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A look at the scenes behind a great film or song triggers an awesome feeling. It makes you feel like part of the production process. In fact, artists who let their fans have a taste of their song usually record impressive results after the release. For instance, Chainsmokers released a clip with a snip of the making of their new hit ‘Somebody.’ The duo, Drew Taggart, and Alex Pall have gained global popularity with their incredible songs featuring an excellent combination of vocals and instruments.

The video was posted on Facebook, and the duo promised to release another showing the whole process. The clip is provided evidence to the notion that the composition process is indeed tough. Interestingly, you will also learn that parts of the vocals were initially recorded for another song.

The less than a minute clip shows how the piano, synth, and vocals were combined to make such a great song. It will take you through the different tasks on the synths, to the keyboard, and the Ableton. Hopefully, the comprehensive video will give fans a huge chunk of what goes into making a hit.

The video is also an illustration of Chainsmokers’ unique approach in the music industry. Besides giving a taste of the composition process, their songs seem to resonate with both old and young fans. They have continuously evolved with every release. The pair has a unique way of combining instrumentation and vocals to produce evocative, catchy, and incredibly powerful hits. Most of their songs have received millions of views within short periods after release.

About Chainsmokers

The EDM/pop duo has continued to hit the airwaves and excite their fans with brilliant songs. Chainsmokers was formed in 2012, but their breakthrough came in 2014 with their hit song “#Selfie.” Drew Taggart describes their music style as a combination of pop, dance, hip-hop, and indie. It explains how the duo has managed to get fans from different parts of the globe.

Fast forward to 2018, Chainsmokers were at the top of Billboard’s New Dance 100 List. Besides this, Chainsmokers conducted an epic Ultra Miami 2018 performance. It was accompanied by a record one billion Spotify streams of their second hit of the year.

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