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Securus, a leading provider of correctional communications and information, has announced their latest achievement. Through the hard work of their team, they have secured the prestigious A+ rating from the BBB rating. Danny De Hoyos, Vice President, said how hard his team worked with the BBB in Texas to earn this rating. This rating is voluntary on behalf of a company.


For a company to earn this rating, they have to uphold certain values. Trust, honesty, truth, transparency, is just a few of the values that the BBB is looking for in a company. Securus did complete 220 seat in house call center to improve customer service. This call center is one of the largest in the industry. Calls are answered quickly, within 11 seconds, and 99% of the calls are resolved the first time. These numbers show a quick and effective response time to customers. All these areas are what earned them such a high rating.


Rick Smith, CEO of Securus, likes the accreditation because it means that the company delivers on its promises. They want the customers to receive the most cutting edge, innovative technology in correctional information and communication processing. They work with facilities to maintain phone systems, video visitation systems, inmate locating systems, and others.


Securus Investigator Pro 4.0 is a software used by law enforcement to investigate phone calls made by inmates in incarceration facilities. This newest version has several new features that make investigating phone calls and monitoring inmate phone activities easier. It allows us to zero in on a vocal sample, and then scan a database of phone call recordings for voices that match the sample. This technology can be used to tag and catalog vocal samples not just from the initiating and receiving party’s voices, but also any voices picked up in the background as well. This allows us to paint a better picture of who is associating with who.

This new technology helps to ensure our safety by providing investigators the ability to more effectively monitor phone calls by known gang affiliates, drug dealers and other individuals on police radar. It lets investigators know who their inmates are communicating with, as well as what other inmates have been contacting similar individuals.

Searching for matches of a vocal sample makes it easier to identify specific voices among a very large database of phone call recordings. The ability to search by voice eliminates the need to search by inmate PIN. This provides a workaround to a common problem. Many inmates lack the support of family, and often go without the money needed to place phone calls, even to family. Others are not able to afford the high price of phone calls in an incarceration facility, which are often up to 7 times higher than those civilians would pay. Inmates will often let these inmates place phone calls on their PIN, which can be misleading to investigators, confusing them as to who placed the phone call and whether or not an individual is actually associating with the party being called or not.

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The new software also allows investigators identify callers at more accurate rates. The software provides a confidence rating as to the potential accuracy of a match between two vocal samples. This provides accurate information that helps to keep us safe by providing law enforcement with the information they need to keep dangerous individuals off the streets.

To see videos relating to this new software visit Vimeo.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal justice technology solutions. They are a company that has been based in Texas for the last 29 years. They employ about 1000 people in the United States, and they are able to have a contract with more than 3400 public safety agencies. Securus Technologies also serves more than 1,200,000 inmates in America. Securus Technologies is one of the main companies that provides telephone services to inmates, but apart from that, they also provide correctional facilities with emergency response, public information, communication services, information management services and inmate monitoring products.

PRnewswire did an article about Securus Technologies and their ConnectUs automated forms. The majority of correctional facilities generally use paper forms for many of the different request that inmates make. Over the course of a month one inmate can make over 13 request. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually causes a huge burden to these establishments. There is a lot of manpower that is needed to process these various forms. Correctional officers have to spend a lot of their valuable time distributing, collecting, and processing these forms.

Securus Technologies has found a way to completely streamline the process of collecting, processing, and filing inmate request forms. They created a new technology that is called ConnectUs. The ConnectUs forms allow inmates to present any grievance and record other request forms through an automated system. This is a system that is truly profiting these correctional facilities. An inmate can easily make their request, and the request can quickly be processed by members of staff. These inmates receive a benefit as well, because they are able to have self-service access to the forms that they need. Securus Technologies is truly a company that is dedicated to innovation, and they are constantly striving to create more automated tools to help in correctional facilities.

Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies has stated his concern for the entire industry when Securus uncovered corruption practices from Global Tel Link (GTL). Their in-depth findings brought to light how GTL was using the system to benefit a profit on the backs of customers.

As a leader in providing technology for the civil and criminal justice. They have solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring for law enforcement And with the investigations of GTL, they have multiple reports as well as facts and findings that will confirm wrongdoings as well as integrity breaches by inmate communications.

This will be included as a series of articles that Securus will publish what they found against GTL. As a provider for telecommunications for the correctional facilities, Securus is more than a company out to make money. They put the customer’s best interest first and done in a safe and correct manner.


It’s the discretion of Securus that over the next six months will review multiple issues of systematic wrongdoings/potential wrongdoings by GTL. With this in mind to shame GTL into behaving in a more truthful and with higher integrity.

Even though the report filed by Louisiana Public Safety Commission is dated January, 1998, GTL has not stopped their cheating the customer by adjusting the length of all calls in their favor to make money. GTL continues to charge rates over those permitted and has continued this atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in their sector. GTL continues to double bill calls made.

Securus Technologies is home-based in Dallas, Texas and offers services to more than 3,450 in public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies, as well as over a million inmates across the United States.