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When Dr. Ray Wisniewski graduated from the University of Pittsburgh as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he had a passion to help his patients live happier and healthier lives. He created the NutriMost program to do just that. NutriMost combines Dr. Ray’s knowledge and skill in natural healthcare with modern day technology to develop a program that is unique to each patient.
The following five principles listed by NYC Fat Loss Research, form the core of the NutriMost program:
• Eat Organic – Chemical and radiation free foods.
• Consume More Vegetables – They contain the nutrients that fight cancer and major diseases.
• Understand Sugars – There are “good” sugars, “bad” sugars and many foods that contain hidden sugar.
• Learn Which Foods Help You Lose Weight – What seems to be a “wonder” food for one person, may do nothing for another.
• Get a Body Component Analysis – This is the key to the program’s success, and what sets NutriMost apart from other weight loss systems. The scan is a comprehensive and very accurate assessment of your body and the nine critical factors that determine each person’s unique profile such as metabolic rate, body fat analysis, etc. The assessment will determine the best approach to your personal weight loss plan. (see,

Those that have achieved successful weight loss with the program report that they were able to lose a significant amount of weight rather quickly, and have been successful in keeping it off. Other benefits include increased energy, a reduction in Type 2 diabetes, and lowered blood pressure. Overall the NutriMost program has helped many overweight, unhealthy people to achieve their weight loss goals and enhance the quality of their lives. It’s a success story that demonstrates the perfect partnership of natural healthcare and modern day science.



The road to success takes many forms today. Some business people find success working for others. Some find success working in their own business. One business might find success working in the local community, while others find success managing a business online. Lime Crime is one of the first eCommerce success stories. Their founder is Doe Deere. She had a dream about starting a makeup company that featured bold and whimsical colors. Thus, Lime Crime was born. Today, Doe Deere likes to share her latest cosmetic creations with followers on Instagram and on Twitter. In fact, Deere has created a very warm, and welcoming community via Instagram for all her followers.

Lime Crime’s On Instagram
Lime Crime is a cosmetic company with an amazing success story. Much of their values are echoed in the unique images posted to @limecrimemakeup. They are also an instant success on Instagram, attracting over two million followers. Certainly, this is an amazing achievement that happened in less than a year. Now, Lime Crime followers are able to submit pictures of themselves wearing the Lime Crime lipsticks, eye shadows, or nail polish. Customers on the Lime Crime site are able to instantly see real people wearing the lipsticks, eye shadow, or nail polish via the followers pictures that are uploaded to the Lime Crime website. Deere loves sharing the amazing looks that were created by her followers. Clearly, it demonstrates that Lime Crime brings out the creativity in her followers.

Lime Crime
Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere created her innovative line of cosmetics for people that like to express themselves in a creative way. Doe Deere is the Russian born beauty that created Lime Crime back in 2008. The cosmetic world had not seen anything like Lime Crime before. Her cosmetic line featured bold and whimsical colors with strange, but fascinating names. She even titled her wild colored lipsticks, Unicorn Lipstick. The colors were distinct, and clearly out of this world. People absolutely loved the uniqueness of the line. Afterwards, the very popular Velvetines line followed with even more amazing success. Today, Lime Crime remains one of the most innovative cosmetic lines on the market, with availability in every major store from Urban Outfitters, to their massive Velvetines selection on Amazon.