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Securus Technologies is currently the largest providers of technological solutions to correctional facilities in the United States. The firm has linked up inmates with their loved ones at affordable rates and comfortable people the burden of traveling long distances to see their loved one’s ion various prisons. Through its well-monitored services, Securus Technologies had successfully seen a significant number of correctional facilities increase public safety as well as prison safety as compared to the ancient days when the rates of crime in prisons were high, posing a danger to the general public.The firm has turned out to be the most sought-after technological providers in the correctional units by many people, and a vast number of journalists have gathered information on the various comments made by the firm`s customers regarding their services. Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of the company, has given his thoughts concerning the company’s customer comments and believes that most of their customers are fully satisfied by the firm’s services.

The positive comments that the customers have made are proved of the high value that Securus Technologies places to its customers as well as the firm’s dedication towards offering the best to its clients.Rick Smith insists that the firm has always had a dedication towards building safety to its customers and giving back to the community in general. Securus Technologies looks forward to protecting the general public and gives their customers an opportunity to raise concerns regarding any suspicious activities that take place in the areas which they reside. Besides, Rick insists that the firm has always strived to offer safety to their customers and increase the efficiency of the law enforcer’s efforts towards identifying law offenders.Besides the company providing its services to over two thousand, four hundred and fifty public safety facilities, it also offers its services to over one million, two hundred thousand inmates across the broader parts of North America.

Securus technology recently announced its plan to add a senior sales executive to supplement its highly skilled sales team, to efficiently carry out the firm’s objectives regarding its eight hundred products sales for the law enforcement and correctional facility sector. Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of the company, said that secures technologies has invested over six hundred million dollars in products development and looks forward to gaining safe products to address the various needs of their customers. Rick insists that the vast portfolio will see secures technologies successfully expand their product through transforming their sales team. John Bell, the chief sales executive officer of Securus Technologies, looks forward to establishing a vast number of implementations in the firm, including a close monitoring as well as training of the sales team with the aim of increasing their knowledge of customer requirements.

The internet is a powerful tool. No one is a bigger believer in the internet than Jason Hope. The Arizona native, Hope has built a successful career as an entrepreneur by focusing on the internet and the advantages it can bring. He is an advocate for the ‘Internet of Things.’ The Internet of Things is a belief that technology should be connected allowing various devices to sync with each other. Hope believes this concept can have many advantages.

The Internet of Things has already impacted lives by improving kitchen appliances, street lights, cars and many electronic devices. Jason Hope believes the technology, if embraced my more companies, will eventually be used with almost every conceivable device. It could eventually have a major impact on major cities, including public transportation and emergency response systems. Hope see’s the Internet of Things could be the greatest new thing in the technology world in quite some time.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and business many with quite a success record. He received a degree in finance from Arizona State University, also holds an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He has become well known for his philanthropy. In particular he has given lots of money and time to SENS a foundation focused on helping to prevent aging and find preventative measures to diseases.

Jason Hope has become a well respected name in the world of technology. His views are forward thinking and he sees technology impacted almost every aspect of life going forward. He should continue to be a voice in the tech world for many years to come.

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Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies has stated his concern for the entire industry when Securus uncovered corruption practices from Global Tel Link (GTL). Their in-depth findings brought to light how GTL was using the system to benefit a profit on the backs of customers.

As a leader in providing technology for the civil and criminal justice. They have solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring for law enforcement And with the investigations of GTL, they have multiple reports as well as facts and findings that will confirm wrongdoings as well as integrity breaches by inmate communications.

This will be included as a series of articles that Securus will publish what they found against GTL. As a provider for telecommunications for the correctional facilities, Securus is more than a company out to make money. They put the customer’s best interest first and done in a safe and correct manner.


It’s the discretion of Securus that over the next six months will review multiple issues of systematic wrongdoings/potential wrongdoings by GTL. With this in mind to shame GTL into behaving in a more truthful and with higher integrity.

Even though the report filed by Louisiana Public Safety Commission is dated January, 1998, GTL has not stopped their cheating the customer by adjusting the length of all calls in their favor to make money. GTL continues to charge rates over those permitted and has continued this atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in their sector. GTL continues to double bill calls made.

Securus Technologies is home-based in Dallas, Texas and offers services to more than 3,450 in public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies, as well as over a million inmates across the United States.

FreedomPop is quickly becoming the world’s leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO.) Customers that picked up their service before November 27th received large discounts on their phones and services rendered. The Phones included refurbished models of the Motorola E at $40 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $100. The difference in prices are $190 and $350 lower respectively. This deal was wrapped up with their monthly free plan of unlimited talk, text and 1 gigabyte of data. After the promotion is over the plan will go back to 500 megabytes of data, 500 texts and 500 talk minutes, all of which are in the free plan.

FreedomPop recently received an undisclosed amount of financial backing from Intel Capital, which it plans to use for expansion into Wi-Fi first model phones. This was an investment that was received almost immediately after a previous 10 million dollar investment from the Axiata Group. This company serves over 230 million customers and clearly has an interest in the future success of FreedomPop. This Los Angeles based company has global aspirations and it shows. They’ll soon be running on the Uk’s Three network as well. This is sure to be a profitable move.

The company was co-founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Seser. Back in April of 2013 they expanded by partnering with Sprint to expand to 3G and 4G Sprint compatible devices. If the momentum being generated continues for them, they are virtually guaranteed to be #1 in the Wi-Fi first movement for years to come. The companies that are getting involved here are no small spenders. They have the backing and the credibility to boot. Mangrove Capital, DCM Capital and Partek Ventures are also interested to the tune of a cool $30 million. These are not the only interested parties either.

In the years to come, who knows how many irons will be in the fire. One thing is for sure though, FreedomPop is making a big impression on a lot of big name companies. If this is to be the next thing in phone marketing, then they are well on their way to hitting their goals. With the main goal being to generate “massive value” in the next 12-24 months, they seem to be on track.