to attract thousands of listeners, and he has been among the best show hosts to have been alive. He is regarded as a great authority in the field because of his great expertise in his career. He has been known to be passion driven in his endeavors and have always worked towards making sure that he succeeds in his missions. He (@thejimtoner) has been on the front line speaking to great leaders including the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and Frank McKinney on the best ways to invest. See Toner’s profile on Crunchbase.

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When we go into a food store, do we even ask ourselves the source of the food that we buy? What we do not know is that that there are numerous firms behind the products that we see on supermarkets shelves. This food usually originates from food production firms. These are firms that supply large-scale food chains with products which are then sold to the consumers. One of the companies that have been in around for a very loving tome is OSI Group. This is a group that was started in 1909 by a man known as OTTO. The company has over the years managed to outgrow and became the leading firm in the world.  OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

OSI Group has more than 65 locations all over the world. This is a company that started as butchers shop. It is now a global company. This means that the people behind this company have worked diligently to ensure that the operations of the company are always at the top. OSI Group management is dedicated to making the company a global company that will supply healthy food to millions of people. The company set up its base in the country and has over the years expanded outside of the United States. It has been opening food production plants all over. Recently, there are over 8 plants that the company has constructed in China to facilitate its food supply business. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

OSI Group has also partnered with other companies to open operations in countries such as England. The operations of this group have recently received a boost after the management managed to acquire another company known as Baho Food in Europe. This is a company that supplies foods in Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food has subsidiaries in 14 countries all over Europe. This means that this company has managed to penetrate the European market very well. With this acquisition, OSI Group is expected to establish a strong foundation to compete in the European market.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. He joined this company in 1973. He has been part of the economy for more than 4 decades now. He is the person who has been the driving force of the firm. His input has helped the company open more branches all over the world. He was formerly a business executive. He has brought his expertise in financial management into the company. Sheldon Lavin now 85 years old.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) is an experienced research, audit and document processing company serving the country’s largest investors, and lenders in the mortgage market. The company has been in business since 1991 and is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is the largest lien release and assignment company in the world. Since 2012, the company has ranked in the Inc 5000 Group. As of early 2017, we employ over 600 people in three different states. Our new data center, in Dallas, Texas allows us to continue servicing our customers even in cases of emergencies.


NTC maintains extensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We are a privately-owned company dedicated to providing the most reliable service possible. Our clients include mortgage bankers, lenders, services and investors. We help clients comply with all laws and regulations regarding mortgages, to protect homeowners and investors.


We service the Tampa Bay area and are involved in helping to build a stronger local community. We encourage the use of paperless documents and have them available to over 70 percent of our jurisdictions. We promote the use of digital data sharing wherever possible. Our company promotes recycling within and outside the workplace.


NTC maintains a number of different training courses for employees, that pertain to their specific positions. They are encouraged to complete these as well as do cross training into other areas of the business. We are dedicated to providing the best services and employees to serve mortgage lenders, services and investors. We provide post-closing document services, like Lien Release Processing, Mortgage Assignment Documentation and Document Retrieval Services.


We provide tax status reports that include property searches for county, city, state and school board taxes on a property. The report includes taxes that are current, due or delinquent. The report is available online, for residential properties nationwide.

Our abstracting service includes 100% coverage throughout the country. We have an average of a 2 ½ day turnaround time. We offer low costs because of our high volume of business and use of least-cost routing.


Whatever the situation, NTC will provide accurate and complete information and documentation on property titles that you can depend on. Our research, reports, document retrieval and audits are available to help with verifying property titles throughout the United States.



When planning a house sale of any kind, it is important to understand many multiple factors. A seller will need to know facts such how the local real estate market is working, what kind of interest rates are available for sellers and how to market to buyers. In many cases, this can be hard to do for someone who has never sold a house before or rarely sells a house. This is why people often turns to real estate professionals for help when they are going to put their house on the market. A real estate agent can be of vital help when they are going to sell their house.

In recent years, many people have found it quite helpful to turn to a real estate agent such as Gregory Hague. Hague talks about his own understanding of the market and his methods of selling a house in a recent article that appeared in Forbes Magazine. In this article, Hague talks closely about his own philosophy of real estate sales and how this led him to formulate a plan to provide his sellers with a means of selling their houses as quickly as possible. He knows that many tools for selling a house such as the MLS can be very useful and provide buyers and sellers with a means of connecting directly. He also knows that such tools can also interfere with the sales process.

This is why he and his team of experts at Real Estate Mavericks want to beat the clock and do their best to hit the ground running the second a house is placed on the market. While the MLS allows people to see properties, the MLS also helps point out the fact that a house may have been on the market for a long period of time. A house that sits on he market can act like a red flag for buyers and cause them to think that the house is inherently worth much less than the seller wants for an ultimate price.

He and his team want to be able to avoid this process and avoid having a house that will sit on the market for a longer period of time. They aim to create huge excitement that a new property is coming on the market the moment the seller places it on the market. They also aim to help buyers feel as if they are getting an exclusive property. So they will work with real estate agents to only bring certain highly qualified buyers to the house to see it before allowing others to see it. This can help buyers feel confident they are buying a house that is right for their needs.